South African Records Transcribed

A Selection of Historical Record Transcriptions

One of the obstacles genealogists face when researching South African history is the difficulty of consulting primary sources, not only because they may not be readily available, but often interpreting the script can be a daunting task.

Our aim is to produce readable and intelligible transcriptions of South African documents that have genealogical value for researchers, and to make them publicly available.

The transcription of these documents is an on-going process and depends largely on the availability of (copies of) original documents and transcribers.

If you feel you can help with this project or you have any feedback, comments or suggestions, please contact one of our website managers: Corney Keller or Richard Ball.

We hope these transcripts will be of use to researchers.

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Ngk Bapt 1695 1712 P. 104 Fol. 60 1707 1 Inv379 Invnr206 P1ext Inv379 Invnr206 P72ext Villiers Vc604 P. 97 Fol. 56 1702 Inventarisnummer206 P61 61 Ngk Ct Bap 1713 1741 P11 1717 Ngk Bapt 1695 1712 P. 98 Fol. 56v 1703 Vc604 P.57 1708 Ngk Bapt 1696 1712 P.15 1700 Vc603 P.82 1679 Vc604 P.56 1707 Inventarisnummer206 P70 71 Inventarisnummer206 P06 07 Vc603 P.90 1693 Nl Saa 5001 P76 1700