Independent on Saturday

The Independent on Saturday 2013 2 April - June

6 April 2013


BLACKMAN Paul & Natalie a girl Lily Grace

BRISCOE nee OOSTHUIZEN Greg & Verlie a boy William Ockert John.

BUZZARD James & Helen a girl Jack Leighton.

DICKERSON Tristan & Tarryne a boy Jayden Cole.

EAGAR Brendan & Tarryne a boy Lawrence Vivien.

MISSEN David & Jamie-Leigh a girl Megan Joan

MORGAN/TUCK Clinton & Kelly a boy Riley

PORTER nee JOHNSON CJ & Susan a girl.

SCOTT Murray & Samantha a girl Courtney Paige

VERMEULEN - NAPIER Brad & Kerry a girl Lily Louise.


MOODLEY Gonaseelan (Bob) x Savi. Father and grandfather. 75 years now on your birthday.


PILLAY YESAN 1 year Memorial at Wyebank Funeral Parlour from 4-5pm on 6 April 2013 at 26 Herman Drive ,Unit 9 Chatsworth.


GRAVELET, BLONDIN ,LIN, ROYSTON + 6 April 2012. Remembered by Colleen, Shelly-Lynn and Kent.

13 April 2013


AUSTIN Graham & Gill - Georgia Eve.

BLACKMAN Paul & Natalie - Lily Grace.

BRISCOE nee OOSTHUIZEN Greg & Verlie - William Ockert John.

DICKERSON Tristan & Tarryne -Jayden Cole.

HUNTER Graeme & Jeanette -Zoe Marina.

LIVERSAGE nee TAYLOR Allen & Linda - Dominic Taylor.

MALCOMESS Andrew & Nikki -Amelia .

MAWSON nee HANCKE Brenda & Greg a boy Blake * 3 April 2013. Grandchild for Aloa & Errol and aunty Deidre.

McGLASHAN nee GAVIN Greg & Lauren - Jake Hilton.

MIDDLEBOROUGH / DE ALMEIDA Justin & Jane a son Liam Johnno * 11 April 2013. Brother for Savannah and Josh.

MISSEN David & Jamie-Leigh -Megan Joan.

VERMEULEN - NAPIER Brad & Kerry -Lily Louise.


BARLOW Ingrid x Michael .Mother of Fudge and Diana . Happy birthday.


FRY Wally & Debbie announce engagement of their youngest daughter Stacey to Wade, youngest son of Peter & Karen STEINBACH.


BENSE Richard to Kerri-Anne BARRY. Eldest daughter of Trevor BARRY and Rosemary METCALF. Richard is son of Lionel & Maureen BENSE of Hillcrest.


LEVIN Hilda + 12 April 2013 in Israel. Sister to Rose and Hessie. Missed and remembered by Rose & Dennis FREEMAN and families.

METZ Eleanor 14 Oct 1942 ----24 March 2013 in Johannesburg. Missed by Mike & Jacquis METZ, Justin , Merle & Gabriel BATEMAN.

MOODIE nee DUNCAN Antonie (Tonie) + 8 April 2013. Mother, grandmother of Catherine, Joe and Meriel.

MOODLEY Sheila (Mooniammah). 15th Day Memorial on 15 April 2013 at Merebank Community Centre at 17.30 pm

NAIDOO Roy 19 Nov 1936 -----12 April 2013 of 38 Safron Hill Havenside. Father of Sandra and Sharmane. Father-in-law and grandfather. Funeral 14 April 2013. Body will lie in state at his residence from 9 -10am. Proceeding to Clare Estate Crematorium at 11am -1pm.

NAIDOO Rajan/Chow x Nita. Father of Rowan, Keane, son-in-law of Hajira. Brother and brother-in-law.Residential adress 9 Hoogli Place Merebank. Funeral on 13 April 2013. Body will lie in state from 10:30 to 11:30 proceeding to AFM Church Merebank from 12noon to 2:30pm proceeding to Clare
Estate Crematorium at 4:20pm.

NAIDOO Sama (George) . Funeral on 13 April 2013. Body will lie in state at Clare Estate Crematorium Hall from 11---1300pm.

NAIK Balakrishna (Manna) . Memorial Service on 21 April 2013 at AM Redfern Community Hall Phoenix.

POONAN Savithree Savi (Sav-Mum) . Mother, mother-in-law and grandmother. 15/16th Day Memorial Service on 15 April 2013 at Rd 742 House 9 Montford Chatsworth. Supper will be served from 16:30---18:30. Service 19h00 ---20h00 pm.

THANGAVELLOO SIMON (Sidney) . 15th Day Memorial on 16 April 2013 at Jyavoomurthi Hall, Shri Sithevinayaga Sivasaatgana Thava Saiva Sangam , 287 Brickfield Rd Overport on 16 April 2013 between 18:30 -19:30pm Supper thereafter. From SIMON Family.

USSWALD Graham Frank 30 July 1958 ----10 April 2013 x Tracy. Father, grandfather and brother. Memorial Sweetwaters Full Gospel Church Winkelspruit on 15 April 2013 at 11 am. MARTINS Amanzimtoti TEL:- 031 9035423.


ANDIPATIN Basil Douglas x Gloria. Father of Deon and Chantal; Kim and Gavin; Pierre and Carly and grandchildren.

BAIN Gordon. Missed by Leigh and Henrie.

DOHERTY-BIGARA Guy. Remembered by family.

NURSINGH Anuradha. In memory of Anu. Leela and Gool who left tragically 21 years ago. From friends at Lavender Court.

SAMUEL Vernon Grant + 13 April 2002 . Missed by Dad, Mum, Marilynn, Bianca, Beverly, Josh and Ashley.

20 April 2013


DE WET Kelvin & Kelly a girl Courtney Mckenzie * 5 April 2013 in Kearsney.

DICKERSON Tristan & Tarryne - Jayden Cole.

GUTHRIE / BUSSE Peter & Hayley a girl Emily Rose * 17 April 2013.

HUNTER Graeme & Jeannette -Zoe Marina.

LANDERS/ MAINE-BAILLIE Garry & Lara -James Joshua.

LAHEE nee ANDERSON Ryan & Stacey a girl Isla Rose * 3 April 2013 at Parklands Hospital.

LEWIS nee HUGHES Andrew Kenneth Grant & Karen Wylde a son Thomas Peter Grant * 8 April 2013

LIVERSAGE nee TAYLOR Allen & Linda - Dominic Taylor.

MAWSON nee HANCKE Greg & Brenda -Blake.

MIDDLEBOROUGH /DE ALMEIDA Justin & Jane -Liam Johnno

MILLS nee SCHWIKKARD Bryan & Robynne - Julia Grace * 5 April 2013 Sister for Matthew.

SIMPSON nee CAMERON Greg & Shauna - Savannah Raye

SWART-NUNEF Brett & Kerri -Jake.


BENJAMIN/ SAUNDERS Sid (Benj) & Val's daughter Sarah-Lynn is engaged to Robin, son of Alicia June & + Errol John SAUNDERS.

BIRKETT / MULLER Jenny, Dave, Minky , Robyn and Juan announce engagement of Patrick and Cara.


JARVIS Rowan & Tamaryn REID married on 13 April 2013 in Hillcrest.


DOUGHTY Geoffrey Douglas x Pearl. Father of Craig and Jacqueline. Father-in-law of Shereen and Gary. Grandfather of Alex, Stuart, Maxine, Siobahn and Paige. Funeral at The Divine Anglican Church Glenwood on 23 April 2013 at 11 am .Cremation private. SHANLEY'S 031 2057644.

GAYKO REINHOLD (Rhino) + 17 April 2013 x Joan. Father of our late daughter and son, Chantelle and Hans. Grandfather of Sean. We were blessed to have you for 52 years.

GOVENDER Mr. M.N (Captain John from SAPS Tongaat and Umhlali x Anisha. Father of Johnson, Joanne, Jackie and + Jonathan GOVENDER. Brother of Siga, Roy, Captain S.M.GOVENDER and Sagie. Funeral on 20 April 2013 between 12h00 ----14:15pm proceeding to Tongaat Crematorium for cremation at 14;45 pm TEL:- 082 4998737.

JACOBSON Cornelia ( Connie) Maria 15 Jan 1933 ---17 (18) April 2013. Funeral at Victory Christian Academy La Lucia on 24 April 2013 at 10am. BELL Funerals. 031 3014793.


DU PLESSIS Janet. 7 Years gone now . Remembered by Ernest.

GOVENDER Steven. 1 year gone now . From Ven, Ashley, Melanie, Desmond, Reece and Austin.

HEATH Maureen. Friend of Eddie, Sharlene and family.

HOWARD Donald + 21 April 2012. Husband , father and grandfather of Pat, Gail, Gary, Andrea, Enslin, Elijah and Lilee.;Brother-in-law of Jean, Dave and family;

IYER Umoi x Perry IYER. Mother of Siva, Logie, Pat and Megan. 1 Year Memorial on 21 April 2013 at 11:30 at Dravida Hall, Reservoir Hills.

PEGGS GEORGE 3 Aug 1940 ----20 April 2010. Miss you from Michele, Junior, Tiny, July and Kirsty.

27 April 2013


DE WET Kelvin & Kelly - Courtney Mckenzie

GUTHRIE / BUSSE Peter & Hayley - Emily Rose

KEMP Paul & Michelle -Isabella Rose

LAHEE nee ANDERSON Ryan & Stacey -Isla Rose.

LEWIS nee HUGHES Andrew & Grant- Thomas Peter Grant.

MAWSON nee HANCKE Greg & Brenda -Blake.

MILLS nee SCHWIKKARD Bryan & Robynne - Julia Grace.

MIDDLEBOROUGH / DE ALMEIDA Justin & Jane =Liam Johnno.

RUSCOE Fabrice & Lisa -Daniela.

SHIRLEY nee NOLAN David & Caryn a girl Olivia Rose * 17 April 2013. Sister for Madison.

SIMPSON nee CAMERON Greg & Shauna - Savannh Raye.

VAN LAUN / ANDREWS Brett & Kate a girl Emily Kate * 22 April 2013. Sister for Ashleigh and Olivia.


BEARD Edgar Cecil . Husband and father. Memorial at Glenwood Community Church Glenwood on 30 April 2013 at 2pm. Cremation private. DOVES 0860025500.

BAYLIS Douglas Kenneth 26 April 1946 -----22 April 2013. Father of Jino and brother of Mavis, Mildred and Maureen.

BUTLER Pamela + 26 April 2013 at Highway Hospice. Mother, grand and great-grandmother. Memorial on 30 April 2013 at Montclair Methodist Church at 3pm. BELL 031 3014793

CHARLTON Doreen Marion + 23 April 2013 x + Noel (George). Mother of Michael, David, John and Mark. Funeral at St Cyprians Church Umbilo on 30 April 2013 at 11 am. DOVES 0850025500.

CHETTY Rajen 10 Nov 1960 -----18 April 2013 16th Day Memorial at Merebank Community Hall on 2 May 2013 at 5:30pm.

CLASSEN Mark Adrian . Husband and father. Memorial at Presbyterian Church Frere Rd on 29 April 2013 at 1pm. AVBOB 031 2061831.

DORKIN Irene x + Douglas(Stoons) . Sister to Eunice PETERS, Mother of Wentworth, Colin, Hildam Cyril, Gordon and + Kenneth and families. Funeral at Seventh Day Adventist Church Wentworth on 28 April 2013 at 10:30am. Proceeding to Dudley Rd Cemetery, ISIPINGO INC PAM'S.

GOVENDER Detective Captain MN 'John' 1957 ----2013 (Tongaat and Umhlali SAPS). Husband and father. 15th Day Memorial on 2 May 2013 at Tongaat Town Hall with Supper at 17:30pm and Service at 19h00.

GRECO Lidia-Giovanna 2 Jan 1924 -----25 April 2013. Funeral at Assumption Parish Umkomaas on 30 April 2013 at 3pm. KZN Funerals Scottburgh 039 9760200

REDDY Geevarathnum (Geeva) . Son of + Mr & Mrs Govindasamy REDDY, brother to Dennis, Kam, Deena, Chanoo, Kay and Dassie. Funeral at NCBC (Old Church) Phoenix on 4 May 2013 from 3pm-5pm. Supper will be served.

STUART Elsie + 21 April 2013 x Bill. Mother of William and Alan. Grandmother of Kimberley, Sam, Cameron and MacKenzie.

VAN DE WASSENBERG Johannes (Jan) + 26 April 2013. Father of Adri and Karen, Thea and Kevin. Opa of Denzil and Matthew. Pappa to Rhona. DOVES 0860025500.

WESSELS Michael Pieter. Memorial at All Saint's United Church Pietermaritzburg on 30 April 2013 at 11 am. OAKLEIGH 033 3426116.

WOODHOUSE VIVIENNE "Cookie/ Viv " 20 Dec 1943 -----24 April 2013. Love to Colin. Remembered by the ROCHE family- Jan , (Mama J) , Steven, Vaughan (Can), and Heather (Aus)

MEMORIAM:- DREYER Eddie. 15 years gone now.Father of Shaun, Denise, Ryan and Tayla.

FOLEY Graham 6 Aug 1949 ----27 April 2013 x Bev.

HAMILITON Dona Mary + 27 April 2007. Love from Angie, Sharon, Abigail, Layla and Madison.

MILLIGAN John 27 June 1930 ----29 April 2012. Remembered by Eileen and family.

NORRIS Jerry (Marky). Brother , brother-in-law and uncle .From Nina, Estelle and family.

RAGAVEN SOOBRYAN 2 June 1944 ---27 April 2010 x Janaki RAGAVEN. Father of Shamendra, Nerissa, Kriya.; Remembered by Mr & Mrs DV PAUL and family.

11 May 2013


BOHNEN Neil & Chantelle a boy Chase Neil

CHALMERS /NEASHAM Dave & Bronwyn a girl Alayna Cait.

DE ROBILLARD PERIA Stephh & Melena a girl Mila Florancia.

FISH / MURFIN Russell & Genevieve a girl Juliette.

HANSEN Warwick & Linda a girl Zoe Emma.

KAYTON Patrick & Jill a girl Ava * 9 May 2013 in Cape Town.

KINSEY nee ALDERICE Tim & Kerren a boy James.

SHIRLEY nee NOLAN David & Caryn a girl Olivia Rose.

SPIERS - GORDON Michael & Deanne a girl Michaela Rae.

VAN DER WALT (DU PLESSIS) Johan & Tanya a boy Christan Johannes.

VAN LAUN / ANDREWS Brett & Kate a girl Emily Kate.


BOYD Walter Darrock +9 May 2013. Father and grandfather. Grandfather of Gully and Kim; Steve and Nicole. Sympathy to Dereck, Jackie and family from Mom and Guy.; RIP Dereck and Jackie, grandfather of Dereck and Kim and Steven and Nicole. Funeral at DOVES Greyville on 15 May 2013 at 2pm. Proceeding to Red Hill Cemetery.

CURNICK/ ARMOUR Nancy Beatrice 22 July 1924 ----7 May 2913. Mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and mother-in-law. Will be missed by friend at Shepstone Place in Escourt.

CRONJE Leon + 7 May 2013. Celebration of his life at Lock Stock and Barrek, 37 Power Centre , 21 Lanner rd New Germany Pinetown on 14 May 2013 at 1pm. TEL:- Barry 0833788661.

LYNN Pat . Sister of Anne and Bruce, Love to Marina who came and never left her.

MARAIS Lilly-Anne +2 May 2013. Daughter of Henry DU PLESSIS. Private cremation at Mobeni Heights Crematorium at 11am on 13 May 2013.

PATHER Krish. Funeral at Clare Estate Cremation Hall on 12 May 2013 from 2-4pm.

PERRY Ann 28 Jan 1922 ----9 May 2013 x + Jock. Mother of Lisa, Malcolm, Kate. Grandmother of Matt, Emilie, Ella and Sam. ;RIP from Anitalia, Candace and Haydon. Memorial at Highbury Chapel Hillcrest on 15 May 2013 at 10am. MARTIN'S Pinetown 031 7092142.

PLENDERLEIGH Robert Edward (Bob). Funeral at St John the Baptist Angilcan Church Pinetown on 15 May 2013 at 11am. OAKLEIGH 031 2059959.

ROACH Michael Greville + 7 May 2013 on his 79th birthday. Buriel today (11th) at 11 am at Scottburgh Cemetery. TEL:- Shane 0825437419.

SUTTON nee HANNAH June Jeanette Margaret 24 Feb 1932 ----9 May 2013. Now with +Edwin. Mother , grand and great-grandmother of Sharon and Jeff, Michael and Jenny, Monique, Christal and Eugene, Jemima, Zak and Shona, Megan and Shane, Jade and Evan, Storm and Andre, Samara and Madison. Memorial on 14 May 2013 at 2pm at All Saints Parish Sarnia Rd Bellair.

SWANEPOEL Elaine . Mother of Kim, Graham and Kevin. Mother-in-law to Angela and Linda. Grandmother to Gewan, Mikaela, Dylan, Keiran, Damien and Jayden. Now at rest with Bibi. Funeral at Holy Trinity Anglican Church on 16 May 2013 at 2pm. OAKLEIGH 031 2059959.


GOVENDER Roy . 3 years gone now. Missed by his Mum and family.

KISHORE MUNGRA SHAH 15 May 1938 -----7 April 2013. For your Birthday from Rajesh and Sabitha SHAH and family.

MATHABADAL Balraj (Raj) 22 Nov 1938 ----10 May 2003 From Wife ,4 children, children-in-law and grandchildren.

MERRETT Agnes + 11 May 1996. Remembered by Margaret, John, Robert, Michelle and Greg.

MOONISAMI Colin 4 March 1974 ----11 May 2012. Loved by Prebashini, Nicholas, Adrian, Mum, Verna, Sagren, Darel, Ravi, Saroj, Radha, Raneshan, Essa, Preggie and Debbie.

NELSON Harlyn Mark. Son and brother. Love from Mom, Nadine , Warren and family.; Also from aunties Carol, Nola, Arlette and Brandon.

PISTORIUS Lester Dennis 11 May 1973 -----16 April 2011 . Your birthday from Dad, Mom, Ivan, Cindy and family.

POTTIER Maggie . Mother of Joyce, Joe, Ben and Theresa.

REDDY Runga . Yearley Memorial on 18 May 2013 from 12 ----16pm at Shree Parasakthie Temple Hall Merebank.

RORICH Maryanne + 11 May 2007 . Love from Mom, Dad, Fiona, Earl and Boyce, Bruce, Heidi and Aidan.

SEWNUNAN SEEMATHI . Mother of Seetha RAJCOOMBAR , grand and great-grandmother.

VERCEUIL Margaret. Mother of Cecil, his family and niece Lynn.

18 May 2013


DE ROBILLARD PERIA Stephh & Melena a girl Mila Florancia.

FISH/MURFIN Russell & Genevieve a girl Juliette.

KAYTON Patrick & Jill a girl Ava.

PATERSON nee FOSTER Alastair & Pia a boy Isla Gillian Myfanwy.

RITSON nee SCHUTTE Shaun & Claire a girl Morgan Riley

SPIERS - GORDON Michael & Deanne a girl Michaela Rae..

TRETHEWAY Dave & Taryn a girl Skyla Rose


CHETTY Nadaraja (Nad) x Neela. Father of Michelle, Vani and Dinesh. Brother of Leela, Runga, Ticko and Shun. Grand and great-grandfather. Remains will lie in state at Northdale Christian Fellowship Pietermaritzburg on 18 May 2013 at 12:30pm. Service at 1:45 pm proceeding to Mountain Rise
Crematorium at 3pm. HOLBY Funeral Home TEL:- 0828517398.

MOONSAMY Solai (Harry) + 16 May 2013 x Dolly. Father of Kessie, Vasie and Reena. Father-in-law and grandfather. Funeral on 18 May 2013. Body will lie in state from 11am ---3:30pm at 388 Sunset Ave Chatsworth. Proceeding to Clare Estate Crematorium

SHARMAN Bill + 17 May 2013 of age 60 + x Lyndsay. Father of two sons and a step-daughter. Father-in-law of Walter RIGGIEN. Killed for a lunchbox.


BESSELL Robert Dallas 12 June 1979 -----18 May 2012 tragically in a car accident. Grandson of Gran. Nephew of Laurie, Gayle, Lara and Garth.

25 May 2013


WAHLBERG nee HAGERNAN Ivan & Vicki a girl Aimee Faye * 16 May 2013, Grandchild for Joan & Chris and Verity & Cliff.


BROWN Joy 19 July 1930 ----23 Mei 2013 . Mother of Eric , David. Grandmother of Nix and Amez , and "Baby Bear".

CAULFIELD George 17 Feb 1935 -----22 Mei 2013 x Lorraine. Father of Debbie and Brad. Stepfather to Mandy and Nick . Grandfather to Kate, Lissy, Sean, Brandon, Courtney, Joshua, Rachael, Luke, Zach and Francesca. Great-grandfather of Matthew. Funeral at St James Anglican Church Venice Rd
Durban on 28 May 2013 at 13 h00. Cremation private, SHANLEY'S 031 2057644.

CHETTY Nadarajan (Nad). Funeral was on 18 May 2013 in Pietermaritzburg

DOVEY Ernie + 22 May 2013 at age 90 years. Late of Bannersrest, Port Edward and formaly Umzimkulu. Father of + Wayne, Robin and Wendy, Wendy, Sandra and Bill. Grandfather of Katelyn and Grant, Roger,Sally Ann and William, Sarah and + Warren, Nicola and Cliff, Sheldon, Jenna and Jody. Great-grandfather of Seth, Bree, Liam, Max, Lily and Shelby.

FOWLER Gladys + 23 May 2013. Now with Geoff again. Mother, Gogo and Granny of Jill, John, Kerry, Matt, Greg, Florence and soon to be born greatgrandson; Sally, Deon, Duncan, Rose, Mark, Tracy, Wayne, Phillipa, Fiona, Markie & Michael, Hilary, Bruce, Gareth, Justin and Kate.; Mom of
Mark, Rose, Tracy, Wayne ,Markie, Michael , Phillipa and Fiona.; Dankie vir die Ma wat tannie Glad vir ons was van Eduan, Anne, Ruben an Bianca.; Friend of Rob and Hannah.

GOUDEN Ruby. Mother of Shamla, Nicky, Selvan, Vimla and Navi. Mother-in-law of Dhushin, Cheryl, Ravi, Kasthuree and + Morgan. 16th Day Memorial on 27 May 2013 at Umhlatuzana Civic Centre Hall Chatsworth from 7-8pm. Supper at 5:30pm.

GOVENDER Loganathan (Logan) + 13 May 2013. Memorial on 27 May 2013 at 6pm at Merebank Community Centre.

MAYNE Erwin Eric + 23 May 2013 x + Megan . Father of Kerry, Marilyn and Janice . Father-in-law to Flinkie and Patrick. Grandpa to Greg, Craig, Susan, Liesel, Troydyn and Keaton. Great-grandfather of Alice.

NICHOLLS Mark Allen (Butch) x Liz. Father to Ryan, Llewellyn and Matthew. Memorial at Westville Baptist Church on 27 May 2013 at 10 am. AVBOB 031 2061831.

PRINSLOO Norman Nicolaas. Memorial at Mooihawens Rd, Winkelspruit on 28 May 2013 at 10am. Cremation Private. DOVES 0860025500.

STEVENS Beatrice (Betty) Funeral at Musgrave Methodist Church on 31 May 2013 at 10am. DOVES 0860025500.

VERWOERD Michael + 23 May 2013. Partner of Amanda. Brother to Keith, Judy, David and Lynne.

WARDELL Colin Neville (Poppy) + 23 May 2013 . Father of Jason and Debbie. Brother of Ernst, Andrew, Aubrey , Mark and Patsy. Grandfather and friend. Memorial at Howick Methodist Church Howick on 28 May 2013 at 10:30am. OAKLEIGH 0333426116

WELLBELOVED Doug 18 May 1922 ----22 May 2013 . Father and grandfather. Love from your daughter Venetia and Fred, Wendy and family, Jacques, Celeste and family.


BESSON Robert 5 Dec 1074 ------ + 25 May 2007. Tragically. Remembered by Mum; Remembered by Dad, Francois and Philippe junior.

BURNS Colin 22 Sept 1928 ----25 May 2012 x Daphne for 58 years.; Dad and grandfather of Sharlene, Kyle and Nadia; Shane; Father and father-in-law of Shaun, Shelly, Rochelle, Jade and Connor.

JEAN-LOUIS GEORGE + 26 May 2007. Father of Linda. Grandfather of Janine, Roxanne, Ronaldo, Raquel, Samantha, Nicole, Jessica and Malakai.

JEAN-LOUIS Anthony Robert Geoge 6 years gone now, x Maureen. Father of Alison.

RINGO PILLAY 4 May 1966 ----- 26 May 2011 x Macini Father of Parusha.

SIMON Matthew + 25 May 2012. Son of Gill. Brother of Tash. Uncle of Reece and James.; Missed by VAUGHAN family.

1 June 2013


BLACK nee DOWDEN Cary & Wayne a son Rouke Steven * 23 April 2013. Brother to Sienna.

CURTIN nee BBATON Shaun & Kerraleigh a girl Zara Jayde.

DALE Marlon & Karin a boy Spencer Robert Thomas.

GIBSON JOYNER Craig & Cindy a girl Chloe * 7 May 2013. 1st Grandchild for David & Monette.

HENWOOD nee DOWDEN Marc & Lauren a boy Jensen Pelham * 30 May 2013.

JACKSON -HIRSCH Dennis & Luci a boy Brody David * 28 May 2013. Brother for Declan and Connor.

JONES /GEACH Gareth & Coralie a girl Holly Summerhill.

KAYTON Patrick & Jill a girl Ava.

LAGERWALL nee ANSELL Don & Claire a girl Olivia Rose.

McGREGOR Rex & Sarah a girl Charlotte-Mo.

RITSON nee SCHUTTE Shaun & Claire a boy Morgan Riley.

SILVA (GIBSON) Craig & Joanne a girl Mackensie Rebecca.

WAHLBERG nee HAGERMAN Ivan & Vicki a girl Aimee.

WALTERS Mark & Tanya a girl Daniella.

WALTERS /HART Ross & Susie a boy Tom Ian.


THOLSIE PUCKREE. 66th Birthday. We remember you. Our Angel in heaven. Mother of Les, Monica, Pam and Jessica.


Leslie & Patricia 2 June you were married for 40 Years. From The MELONIS, MARKS and HEROLDS.


DODSON John Timothy (Tim) + 31 May 2013 x Coleen..Missed by DODSON, WILKINSON and MCLEOUD families. Celebration of his life at St Michaels Anglican Church on 4 June 2013 at 2pm. OAKLEIGH 031 2059959.

GOVENDER Sathia (Rayner Logistics /Knights Cartage ) x Susan. Father of Kacy, Mahesh, Veneela, Dinny, Riashan, Roland, Manogaran, Ravi and Nelvana. Grandfather of Rayner, Deolan, Ryan, Shriya and Riley. Brother of Radha, Ali, Pops, Asodha, Mano, Danny, Lexy, Sunny, Rani, Maneetha, Mala. 16th Day Memorial on 8 June 2013 at 11 Marlin Str Isipingo Beach. At 7pm.

KING Anthony Leo . Requiem Mass at St Josephs Catholic Church Morningside Durban on 5 June 2013 at 09am. OAKLEIGH 031 2059959.

MARSZALEK Wlodzimierz Waclaw (Wlodziu ) + 30 May 2013. Husband, father, grandfather and Surgeon.

WEGE Florence (Cookie) + 31 May 2013.Partner of Tom. Mother of Carol, Rosanne, Louise.


DUNCAN Stanley William. 40 years gone now x Moira.

HOLBORN Lynton Paul ( SGT SAPS) Remembered by Mom Joan on your Birthday 30 May. You would have been 39 years.

NAIDOO Jeeva. 1 Year Memorial on 9 June 2013 at Dravida Hall Clare Estate from 11am onwards. Lunch at 12midday.

NAICKER /MUNIEN Mom & Dad od Sharon P.MUNIEN and family.

SEAGAR Allan. 5 years gone now. Married to Trish. Father of Kelly and Jarred. Brother-in-law of Tom (Jimmy).; Brother-in-law of Joe, Glynis, Matt and Grace.

8 June 2013


BLACK nee DOWDEN Wayne & Caryn a boy Rourke Steven.

EDY /DUNN Blake & Natalie a boy Oliver Ross * 31 May 2013 at Hillcrest Hospital.

GIBSON JOYNER Craig & Cindy a girl Chloe.

HENWOOD nee DOWDEN Marc & Lauren a boy Jensen Pelham.

LAGERWALL nee ANSELL Don & Claire a girl Olivia Rose.

McGREGOR Rex & Sarah a girl Charlotte Mo.

NEILSON Graham & Gina a girl Ella Geogia

OSMANI nee HOWELL Ben & Lisa a boy Alex Thomas.

SHAPIRO Adam & Yael a boy Jack Reuban.

VAN DER VYVER Kyle & Lou a boy Rory.

WILLIAMS Travis & Casey a boy Carter James.


INDIRA SOOKAMBER from all at Independent Newspapers Classifieds.


MARS Maurice & Sue announce engagement of Nicci to John SOUTHERN.


BARRY/WARNER -ATKINSON Trevor BARRY & Rosemary DUNCALF announce marriage of their joungest daughter Candice to Brendon, son of + Timothy & Maureen WARNER-ATKINSON in May 2013. Honeymoon in Mauritius.


ADAMS Stewart. Son of Isobel & + Phillip. Brother to Rea, Donald, Ruth, Mark and Henry. Brother-in-law, uncle and great-uncle. Memorial at All Saints Anglican Church Winterton on 8 June 2013 at 12:30pm.

BAUER Doug 29 April 1932 ----31 May 2013 x Sheila.

BILSON (previously NAUDE nee STENT) Barbara 13 April 1929----2 June 2013. Missed by her children Debbie, Paul, and Lindy.

BOND Marguerite 7 Sept 1940 ----3 June 2013. Mother of Robert, Ryan, Grandmother of Alex, Gustav, Eben, Danille.

IHLENFELDT Ezri + 1 June tragically. Member of Bridgestone SA.

MULHOLLAND Daniel Ernest Henry 20 March 1922 ---5 June 2013 x + Cora. Father of Bly SCOTT-WILLIAMS, Anne & Hillary MULHOLLAND,Moyra BOTTA and Sonya WILANDER. Brother of June MARAIS & + Basil MULHOLLANDER & Myrna LUDIK. Grandfather of Daniel WOOD, Matthew & Danna MULHOLLAND, Roxanne SCOTT-WILLIAMS, Filippo & Cosimo BOTTA, Emma, Karl, Erik & Oskar WILANDER and great-grandfather of Jason & Tarryn WOOD. Funeral at Nazareth House South Ridge Rd on 12 June 2013 at 3pm.

OOSTHUYSEN Thomas (Oosie ) 9 May 1939 -----6 June 2013 x Irish (Theresa). Father of Fodi; Father, father-in-law and grandfather of Glenn, Kim, Emma and Melissa.; Fathe and grandfather of Wendy, Darren and Jess.

ROSS Adrienne (Adie) + 7 June 2013 x Alan. Mother of Vivienne, Philippa and James. Mother-in-law of Paul, John and Rozanne and grandmother.

STENT Colin John 5 Sept 1958 ----25 May 2013 tragically. Son of Elva & + Alan STENT. Brother of Justin and Martin. Husband of Frances and father to Andrew , Warren and Michelle. Grandfather to Essen.

WALKER-SPARKS Patricia ( Pat ) 27 Sept 1920 ----3 June 2013 x + Harry. Mother of June and + David. Grand and great-grandmother.Funeral at St John The Divine Anglican Church, Clark Rd Glenwood on 10 June 2013 at 3pm . OAKLEIGH 031 2059959.

WEIGHTSMAN May Dawn 7 May 1935 ---2 June 2013 . Gran of Jamin and Derrene, DOVES 0830025500.


BERGSMA Baron Nicolaas Wiardus. (Nick) + 8 June 2009 x Heather.

DE GOEDE Norman Varnfield 19 July 1946 ---8 June 2012 x Dawn for 32 years. Brotherof Olg and familie. ;Also from Alda, Mauel and families and Norma.

HOLBORN SGT Lynton Paul (SAPS) 30 May 1974 ----7 June 1997 Tragically. Son of Joan. Melanie, Bradley, Talia, Kershia and Ma FERNANDES.

KERWAN Patrick John 15 April 1951 ---8 June 2012 x Rosy. Father of Kara, Jessie and Kieron.

GABRIEL Louise Ann . Remembered by Ma, brothers, sisters, family.

MOODLEY Vija 1941 ---2012 Yearly Memorial on 15 June 2013 at 3pm at Wyebank Funeral Parlour Chapel Chatsworth.

NAIDOO Jeeva . 1 year Memorial on 9 June 2013 at Dravida Hall Clare Estate from 11am onwards. Lunch at 12 noon.

NEWTON David Richard 22 May 1934 ---9 June 2011 x Emmie. Father of Michael, Charmaine and family.

15 June 2013


BLACK nee DOWDEN Wayne & Caryn - Rourke Steven

DUCKWORTH Rory & Hayley -Kaela Elizabeth

EDY /DUNN Blake & Natalie -Oliver Ross

HENWOOD nee DOWDEN Mark & Lauren - Jensen Pelham

JOYNER Craig & Cindy - Chloe

OSMANI nee HOWELL Ben & Lisa - Alex Thomas

SHAPIRO Adam & Yael -Jack Reuban.

VAN DER VYVER Kyle & Lou -Rory/

WILLIAMS Travis & Casey -Carter James* 31 May 2013.


BISSETT Gavin 10 March 1940-----13 June 2013. Funeral at Methodist Church Pennington on 21 June 2013 at 19:30am

BOYD Ron 18 Dec 1931 ----5 June 2013 died in Cape Town, from St Winnifreds Kingsborough, Toyota Manufacturing Natal and Toti Combat Club x Ann. Father of Emma and James. Father-in-law of Lawrence and Casey. Grandfather of Martin, Kendal , Kevin , Catherine, Nicholas and Phillip. Funeral on 18 June 2013 at 10:30 am at Christ Church Constantia Cape Town.

RAMSAMY Ramesh (Panels) Vinothan . Father of Tameesha and Te-Andre. Brother of Kogie, Sharda and Ravi. Funeral on 15 June 2013. Body will lie in state at residence, 43 Bidar Rd Merebank from 11am ---3:10pm. Proceeding to Mobeni Heights for cremation at 4pm. ISIPINGO INC PAM'S.


BRICKHILL Gavin . 3 years gone now. Missed by Penny, Tasha and Anna.

ENSOR SMITH Dean Warren 15 Nov 1967 ----15 June 2005 tragically. Son and brother. Missed by Dad, Mum, Mark and familie.

NAIDOO Krishnaswami S (Siva) 18 Sept 1945 -----24 Aug 2012. 1 Year Memorial on 16 June 2013 at 13 Foundale Grove Newlands West from 11am onwards.

TWYNHAM Pamela Lynette + 16 June 1973. Wife and mother. From Chimpy, Lynn and Wendy.

22 June 2013


BISHOP Dustin & Casey a boy Liam.

DUCKWORTH Rory & Hayley a girl Kaela Elizabeth.

EDY/ DUNN Blake & Natalie a boy Oliver Ross.

GOOSEN nee THOMAS Duncan & Bronwyn – a boy Jordan.

OSMANI nee HOWELL Ben & Lisa a boy Alex Thomas.

SHAPIRO Adam & Yael a boy Jack Reuban.

VAN DE VYVER Kyle & Lou a boy Rory.

VENTER nee MYBURG Richard & Renate a boy Ryker Ian.

WEARNE Ann a boy Austin Blake.

WILLIAMS Travis & Casey a boy Carter James.


WATSON Dave & Nan of Port Edward announce engagement of their daughter Caitlin to Nic, son of Fred & Deirdre KROONE of Hillcrest.


BRAMMAGE Wynsome G 13 Aug 1929 ---20 June 2013 x + Peter. Mother and grandmothe of Bev, Andy, Pam, Tony, Anthony, Kerry-Ann, David, Gregory, Jessica, Bridgette, Ryan, Emma, Liam and Amy. ; Now with Peter. Cousin of Dorothy, Edwin and Priscilla; From Cecil and Dawn, Mark, Deidre, Bradley and their families. ; Memorial to be held. TEL:- 031 7624858.

DE BRUYN Joan. Memorial at DOVES Greyville on 26 June 2013 at 2pm. DOVES 0860025500.

HUTCHINSON Margaret Elizabeth (Madge) 26 Oct 1914 ----20 June 2013. Mom and gran of Peter & Carol, Pam & Gus, Leigh & Stuart, Andrew & Cara, Robyn, Kerry and James, Scott and Kelly. Memorial on 27 June 2013 at 2:30pm at Overport Memorial Congregational Church Durban.

KLOPPENBORG Lennard Henry (Kloppie) + 19 June 2013 x Joan. Father of Garth, Larry, Julian & Marion. Funeral at St Augustines Church Escombe on 28 June 2013 at 11am.

McEWAN Shirleen + 21 June 2013 x Athol. Mother to Debbie, Leslie ,Shaun and their spouses. Granny to Steven, Natalie, Maxune, Chloé and Robyn.

MICHAEL NOVAMONEY (Israel). Funeral 22 June 2013 at his residence from 0930am proceeding to Conquering Through Prayer Church at 11am –1:30pm. Proceeding to Kenilworth Cemetery at 2pm.

MOODLEY Saras x + Masilamoney MOODLEY . Mother of + Yugen and (daughter) Vasie. Daughter-in-law of + Mr & Mrs MM MOODLEY. Daughter of Mrs Salatchi MOODLEY. Sister of Mr. Visva MOODLEY and Miss Krishni MOODLEY. Funeral on 22 June 2013 from residence 35-31st Ave, Umhlatuzana Township at 11:30am to Kharwatan Community Hall Kharwastan Township from 12---4pm proceeding to Mobeni Heights Crematorium at 4:30pm. TEL:- Vasie MOODLEY at 072 425 2656
/031 4035332.

REID Sonia Emelia x Patrick .Mother of Angela and Peter, Anthony and Heidi. Grandmother of Benjamin, Emma, Emelia, Loretta and Kristina. Requiem Mass at Nazareth House, South Ridge Rd Glenwood on 22 June 2013 at 10am. SHANLEY'S 031 2057644.


BAKER Tiefa x Monty. Mother of Zian, Lisa, Tasha and grandchildren.

BARONET Brian. 25 years gone now. Missed by Mom and sister Charmaine and brother Robert and families.

ENGLAND Peter 12 June 1921 ----22 June 2006 Father of Ro.

FREDDY TREVOR 3 Dec 1972 ---22 June 2008. From Mom, Dad , Rowen and family.

JACOB Ralph Leslie * 18 Oct 1965 ---23 June 1985. Son of Patrick & Cecelia JACOB. Brother of Rodney (Audi) and Lloyd.

JACK JASPER 19 June 2007 x Cookie. Father of Andre, Kathryn and Jamie, daughter-in-law Tersia and sons-in-law Ashley and Donovan. Grandfather of Hayley, Hayden, Daniel and Ricardo.

MYERS Patrick (Pat) + 23 June 2011.Brother of Baby and family.

RICHARDSON Frank + 22 June 2012 x Filomena and + Jean. Father of Bruce and Peter. Stepfather of Neil. Father-in-law of Tracey and Michelle. Grandfather of Erin, Sophie and Rachael.;From your PE family Len , Zizina, Tania en Kevin DELPORT.

RYAN Eileen + 22 June 1998. Mother of Cyn.;Mother of Monica, Ron, Carey-Ann, Shaun and Donna.

SAMUEL Brothers and Uncles Corny, Alec, Gerry and Clem .From Amy, Esme, Trevor and Dorothy.

SINGH Naveen (Navs) + 22 Dec 2012 Husband and father of Veronica and Megan.

29 June 2013


BISHOP Dustin & Casey - Liam

EDY /DUNN Blake & Natalie - Oliver Ross

EVENNETT Murray & Caryn 2nd son Harry Joe * 27 June 2013 at Westville Hospital.

GOOSEN nee THOMAS Duncan -Bronwyn - Jordan

LEVITAN / LEIBOWITZ Elion & Raylene a son

RIDDEN Granville & Michelle -Luke

STRANG nee PUGH Gavin & Lauren -Daniel Alan

VENTER / MYBURG Richard & Renate - Ryker Ian.

WEARNE Ann -Austin Blake.


DHARMALINGHAM Munsamy ID 461101 5087 08 3 + 8 Aug 2012 x Meenatchie ID 451227 0074 08 1 of 59 Seafern Rd, Crossmoor, Chatsworth. ESTATE No 14553/2012 DBN. R MAHARAJ & COMPANY Suite 6 Daddy's Centre, 258 Pelican Drive Bayview, Chatsworth.

MDADANE Pomu Ignitius ID 350731 5137 08 4 + 26 July 1995 of 32 Makwaza Str, Klaarwater x Nesi MDADANE ID 480229 0325 08 8 .ESTATE No 216/95. ATTORNEYS BONGANI SIBISI & COMPANY Shop 6 Nicholas Arcade, 19-21 Crompton Str Pinetown 3610. TEL:- 031 7019615.


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