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26 January 2013


CHERRY /SADDINGTON Rosalie & Kyle a son Max Logan.

HENSTOCK Wendy & Frans a girl Ella Madeline.

HERMON / KIRKWOOD Will & Jules a girl Ella Grace.

HURTER nee HAWKINS-DADY Jeremy & Gail a boy Rhys.

INMAN /NORTHEY Cuan & Angela a boy Heath Terence.

JOOSTE nee RALFE Monica-Soisic & Anton a son Nicholas Ralfe * 25 Jan 2013 in Morningside Clinic Johannesburg.

KADISH /BOOTMAN Ian & Zoe a Girl.

KEATS Mike & Melanie a boy Jake Michael.

LINDSAY - PORTER Dough & Mandy a son Daniel James. Grandchild to Rob & Sharon PORTER and Peter & Gita LINDSAY.

PIETERS-NEWMAN Tyron & Jax a boy Josh.

RADOMSKY /LINARES Stan & Karla -Boy.

THEUNISSEN nee HARRIS James & Tarryn a girl Emma.

THORNHILL nee Beaumont Philip & Jenny a boy Ryan.


IVE Brian & Tilly and Tim & Bridget WIDDOWS announce engagement of Christine and Craig.


BROWN Charles (Bob) 8 April 1921 -----21 Jan 2013. Memorial on 29 Jan 2013 at 12 noon at Queensburgh Methodist Church Northdene. Donations to Motwa Haven Moore Rd Durban.

DORMER Marjorie + 22 Jan 2013 x Ron . Mother of Michael, David and Yvonne. Grandmother of Iain, Bridget and Cameron. Requiem Mass on 1 Feb 2013 at St Dominic's Catholic Church Hillcrest at 11 am. OAKLEIGH 033 3426116.

KRUGER Rodger. Condolences to family from Barbara, Deanne, Shirley and families.

MOODLEY Aroola (Babs). Funeral at home 52 Woodview Rd, Woodview Phoenix from 12---1pm proceeding to Clare Estate Crematorium for cremation at 3:30pm . Contact No. :- 031 5059658 or 0832006646.

PILLAY Pastor Freddy (Fred) + 25 Jan 2013 x Sandra. Father of Mark, John and Peter. Service on 27 Jan 2013 at 1pm to 3pm proceeding to Desainagar Cemetery at 3pm. Venue AFM Church Tongaat.

RAI Eugene Claude. 15th Day Memorial on 4 Feb 2013 at Greenwood Park Hall Effingham. Supper at 17:30 pm Service at 19h00.. Missed by RAI & GOVENDER.

SAVAGE Tracey. Wife and mother of Jim and Jack. Condolences from Joy, Mike and Brett.

SINGH Anand 11 Oct 1942 ----18 Jan 2013 (Director of Umzinto Funeral Service) x Ghaithree. Father of Aarthi, Dhiren. Father-in-law of Rajiv and Raksha. Grandfather of Dhiya, Jyothi and Suri. UNZINTO Funeral Service 039 9741600.

VITULI Myrna passes away x Alec for 56 years. Mother of Janine, Carol, Gavin, Stuart, Terryn and Warren.


FULLER Kevin 24 Oct 1955-----26 Jan 2009.

KAST Tony. 5 years gone now. Remembered by Dennis, Flo , Delon and Marvin.

MAIN-BAILLIE Lynette + 26 Jan 2004. From your Dad and Diane MURRAY.

McENTREE /SMITH /MOUTON/SONI. Mom, dad, sister and uncle . From Children, grand and great-grandchildren.

MOMSEN David 1 June 1953 -----19 Jan 2012. Father of Wayne and Charl.

PARSEE Darren (Blues) 2 Dec 1968 ----25 Jan 2010. From Ma, Claude, and Felicia.

PITMAN Jean + 26 Jan 2009. Mother-in-law of Derrick.; Also remembered by Pip, Jody Warren and families.; Mother of Joanne.

ROUESSART Mike. Oupa of Ridis, Gina, Shaila & Zany.

VAN WYK Theresa. Big sister of Dalphia and girls.

WAYLON 11 Sept 1985 -----27 Jan 2012. Love from Pa & Ma.

23 February 2013


CRAIG Steve & Carol a girl Jessica Joan CRAIG * 15 Feb 2013. Sister for Nicholas.

CRUICKSHANK nee EDWARDS Paul & Louise a daughter Sarah Abigail.

FLANDERS Rick & Rox a boy Tyler * 20 Feb 2013 in London. Grandchild for Jimmy, Heather, Dave and Judy.

MAYTHAM nee ANDERTON Bryan & Lisa a son Noah.

HUDSON Murray & Paula a daughter Lacey.

RAATS nee KIRKWOOD Niel & Katey a daughter Penelope Rose.

STRYDOM Richard & Michelle a son Quade Daniel.

TREGEAR/GLYNN Lukas & Claire a boy Ehtan John.

WILSON nee JENKINS Michael & Taryn a boy Callum Michael.


MUTCH /MADLENER Rob & Mary announce the engagement of their daughter Dominique to Mark, son of Micky & Cathy.

WHITING Suzanne & Colin announce engagement of their daughter Tanya to Stéphane , son of Monique & George THOMAS of Nice France.


BYRNES nee QUEVAUVILLIERS Marie Rosemary (Rosy) 18 Nov 1947 --- + 20 Feb 2013 x Dudley. Mother of Natacha and Jean-Pierre. Sister. Will be missed by brothers and sisters especially you Mamie. Funeral at All Saints Catholic Chirch Ballito. DOVES 0860025500.

CLERICO Aurelio Francis 23 Jan 1937 ----21 Feb 2013. Father, brother and Son. We will miss you from Pat, Brett, Johan and Jenny. Funeral at DOVES Greyville Durban on 1 March 2013 at 11am. DOVES 0860025500.

MATHIEU Vivienne + 21 Feb 2013 . Mother, grand and greatgrandmother. Funeral at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church Durban North on 26 Feb 2013 at 3pm. BELL 031 3014793

NOLUTHANDO Mzaca 11 July 2010 ----20 Feb 2013. Rest now with your Mum. You were lent to us for a short time from Maura and Claire.

PILLAY P. (Mrs) Mother of Vis, Ranjinee, Cookie, Vino and Susie. Mother-in-law and grandmother. 16th Day Memorial at 27 Hubli Place Merebank on 26 ---27th Feb 2013 at 7pm.

ROTHMAN nee MONEY Carmel + 19 Feb 2013. Daughter, sister , mother and gran. Requiem Mass at Church of the Blessed Sacrament Virginia on 27 Feb 2013 at 11am. Cremation private . BELL 031 301 4793.

YOUNG Elizabeth Sandra (Sandy) . Fiancee of Griffith EDWARDS. Mother and familymember. Funeral at Stellawood Crematorium Chapel on 23 Feb 2013 at 1pm. BELL 031 3014793.


AARON Anthony Anniah 1969 ---1994. From Mom, Dad, Bev, Burness and Andrew.

FRASER Linda. 6 Years gone now x Dave. Mother of Nix, Jayne , Chris. Grandmother of 6.; Miss you Mom from Nix, Just, Kel, Reece and little Ryan.; Mom of Jaynie babes, Simes, Soph, Mimi and Cruz; Mother of Chris.; Also Mom, Ros and Ed.

LEWIS Maurice R E + 22 Feb 1988. 25 years gone now. Father and grandfather of Yves, Gerry and Regan.; Remembered from Marie and family. ;Remembered by Eugenie and Jeff.

LUNDALL Theresa Elizabeth 8 Oct 1949 ----23 Feb 2002. Friend of Gail, Hester, Jenny and Lydia.

REDDY Krishna (Ben) 11 Oct 1933 ----26 Feb 2001 x Dolly. Father of Mervin and Roland . Father-in-law of Sally. Grandfather of Merissa, Rineshen, Merril, grandson-in-law Kurbendran. Great-grandfather of Keeland.

ROBERTSE Tony. 10 years gone now. Husband and father. Marilyn, Bo, Craig, Amy and Duncan.

SCOTT Leonie (Cookie) 29 April 1916 ----24 Feb 2004 Mother of Brian and Russell.

SHIRLEY FRANCIS . 18 years gone now. Remembered by Children and grandchildren.

SIMPSON Gladys Cameron 26 Oct 1917 ----26 Feb 2012. Mother of Jen and granny.

SLAUGHTER John Mathew (Jackie) 12 Dec 1934 ----23 Feb 2005 x Esme. Father, grand and greatgrandfather.

SMAENS Margaret + 23 Feb 2009. Mother of Rose and grandmother.

STENSON Roleen (Giel) 16 Aug 1979 ----23 Feb 2012 . Remembered by Mom, Dad and the Clan.

SWALES Bob. 21 years gone now. RIP from Andre.

WARREN ELSON 4 April 1991 ---23 Feb 2003.Brother and Son. Love Mom, Dad, Justin and Sherrie.

2 March 2013


BRITTZ nee STACEY -Simon & Bryony -Isabella Anna.

BUTLER nee COCHRANE-MURRAY Mark & Tarryn a boy Benjamin * 27 Feb 2013 at Ethekweni Hospital.

CORBISHLEY nee LEWIS -Rohan & Hayley - Katherine Grace

CRAIG -Steve & Carol -Jessica Joan

ERASMUS -Andre & Hayley - Demi

FLANDERS -Rich & Rox - Tyler

FORBES nee STUBBS - Shaun & Sarah -Charlotte Eileen * 25 Feb 2013 in Cape Town. Grandchild for Ron and Janice , Stan and Wendy.

FREW nee STEENHUIZEN -Dunc & Kath-Chloe Jean

MALONEY nee OLLIVER -Rustie & Caroline - Julia Margaret

MITCHELL -Warner & Melissa- Brett Thomas * 28 Feb 2013 at Umhlanga Hospital.

PACKER nee ELLIS Grant & Jolene a daughter Bella-Jade * 28 Feb 2013. Sister for Blake. Grandchild for Glen & Sharon and Graham & Deborah.

TREGEAR/GLYNN - Lukas & Claire - Ethan John.


JARVIS Kevin & Yvonne and Sandy and Cheryl REID announce engagement of Rohan & Tamaryn.


ADAMS Mary (May) 1919 ---- + 28 Feb 2013 at age 93 years. Mother of David, Hedley, Terry and their families. ; Mother and mothe-in-law, granny and great granny of Hedley, Rosemary, Joanna, Erin and Natalie.

BULL Frank Leslie (John). Father of Penny, Cheryl, Allister, Gary, Margaret & Peter. Grandfather and great grandfather. Funeral at our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church Durban North on 5 March 2013 at 3:30pm. BELL 031 3014793.

CROMBIE Nellie Margaret. Gran Crombie for Margie, Barry, Scott, Robyn, Zee, Siobhan, Ross, Chloe, Adam and Jamie.; Love from Marion, Grant, Carla and Maya; Miss you from Laura-Jean, Hylton, Chalene, Yolande, Stuart, Nick, Coby and Isla. Memorial at Villa Assumpta Retirement Home for the Aged Pietermaritzburg on 5 March 2013 at 10:30am. OAKLEIGH 033 3426116

GAMBLE Garth Stewart 10 June 1948 ----28 Feb 2013. Love from Liz, Gareth, Candice and Angelique.

GOVENDER Kanakamah (Kay) x +Sadha GOVENDER . Mother of 2 sons and 3 daughters and grandmother of 12. 16th Day Memorial at HN Naren Cultural Centre Shallcross on 4 March 2013. Supper 5:30pm ---7pm. Service 7pm ----8pm.

KONING Hilary Rose 25 March 1927 ----23 Feb 2013 at Tuinsig Home in Durban. Sister of Jenny,Betty and Keith. Nephews and nieces.

MATTHEWS John Gerrard 1959 ---- 27 Feb 2013. Brother ofRob and Jill. Brother-in-law of Iole and Mike. Uncle of Teagan, Kyle and Laura.

MINK Joe + 22 Feb 2013 x Ruth. Father of Melanie, Stephen, Darryl and Kevin. Grand and great-grandfather.

SABELO Nonjabulo 8 years old found dead, from uMlazi . Dissapeared last Friday.


RAMSAROOP Veena 24 March 1978 ----24 Sept 2012. X Santosh. Mother of Mishka, RAMSAROOP & RAMAWTHAR families.

VALETTA ARLENE PATHER 9 April 1964 -----2 March 2010. Friend of Nagina.

WETTELAND Mark Lief 6 July 1972 ----4 March 2003. From Mom, Dad, Leigh, Ewan, Grace, and Robbie; Tanya, Chad, Aidan, Jocelyn and Anabel.

WINCHESTER Grace. Mom of Barry, Janine, Tatum, Roy, Brenda and family.

9 March 2013


BUTLER nee COCHRANE-MURRAY Mark & Tarryn - Benjamin. 

CRAIG Steve & Carol -Jessica Joan. 

FLANDERS Rich & Rox -Tyler. 

FORBES nee STUBBS Shaun & Sarah- Charlotte Eileen. 

FREW nee STEENHUISEN Duncs & Kath -Chloe Jean 

MALONEY nee OLLIVER Rustie & Caroline -Julia Margaret. 

MITCHELL Warner & Melissa -Brett Thomas. 

PACKER nee ELLIS Grant & Jolene - Bella-Jade. 

WHITE Carey & Dominic a son Elijah *5 March 2013 in Ballito. 


HOCKEY Michael James + 4 March 2013. Cremation Service on 9 March 2013 at The NG Church Bluff at 10am. Cremation Privatly. AVBOB 031 2061831. 

MANSFIELD Allyster Rodney 22 June 1928 ----6 March 2013 x Connie. Father of Joan, Vicky and Elaine. From Des, Thora MANSFIELD and family. 


GALE MIDDY + 9 March 2006 Love from Carolyn, Clive and family. 

16 March 2013


BUTLER nee COCHRANE-MURRAY Mark & Tarryn - Benjamin.

CRAIG Steve & Carol - Jessica Joan.

DU BOIS - BOWER Donovan & Charlotte -James Donovan

EAGAR Brendan & Melissa a boy Lawrence Vivien * 9 March 2013 in London. Brother to Ingrid and Lyle. Ivor & Lee are pleased.

FENTON Patrick & Kirsten - Jack

KELSO Rob & Hayley - Travis David

KEMP nee MATHEWS Scott & Clair -Peyton Olivia.

MALONEY nee OLLIVER Rustie & Caroline - Julia Margaret.

MAW Richard & Alanah - Tyler James.

MOIR Neill & Vicky - Ryleigh

PACKER nee ELLIS Grant & Jolene - Bella-Jade.

SHARP nee CRAIG Dave & Nadine - Chad.

STUART Mark & Sarah - Andrew Michael * 12 March 2013. Brother to James

WHITE Dominic & Carey - Elijah


ALDER Geoff. Husband , father and grandfather. Memorial at Grace Baptist Church St Winifreds on 18 March 2013 at 10am.

COETZER Maureen. Mother-in-law and granny of Damien and Bernie.

HABGOOD G.E ( Peggy ). Memorial at Parkview Retirement Centre. Van Dyke Room on 18 March 2013 at 2pm.

KIESER Helena. Memorial at The Methodist Church Morningside Durban on 18 March 2013 at 3pm. DOVES 0860025500

LEASK Anthony Raymond x Bunny. Father to Patsi, Paul and Cristy. Grandfther and his special boys Lloyd and Dale. Funeral at St Thomas Anglican Church Musgrave Rd Durban on 20 March 2013 at 3 pm. OAKLEIGH 031 2059959.

McLEOD Garth + 15 March at age 44 years(motorbike accident) x Anne-Marie. Wonderboom and Sugardrive drummer.Accident happened in Woodmead Johannesburg.He would be remembered for his passion for music.


ANDRE Agusta (Sally). Mother of Chantel and Belinda. ;Mother of Maureen, Charmain, Dawn, Bernadette.

BARBEAU Richard (FATS). Father of Alecia and Leora.

BUCKAS Salochana (Sam) 17 Nov 1962----15 March 2012. Daughter of Devi PILLAY, sister of Malani en Ben. Sister-in-law of Vinay and Buster. Aunt of Darisa and Tashia, Nekyle and Thashin.

DE SARDT Neville Alfred + 17 March 2008. Love you forever from (Koeks) Lohanna.

DOS SANTOS Charlie. 5 years gone now. Father of Nicky, Ingrid, Tony, Veronica, Mom and family.

HILLMAN Harold Norman (Snookie) 12 years now gone x Flo. Father of Shaun, Charneen. Children, grand and great-grandchildren.

O'DONOGHUE Vincent Patrick + 17 March 2011. Missed by John, Anne, Matthew and Kelly. ; Husband , father and grandfather. Missed by Molly and family.

RAFTER Valerie. 7 years gone now. X George. Mother,grand and greatgrandmother.

WALLJEE Wendell Mark .11 May 1970---16 March 2009 x Alecia. Father of Bianca and Ramon.

30 March 2013


BLACKMAN Paul & Natalie a girl Lily Grace *25 March 2013. A granddaugher for Dave & Rowena.

BRISCOE nee OOSTHUIZEN Greg & Verlie a son William Ockert John * 22 March 2013 at Westville Hospital. Brother for Hope.

BUZZARD James & Helene a boy-Jack Leighton

CLULOW Adam & Anna a girl- Esther Anne.

DU BOIS -BOWER Dpnovan & Charlotte a boy- James Donovan.

EAGAR Brendan & Melissa a boy -Lawrence Vivien

KELSO Rob & Hayley a boy - Travis David.

MISSEN David & Jamie-Leigh a girl -Megan Joan.

MORGEN /TUCK Clinton & Kelly a boy -Riley.

PORTER nee JOHNSON CJ & Susan a girl.

SCOTT Murray & Samantha a girl -Courtney Paige.

STRAVROU nee DE MARIGNY Neil & Michelle a girl -Holly.

VERMEULEN -NAPIER Brad & Kerry a daughter Lily Louise * 19 March 2013. Sister to Tristan.


DE VILLIERS A B (29 years) x Danielle SWART (24 years) 30 March 2013.


FISHER Judith + 25 March 2013 x Issy. Mother of Maurice and Shirley, Gail and Larry, Rosemary & Norman and grandchildren.

GOVENDER Sarveshen 2 April 1984 ------16 March 2013. 16th Day Memorial on 31 March 2013 at SSRS Hall Chatsworth at 4pm.

HAUSMANN June . Memorial at Stellawood Chapel Umbilo on 3 April 2013 at 10am.

HELLERLE Frances Mary (Frankie). Sister of Sharon and David, aunt of Yvette, Bianca and Demi. Funeral at Stellawood Crematorium Umbilo on 2 April 2013 at 12 noon. BELL Funeral 031 3014793.

LEIBRANDT Jayde 26 March 2013 ----27 March 2013. In Parklands. From Mom, Dad and Amber. Grandpa Tony and Granny Wendy. Memorial at St Margaret's On The Hill Glenashley on 2 April 2013 at 11am.

LEWIS Kathleen Gertrude (Tickey) x + George. Mother of Clive and + Raymond and Patty. Mother-in-law of Gail and Valerie. Grandmother of Raylene, Amanda, Ronelle, Mavin and Robyn and great-grandmother. Funeral at St Johns Anglican Sydenham at 10:30am . Cremation private.

MARAIS Pat 6 June 1935 --- 26 March 2013 x + Jan MARAIS. Mom to Sue and Ras, Cobie & Bee, Wendy & Bruce. Grandmother.

MAVALELISO Madodandile + 28 March 2013 in Entabeni Hospital at age 14 years. He died of meningitis. He came from Port Elizabeth. Glenwood School
is holding a Rugby Festival.

ODEBO Brownwyn Dorothy (Bronnie). Mother of Blessing Jodi, daughter of Harry, Linda, Sally and John, Sister to Adelle and Chad. Memorial at The Queensburgh Methodist Church Northdene on 2 April 2013 at 11am. AVBOB 031 2061831

SINGH Radhi + 27 March 2013 in Toronto, Canada at age 93 years x + J.N SINGH . Mother of Avanthi and Ishana . Funeral in Toronto on 30 March 2013. Memorial in Durban later. 

TONKIN Herman + 28 Mach 2013 at Highway Hospice x Carol. Father of Sharon and Marilyn . Father-in-law of Roy and grandfather.

TOOMS Leswyn Quirina . Funeral at Stellawood Chapel Umbilo on 2 April 2013 at 10am proceeding to cemetery. AVBOB 031 2061831.

VAN WYK Steven John of Wentworth. Funeral at Christ The King Parish on 2 April 2013 at 12noon proceeding to Dudley Street Cemetery.


FORTMANN Harro Walter 1 Feb 1937 ----30 Sept 2012. Love from Thelma.

GOTHI John & Andrina. Temembered by Rose, Nicky, Prinolin and Leevin.

HURLEY Michael. 8 years gone now. Friend of Peter & Anne.

ISAACS Theresa 24 Jan 1953 ----31 March 2011. Wife, mother and grandmother of Ralph, Mandy, Lance, Sam, Mark, Cohen and Jardyn.

LORD Claudine + 30 March 2009. RIP from Christine and Selwyn.

MATHARAI Doray 15 years gone now . Father and grandfather of the CHARLES family; Also from Leela and family; From Skelly, Rosemary and Krisen; George and Emily.

SCHWIKKARD Carl. Gone 1 year now. Love from yor wife Cheryl. (was married for 27 years).



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