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The Independent on Saturday 2013 3 July - September

6 July 2013


BOWIE nee LOVE Rauri & Verna –a girl Lillian.

CILLIERS Jon & Nicole –twins a boy Daniel & a girl Abigail Grace.

DUBRUEL DE BROGLIO Gerard & Eloise a girl Genevieve Maria * 30 June 2013. Sister for Sebastian.

EVENNETT Murray & Caryn a boy Harry Joe.

GOOSEN nee THOMAS Duncan & Bronwyn a boy Jordan

HOWELL Jon & Lauren-Ashley a boy Adam Spencer

HOWELL Ben & Lisa a boy Alex Thomas

HOWLETT- ROYAL Justin & Candice a boy Rourke Harry.

LEVITAN /LEIBOWITZ Elion & Raylene a son.

PEDDIE /PETERSSON Warren & Maria a girl Ellen Maria Rose.

RIDDEN Granville & Michelle a boy Luke

SMITH /GOULD Barry & Ingy announce birth of their 4th Grandchild Jordyn Paige born in Parklands, sister to Hannah and cousin to Elijah and Eden

STRANG nee PUGH Gavin & Lauren a boy Daniel Alan.


DAVIES –VARLEY Gerry & Gill's daughter Lisa is engaged to Neville, son of George & Janet in the UK.


DU PLESSIS - HICKMAN Jean (Dupie) x 6 July 1968 to Cheryl in Fynnlands Baptist Church by Pastor Paul JONES. Congratulations from your friends Clive , Denise and family.


ABBOTT Lorraine Priscilla 25 July 1942 -----+ 2 July 2013. Mother of Cidalia. Granny of Bianca, José, Jana, Tiana, Ariana, José, Jana, Jovan and Jadene.; Mother, mother-in-law ,and granny of Elena, Gavin, Keegan, Kellan an Aiden; From your baby Jolene, Nigel and Ethan.; Mother of your only son Sheldon, Tracey and boys; Mother and grandmother of Jacqueline, Sydney, grandchildren and greatgranddaughter Derryn; Sister, sister-in-law and aunt Bernie x Ticko, David(Baitie) and family, Hedley, Averil, Tamlyn, Luiz and Jarryd; Mother of Adelisa x Brian and gran of Coyrtney and Brylan;
Grandmother of Genevieve, Randle and great-grandmother of Caleb, Chelsea and Aimee. Funeral at Open Door Assembly , Newlands East on 11 July 2013 at 11:30am Private cremation. DOVES 0860025500.

BANNISTER Jeanette. Umhlanga Business woman. Mother of Charles and Dolly. >From your friend Michelle RANKIN.

BATHO John Gordon 7 Nov 1936 ----4 July 2013. Husband, father and grandfather.

CHARLES Bruce + 3 July 2013 x Janine. Father of daughters. Brother of Neil and Lisa.

CODY Nicholas 16 Aug 1988 ----29 June 2013. Son of Wayne & Leone. Brother of Hedy and Brett. Funeral at Stellawood Crematorium on 9 July 2013 at 12noon. BELL 031 3014793.

CORDNER William + 2 July 2013 x Theodora CORDNER and father of Garth and Martin. Father-in-law of Janet and Sarah. Funeral at DOVES Greyville on 9 July 2013 at 13h00. Cremation private. DOVES 0860025500.

DRUCE Maurice + 24 June 2013 at Shelley Beach x Betty. Father of Sue and Debbi. Brother-in-law of Horace. No Memorial on request. Private cremation.

MANICOM Pamela Victoria + 3 July 2013 in her 100th year. Mother, grand and greatgrandmother to Leonie and Leanne. SHANLLEY'S 031 2057644.

MILLER Kris 28 Jan 1976 ---2 July 2013. Memorial at The Church of Nazarene Morningside on 10 July 2013 at 11am.

MOODLEY Jagganathan (Steve) of Tongaat x Krishnaveni (Kribba). Father of Lil, Jay and Mel. Father–in-law to Des, Shen and Craig. Grandfather to Zharia, Meshyra, Chloe and Xiva. Brother of Devraj, Indrani, + Sava, + Basil. Brother-in-law of + Thiag. Funeral on 6 July 2013. Body will lie in
state at S.V.E.T. Cultural Centre Tongaat from 11am ---1pm. Proceeding to Tongaat Crematorium for cremation at 14:30pm. TONGAAT Funeral Services 032 9451756.

PRINSLOO Jock 12 May 1914 -----2 July 2013 x + Ivy. Father, grand and great-grandfather. Memorial at Highbury Chapel Hillcrest on 8 July 2013 at 2pm.

SEWLAL Premilla Shereen + 5 July 2013(Bodasing and Company) x Krishen LAKHAJ. Mother of Vashal, Yasheel and Mayur. Only daughter of Sew & Sandra RAMHARAKH and sister of Robin. Funeral on 7 July 2013. Body wll lie in state at Clare Estate Crematorium Hall from 11h00 ----13h00 Cremation at 13:30. SINGHCITY.

TALBOT Francois Robert 17 Oct 1932 ----2 July 2013 x Louise Marie-Aimeé. Father of Joëlle, Richard and David. Father-in-law of Deon and Reenie. Grand and great-grandfather. Funeral at Glenwood Presbyterian Church on 8 July 2013 at 10am. BELL Funerals 031 3014793.

VAN WYK Rosie Elizabeth of Wentworth. Funeral at Christ the King Parish Wentworth at 12noon. Proceeding to Dudley Street Cemetery. ISIPINGO INC PAM'S.


BODILL Denis Roy 6 July 2010 x Vesta and family.

WILLIAMS Philip Harry (Bob) 2 June 1934 ----6 July 2012. Father, grand and greatgrandfather. From son Ashley, Wendy ,grandpa of Tamryn and Caitlyn; Grandpa of Dane ,Desre, great grandfather on Danae; Daughter Diane, grand daughter Kristen and great-granddaughter Skyla; Dad and grandad of Maureen, Sean, Nikita and Kiara.

20 July 2013


BURGESS nee PARKER Richard & Jenny - Lucy.

CHENNELLS Richard & Louella – Audrey Meg.

DIXON /McDONALD Garry & Mary – Grace Sarah.

DUBRUEL DE BROGLIO Gerald & Rloise – Genevieve Marie.

HOWE Matthew & Sarah – Charlotte Emily.

MAIDEN Daniel & Tracey - Zachary Skyler.

MIZRACHI nee SUMNER Itai & Joanne – Elior.

PUDIFIN JONES/JONES Matthew & Sarah – James Thomaspaelham

RODRIGUES – STUBBS Joao & Melissa – Olivia Rae.

STRYDOM Lance & Clare – Riley.


FISCHER Peter & Helen's son Cameron to Louise, daughter of Mike & Jane GROOM.

MEIER /REEDERS Paul & Antoinette announce engagement of their youngest daughter Claudia to Malcolm , son of Barry & Gaynor.


LOVE Stephen & Hayley (Photo). Glenwood Weekly Gazette 19 July 2013.


BOTHA Theuns 1 June 1959 -----17 July 2013. Husband and father of Leonie, Rynhardt, Mariska and Jenna. Celebration of life at NG Kerk Oos Bluff on 23 July 2013.

GOUNDER G. M. (Morga) x Balim. Father of Kuben, Ruben, Malinie, Aveshni and Tashen. Father-in-law of Dino and Sundeep. Funeral on 20 July 2013. Body will lie in state at Clare Estate Crematorium Hall from 12noon ---3pm.

KENNY Sylvia + 11 July 2013 . Mother of Russell, Wendy, Shelly and Jed, Patrick, Shannon, baby Anna, David, Megan and Wade. Memorial on 22 July 2013 at 10am at Greyville Presbyterian Church.

RORICK Leslie Frank. Father of Melissa, Candice and Liselle. Grandfather of Donnaé, Keelin, Brandon and Temaé. Commital Service at The Stellawood Crematorium Chapel Umbilo on 22 July 2013 at 1pm. SHANLEY'S 031 2057644.

SHRIVES Sylvia Evelyn. Memorial at St Luke's Church Howick on 22 July 2013 at 14:30 pm.

STOKES Reverend G W + 15 July 2013. Condolences to family from Gavin, Lynne and family.

VORSTER J A. Dad of Linda.

VORSTER Adrian 1938 ----2013 x Denise. Father of Linda (daughter) and + Steven (son). Oupa to Nicole and Brandon and great-grandfather of Genevieve.


BROUARD Patty 20 July 2004. From Roger.

ELLIS Ernest + 21 July 1988 x Natalie and children.

FRASER Norma Valerie .Remembered by Terrance.

ODAYAN JAMES 1 Aug 1937 ----22 July 2012. Remembered by Joseph, Rani, Lance and Alex.

SINGH Sonny 12 Jan 1937 ----20 July 1993. Husband, father, father-in-law, grandfather and family.

3 August 2013


BOTHA nee KEEFER Stiaan & Shell – Zackary.

BURGESS nee PARKER Richard & Jenny – Lucy.

CHANDLER nee YOUNG Stuart & Kelly – Madison.

CHENNELLS Richard & Louella – Audrey Meg.

COBBAN Stephen & Angela – Ophelia.

DIXON / MCDONALD Garry & Mary – Grace Sarah.

ENGELBRECHT - BUCKI Travis & Lauren – Tippa Katherine

FOURIE - FARR Ken & Michele – Payton Grace

MIZRACHI nee SUMNER Itai & Joanne – Elior.

RODRIGUES – STUBB Joao & Melissa – Olivia Rae.

SAAYMAN (DE MARIGNY ) Myles, Lauren and Olivia a son and brother Jack. Ron & Penny, Ross & Jo, Bon & Andries, Jason ,Blake , Josh and James welcome Jack.

SUTHERLAND nee TERRY-LLOYD Greg & Jaqueline – Victoria Joy.

WATKINS / CHARLTON-JONES Ryan & Anne a boy Josh * 31 July 2013 in Dubai. Brother to Layla. 1st Grandchild for Les & Merilyn, Mike & Di.

WHITSON – CRICHTON Matthew & Caitlin – Tanya Jean.


CARDINAL Pauleen. Mother of Cheryl, Patricia and Felicity. Funeral at St Joseph's Catholic Church on 6 Aug 2013 at 11am.

CULLUM Katherine May. Mother,Mother-in-law , grandmother of David, Anne, John, Andrew, Martin and René.

DYSON ARTHUR LEONARD 29 Aug 1946 ----30 July 2013. Missed by Fiance, Father, brother, grandfather.

GOVENDER Paramasivan (Rajan). 16th Day Memorial on 10 Aug 2013 at Shree Soobramoniar Temple Clairwood from 11:30am Lunch will be served.

HAYES SCOT THOMAS 1978---31 July 2013. Son of Tim & Pat. Brother to Samantha and Michael. Passed away suddenly. Thank you to Dora DLADLA for her care and Umgeni Hospital. Love from Mom, Dad, Sam, Konrad, Migs and Beth.

NAIDOO Pooranum x + M C NAIDOO of Greenwood Park. Mother of Rama, Saroja, Shyamala and Arnand. Mother-in-law of Asotha, Krish, Rajen and Kesagie and grandmother. Funeral on 3 Aug 2013 at Greenwood Park Temple Hall from 11:30----14:30pm Proceeding to West Street Cemetery. DOVES 0860025500.

O'LOUGHLIN Raymond (Ray) +26 July 2013 in Ireland.

POTTER Brian Dashwood Edwin 4 May 1933 -----31 July 2013 x Agnes. Father of Sharon and Bradley. Father-in-law of Ingrid. Grandfather of Dylan, Bethan and Erin. Great-grandfather of Benjamin. Memorial at Presbyterian Church Hillcrest on 6 Aug 2013 at 11am. OAKLEIGH 031 2059959.

SHARP Harold . Memorial at Scottish Masonic Temple Durban on5 Aug 2013 at 2pm.

WERTHEIM nee OOSTHUIZEN Sylvia (Sybil) Phyllis 19 May 1936 ------1 Aug 2013 at age 77 years. Married to Herman. Mother of Debbie and Jody. Mother-in-law of Gary and Marc. Nan of Travis, Derryn, Nicole and Simone . No funeral on request. Private cremation.


BARONET Ernie + 4 Aug 1994 . Father, father-in-law and grandfather. Fom Robert, Charmaine, Cary and grandchildren.

CROUT nee MACKAY Sheilagh Anne. 1 year gone now. Love from ML , Kim, KY, Rory and families.

DAVIS Graham Howard x Kim. Father of Janine , Deanin.

FOUNTAIN Jon –Jon 11 Sept 1982 -----28 July 2004. Missed by Grandpa and Gran. Also from Aunty Kanna, Dean, Jason and Kyle.

GOVENDER Mahaluchmi (Queenie) x + Mannie GOVENDER. Mother of Gonny, Allan, + Dolson. Mum –in-law of Banu, Surie and Nerika. Grandmother of Nerushka, Thaveshan, Shaheen, Darsheen and Nishtha. Yearly Memorial at Dravida Society Hall on 11 Aug 2013 from 15:30-----16:30pm.

KAST Ross . 10 years gone now. Dad and grandpa . From Dennis, Flo, Delon and Marvin.

NAIDOO Munsamy + 2 Aug 1982. From NAIDOO Family.

PAUL . Aunts and uncles-Harriet, Evelyn, Alice, Sarah and Isaiah, Joel, Philip. Remembered by Amy, Esme and Trevor.

17 August 2013


DE GOEDE nee GROSSI Derek & Nicky a boy Landon Cole * 13 Aug 2013 in Kingston Hospital London.

CARSTENS Cameron & Monique twin girls

FRY nee WESTBROOK Gregg & Lucy a boy Cooper.

GIBBS –DOWNHAM Jonathan & Cherrie-Lee a boy Ross Paul * 24 July 2013. Brother for Emily Rose. 5th Grandchild for Paul & Gill.

HELLBERG Horst & Dianne twins Tristan & Olivia

LEONARD /SWORD Jeffrey & Naomi a girl Charlotte Jessica.

MANDEL nee MILLER Jonathan & Nicky a girl.

ORCHISON / PRINCE Ian & Iona a girl Enah Waverley * 10 Aug 2013. Sister to Taine and Rafe. Grandchild for Len, Anita, and Norma. Niece of Nicoli, Danielle, Lionel and Gaynor.

RENCKEN nee MANSFIELD Bjorn & Shannon a boy Daniel John.

STERNBERG nee SCHEWITZ Marc & Tanya a girl.

SKUNK MAN 123. LONDON. A Bolivian man who is believed to be 123 is claiming to be the oldest living person recorded Carmelo Flores Laura was born in July 1890 according to Bolivia's Civil registry.  Mainly eating skunks and lives in a mountain village


DEWAR to MARGERISON Gary & Shawn's daughter Roxanne to Rick.

HOWARTH Brian & Colette announce engagement of their daughter Monique to Scott HICOK, Son of Carolyn COOPER.

MANN / MEYEROV Julian & Frances MANN announces engagement of their daughter Lisa to Alon, son of Robin & Gali.


BEEHARI Andrew (Vishal) .Son of Shantha (mother) and his brother Mishk'l. Condolences from Crawford College La Lucia.

BRECKENRIDGE Robert Norman (Rob/ Norrie) + 14 Aug 2013 in Benoni. Father of Mike & Sue, Angi & Gareth. Grandgather of Matt, Francis and Amy.

HARVEY Neville + 14 Aug 2013 x Barbara. Father of Bernice & Johno, Ingrid & Franck, Mark & Chantal, Chloe & Louie. Brother to Len & Gerhard.

HAINES John Rae . Requiem Mass at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church Glenashley on 20 Aug 2013 at 11am. OAKLEIGH 031 2059959.

HORRIE (G P ) KEMP + 15 Aug 2013 x Crystal. Father of Leon, Morné, Bianca and Chloe. ; Our Adopted " Dad and grandpa". From The HATCHERS aka "HATCHLINGS " Jason, Bronwyn, Jemma and Jordan.; Memorial on 20 Aug 2013 at Kloof Methodist Church Kloof.

JACOBSEN nee WELLS Michelle 23 July 1960 ----11 Aug 2013. Daughter of Nikki & + Albert WELLS. Sister to Alon, Hilton, David and Jonathan WELLS.

NAIDOO Logan (Loga). Brother of Dhanpal NAIDOO. Memorial Service at 37 Alwar Rd, Merebank on 20 Aug 2013 at 6pm .Supper at 5:30pm. Continued on morning of 21 Aug 2013.

NAIDOO Perumal "Mugs" 22 Jan 1953 ----7 Aug 2013. Former Gauteng Provincial Commissioner. 15th Day Memorial at Saiva Sithantha Sungum Hall Westcliff Chatsworth on 21 Aug 2013. Supper at 17:30pm Service at 7pm.

OATES Dianna 31 Dec 1935 -----15 Aug 2013. Mother of Jim x Bronwyn. Grandmother to Jake and Olivia.

PENERY Thomas 30 Jan 1935 ---7 Aug 2013 x Sylvia. Father of Warren and Darrell. Father-in-law of Samantha and Carmen. Grandfather of Casey, Kayley, Paige and Conor.


CHETTY Cooper + 17 Aug 2008.

FREEMAN Joan. + 20 Aug 1998. Missed by Keith, Kerry and Ian. Grandfather of Kate and Caroline.

HAMILTON Alexander (Hammy) + 17 Aug 1962 x Peggy HAMILTON / Father of Alex.

MEINTJIES Hennie .9 jaar dood nou. Broer van Cecile, Pina, Martie en Seun.

PAPLI Sunitha. 4 Jan 1943 -----18 Aug 2003. Mother of Roshini, Shama, Savy, Rajen. Mother-in-law of Amith, Prakash, Babu and Opela. Grand and great-grandmother.

ROSCOE June +16 Aug 2008.

SANDERS Laurence (Laurie) Hugh 19 July 1926 ---17 Aug 2009. Love from Sheila, Roslyn , Glenda and Tessa.

7 September 2013


BLANDIN DE CHALAIN Chantal & David welcome Bella Aime * 26 Aug 2013 at Curepipe Mauritius.

GIAI-MINIETTI Justin & Tasmin a boy Roscoe.

HIRALALL Clemy & Amy a girl Arabella.

HUNTER /WALTERS Dean & Lisa a girl Charlotte Beatrice * 4 Sept 2013. 4 Granddaughter for John & Barbara. Congratulations from Andrew, Karen, Jordan,Taytum and Mackenzie.

LETORD HUISKAMP Wez & Kerry a boy Noah Jacob * 4 Sept 2013.

MAGGS Jade & Adele a girl Rebecca Jade.

OLDACRE nee BOTHA Chris & Monet a girl Amy Mia.

PIKE [MOODIE] Dave & Sharon a girl Claire Emily.

SMITH Trent & Wendy a boy Ethan Mathew.

THAMMIAH /SAMUEL Lynelle & Dalmain a boy Mathew * 19 Aug 2013 in Jhb. Brother to Alyssa . 4th Grandchild to Vijay & Franklin.

THOMASHOFF nee RALFE Grant & Julia a girl Chloe Marie.

WAGNER Sebastian & Lisa a boy James.

WILLIAMS / DE BEER Ryan & Lisa a boy Jamie Sloane.


FYNN Craig. From all at Independent Newspapers.

DU PLESSIS Jean (Dupie) 8 Sept 2013 is his 70th Birthday x Cheryl. Father, Grandfather and Great grandfather. Love from Clive, Denise & Family.


CELE Zinhle Precious + 5 Sept 2013 (Pinetown Tragic Crash)

DE VRIES Barbara . Funeral at The Grace Baptist Church on 9 Sept 2013 at 2pm. SHANLEY'S 031 2057644.

FITCHET Geoffrey Martin + 5 Sept 2013. Father of Martin, Mac, Meyan, Mym, Heather, Graham, Sean and grandfather and great-grandfather.

JACOBSON nee WELLS Michelle . Big thank you all who attended funeral , for
food ,flowers and support from the WELLS family.

NAIDOO Poobathy (Patricia or Pat) + 31 Aug 2013 x + Bill NAIDOO. Mother of 4 Ranjini, Lilly, Jason Edith. Mother-in-law of Doreen. Sister of Parvathy CHETTIAR. Funeral at Old Bethsaida Church on 7 Sept 2013 from 1:30pm proceeding to Verulam Cemetery.

NYABA Mduduzi Clement + 5 Sept 2013 (Pinetown Tragic crash)

ROBINSON Frank + 3 Sept 2013. Brother of Maureen, Trevor , Gail-Anne and families.

WINTER nee DAY Delys + 5 Sept 2013 x Dave . Mother of Leonie & Ken, Anthea & Charles, Monica, Carol & Russell, David & Wendy. Grand and great-grandmother. Memorial at St Margaret's Presbyterian Church on 10 Sept 2013 at 3 pm. Cremation private. SHANLEY'S 031 2057644.


ACHMAT nee DE KLERK Hazel Nannette RIP from your sisters and family Estelle , Ivan and family.

PILLAY Ruby 4 Aug 1920 ----2 Oct 1988

PILLAY Charles M 16 Feb 1916 ---9 Sept 2001. Parents and grandparents.

14 September 2013


HUNTER / WALTERS Dean & Lisa – Charlotte Beatrice.

KING nee WEBB Earl & Cassi -Bella

McDONALD Duncan & Belinda – James Iain

PRIOR Christopher & Chantal – Benjamin Luc.

SOPER nee VIVIEN Nick & Jess -Benjamin

THAMMIAH/SAMUEL Dalmain & Lynelle -Matthew

WALKER nee DUMINY Brett & Kerryn – Noah Eric

WALSH nee MULLER Brennan & Kay –Amy Tiara Burnett

WATSON Neil & Claire –Reece Michael

WILSON /HARRINGTON Scott & Kelly -Blythe


BAILLIE Steven ( Big Stevie) 10 March 1960 -----9 Sept 2013 of Glasgow and The Fairhaven Durban. He worked as a printer for Daily News and The Mercury in the 1980's. Married to Gloria. Father of Rebecca , Sarah, Steven . Son of Eddie. Cremation at Daldowie Crematorium in Glasgow on 16
Sept 2013 at 1pm. 

DELLAR nee HOUSTEN Carol 5 June 1948 -----11 Sept 2013. Wife, mother and grandmother. Memorial at Waterfall Methodist Church on 16 Sept 2013 at 11am.

GRADWELL Anke + 12 Sept 2013. Condolences to family from Cathering Management Corporation Staff and Management.

LLOYD Maria Johanna (Marietjie) x Kenny. Moeder van Dewyn, Lizette, Kathryn. Begrafnis uit Ou Apostoliese Kerk Bluff op 16 Sept 2013 om 2nm. AVBOB 031 2061831.

MEYER Jacobus Nicolas (Jaco) 30 Junie 1981 -----10 Sept 2013. Fiancée of Leigh. Father of Roegan. Funeral at St Michaels Catholic Church Redhill on 18 Sept 2013 at 10:30 am . BELL 031 3014793.

TOMEL Edgar 7 June 1946 ---7 Sept 2013. He was love of Helen ROGER'S life for 28 years. Memorial for Edgar of TUF Rheinland , Southern Life and Austrian inn will be held on 17 Sept 2013 at 15:30 at Westville Methodist Church Westville.

WORSCH Gloria Audrey 2 Nov 1931 -----7 Sept 2013 . Sister-in-law of Peter RING and family Brian, Corlia and Sharon.


ADARI Veerasami (Richie) x Rooks. Father of Dheshini, Nalisha and father-in-law of Vaughn. Yearly Memorial on 21 Sept 2013 from 3---4pm at Doorgha Hall Mobeni Heights. Supper will be served.

ANTONIZZI Michael. 1 year gone now. Husband of Daphne. Father of Brian, Gavin, Sharon and grandchildren.

BISSET Alex 5 Sept 1939 ----14 Sept 2004 .Remembered by Mary, July, Grant, Laura and families.

CLAYTON Vic + 14 Sept 1995. Remembered by Irene and Victor.

DE CHARMOY Maree Eleanor 1954----14 Sept 2010. Memories of my daughter.

GOVENDER Dhaya + 12 Sept 2003. Missed by wife, Children , children-in-law's.

GOVENDER Magalingam (Sam) + 14 Sept 1999. Brother.

GOVINDSAMY Gunass "Bobby" 8 Dec 1934 -----18 Oct 2012 x Saradha. Brother. 1 Year Memorial at Mt Edgecombe Art and Culture Centre on 15 Sept 2013 at 11:30am.

MAISTRY Saradembal 21 Jan 1921 -----14 Sept 2011 x Percy MAISTRY. Mother of Selvie and Raj, grandmother to Vanessa, Samantha, Ursula, Annsilla and great-grandmother of Nikhil, Sonali, Neantha, Iyana and Thiana.

NAIDOO John Dwain. 11 Dec 1980 ----14 Sept 2012. Remembered by Dosh, Nicole, Sahil and Kiaan.

ROOKS Gwen Helga .15 years gone now. Mother of Jade. Daughter and sister.

SCHNOOR Lyn. Wife and mother of Rodney, Julie and Sarah Jane.

VOLSON Razia. Wife of Craig and mother of Carmen and Roshelle.

WADSWORTH John 1929 ---2006 x Lorraine. Father of Frank, Eriko, Alisa, Anna, Rowena, Naomi, Avigail & Rachel, Ashlé & Johnathan, Ronnie and Peter.

28 September 2013


AITKEN nee LEE Rob & Lisa --Rebecca Grace.

DAWSON – MILLARD Connor & Julie –Genevieve Kate.

DUCK-WOODMAN Adrian & Alison –Angus John.

HUNTER / WALTERS Dean & Lisa – Charlotte Beatrice.

MANNING nee WALKER Cameron & Caryn –Caitlyn Megan.

MNTUNGWA Thandazile Thembisile (25) gave birth to a triplet. 2 girls Simhiwe & Esethu and a boy Esihle. It is the 3rd set of triplets in the HLABISA family. They live in northern Zululand. (Mother and grandmother had triplets).

PRIOR Christopher & Chantal –Benjamin Luc.

SQUIRES Mark & Kasia –Lewis James.

TINDALL –BORDIER Hev & Wogs – Marc.

WALSH nee MULLER Brennan & Kay – Amy Tiara Burnett.

WATSON Neil & Claire – Reece Michael


GORMAN /POTTS Dennis & Rebecca (Becky) announce their engagement.

LOYNES / PAULAUSKAITE Ellis (Bill) & Maddy and Vaclovas & Grazina announce
engagement of Philip and Neringa.


SWANEPOEL Werner x 28 Sept 2013 Alicia MEIRING in Hillcrest. Bevestig deur Ds Ralph DU TOIT.SWANEPOEL ouers Hardus & Annetjie. MEIRING ouers Kallie & Annele gebore STEYN. Kleinkind van Avril STEYN gebore BADENHORST. [private]

DEATHS:-BANCROFT Elizabeth Petronella * 1 Feb 1956 ---28 Sept 2013. [private]

CHETTY Seelan + tragically in Melbourne Australia. Formally from Stanger and Johannesburg. Son of Mr & Mrs P.M. CHETTY (New Guelderland ). Married to Melanie. Father of Krystin. Funeral in Australia on 30 Sept 2013. Memorial on 29 Sept 2013 at 1pm in New Guelderland Stanger. TEL:- 032

COLEY Graham Rodney + 19 Sept 2013. Remembered by Gay-Lynn, Kevin, Cara, Lana, Jocelyn and family.

EDOUARD-BETSY Olga Yvonne . Memorial at Greyville Presbyterian Church Stamford Hill on 1 Oct 2013 at 11am. AVBOB 031 2061931.

GOVENDER Loganathan (Bill) x Saras. Father of + Praveen and son Theshu GOVENDER. 11th Day Memorial on 2 Oct 2013 at 4 Baracuda Drive Isipingo Beach from 6 –7pm.

OGLE Thoda Barbara 19 Jan 1930 ---11 Sept 2013 .Mother of Clyde and Beverley. Sister-in-law of Gwen and Loretta. Grand and great-grandmother.Memorial at Christ The King Catholic Church Wentworth on 1 Oct 2013 at 10am.

PASCAU Marie Joséphine May. Funeral at St Joseph's Catholic Church Florida Rd Durban on 2 Oct 2013 at 09h00. Burial at Stellawood Cemetery. BELL Funerals 031 3014793.

REDDY Moganambal ( Mogie) x + Dharma REDDY. Mother of Nalen, Pashini, Sam and Thiru. Mother-in-law of Charles, Les, Kogie and Vanesh and grandmother. Funeral at her residence 20 Lylapur Rd Merebank on 28 Sept 2013 from 10.30am ---1pm .Proceeding to Clare Estate Crematorium Hall from 2---5:30pm. Cremation thereafter. ISIPINGO INC PAM'S

SCOT Pamela Elisabeth . Funeral on 3 Oct 2013 at All Saints Anglican Church Durbanville Cape Town at 12 noon.

THOMSON Dr. David. My lover, my fishing buddy, my food critique and my walking partner. From Julie, Amber and Sheriff.

THOMSON Dave 24 Sept 1942 ----26 Sept 2013. From Shane, Michelle, Emma, Jordan and Lolly.

TOLAGE Herbert John 28 Jan 1943 ----22 Sept 2013. Father to Jenny-Lee, Cheryl and Sean HERBERT. RIP.

VAN VEN ROOY Alette Johanna. Funeral at Stellawood Crematrorium on 30 Sept 2013 at 1pm. AVBOB 031 2061831.

WADA Annelie. Service has been postponed due to late arrival of relative from Overseas.

ZIMMERMAN Peter David . Funeral at Stellawood Crematorium Chapel on 30 Sept 2013 at 10am, SHANLEY'S 031 2057644.


DOYLE Malcolm & Audrey.

DOYLE Malcolm . 2 years gone now. From the BEARD family.

FERNANDEZ Cecil 7 Nov 1938 -----28 Sept 1996. Son of Alice.

GEITHRIE Lyle. Wife, Mother and grandmother from Colin, Bruce and Amanda, Nico & Sally, Rachael & Catherine.

GOVENDER Panjala . Mother and grandmother of Ronnie, Dolly, Rumba, Vino, Sally, Sagie, Gowrie. Yearly Memorial on 5 Oct 2013 at Wyebank Funeral Chapel Chatsworth from 4 –5pm.

KIRSTEN LEIGH SANKAR (Kirsty) 1988-----2005. Rememberes by aunts and uncles. PATEL Manoj. From the Town Boys.

POWYS Lionel George + 28 Sept 1994. Remembered by Amy, Esme and Trevor.

RINNE Don. Remembered by Carol, Coenie and Camilia.

WELFARE Margaret Agnus (Peggy) 25 July 1919 ----28 Sept 2009. Mother, gran and great-grandmother.



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