GSSAThe 1820 Settler Correspondence
 as preserved in the National Archives, Kew
 and edited by Sue Mackay

Additonal Information

This is pre 1820 information mainly taken from actual images of UK parish registers and other primary sources which I have personally researched. Further information about the settlers and their families once they reached the Cape can be found at

Sue Mackay

EVA, James Jay - Extra Data


(member of OSLER's Party, appears on Settler Returns as Richard EVA)


Cornwall Online Parish Clerk


Richard EVA bastard son of Joan baptised 18 March 1749 in Helston, Cornwall


Richard EVA of the Borough of Helston married Miriam RENFREE by banns on 28 May 1775 in Budock, Cornwall

Both signed

Witnesses: Peter and John RENFREE


Philip Remphry, son of Richard and Miriam EVA, baptised 5 July 1778 in Budock, Cornwall  (Philip Renfree buried 5 June 1792 aged 14)

Philippa, daughter of Richard and Miriam EVA, baptised 2 June 1782 in Budock, Cornwall

John Renfree EVA (infant) buried 9 March 1787 in Budock, Cornwall

Anna, daughter of Richard and Miriam EVA, baptised 14 June 1790 in Budock, Cornwall

Philip Renfree, son of Richard and Miriam EVA, baptised 30 December 1792 in Budock, Cornwall (buried 11 March 1797 aged 4)

James Jay, son of Richard and Miriam EVA, baptised 17 January 1796 in Budock, Cornwall


Miriam, daughter of Peter and Willymot RENFREE was baptised on 5 July 1752 in Budock, Cornwall. Her older brother Peter was the grandfather of the settler Joseph RICHARDS.


James EVA married Elizabeth DENHAM by banns on 1 October 1817 in Falmouth, Cornwall

Witnesses: John and Anna PENGELLY





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