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27 October 2012


BAKER nee HEUFF Jeremy & Fiona -Eva Jane.

BROUGHTON nee DIANA Ryan & Bianca -Boy.

BOUWER Brian & Sharon -Teagan Louise

DENNY Brian & Jacqui twins Benjamin Brian and James Michael.

DERAUVILLE RIDGEWAY Tod & Angelique Twins Erin Olivia and Keira Lily.

HOOPER / WINTERTON Grant & Louise - Blake George.

HOUGH Terry & Gail -Luke

JENNINGS Ryan & Shannon a daughter Demi Ann * 20 Oct 2012. Sister to Hannah and Taine.

MOXLEY - RODE Paddy & Fally - Mason Jon.

MYBURG Neil & Sam a boy * 25 Oct 2012. Grandchild for Gammy & Gramps McINNES.

PRETORIUS Nikki & Leon a daughter Nina Chloe * 23 Oct 2012 at Parklands.

SPINELLI Martin & Claire - Sebastian Arthur.

STUART Rob & Kelly -Connor Blake.

TEBLANCHE nee CONSTANTINOU Blake & Janine - Trinity.

WILLIAMS -Matt & Chrisna - Olivia Alison.

WILSON / HEMING Victor & Tracey a son Jamie Robin * 20 Oct 2012 in UK. Brother for Kian. Grandchild to Errol & Roz.

YEATS Michael & Catherine -Emily.


MATT / BRIG Dion , Veronica, Gina and Rowan celebrate engagement of Matthew and Brigitte.


MOBEY Jean & Dave will be married for 39years on 27 Oct 2012.


BERRY John Mathew 31 Aug 1930 -----18 Oct 2012 x Ria for 58 years. Father to Ann, Del and Jacquie. Grandfather of Samantha, Ross, Douglas, Lara, Trenton and Ciaran. Great-grandfather of Abbie-Mae, Noah, Taylor and soon to be born baby-boy.

BREMNER Kenneth George Leslie + 25 Oct 2012 at Nazareth House. Missed by Terry and Brian, John & Tot, Mike & Lin, Paul & Gaya, Andy & Julie. Grandfather of Adam and Tammy; Stuart and Rory; Tracy and Andrew ; Ross and Ryan ; Jason. Funeral Mass at Our Lady Of Fatima Catholic Church Durban North on 27 Oct 2012 at 09h00am. OAKLEIGH 031 2059959.

BRIGGS Morris Edwin 11 Aug 1948 ----25 Oct 2012. Memorial on 31 Oct 2012 at Bluff Yacht Club at 3nm. Private Cremation. KZN Funerals Amanzimtoti 031 9031671.

HARDING Thomas Peter 1931 ----22 Oct 2012 x + Hannie. Father of Andrew, Michael and Paul. Father-in-law of Jenny and Julia. Grandfather to Nick, Bryce and Melody.

MAYNARD Pat. She taught at Atholton for 27 years from 1953 ----1980. Condolences to family from SGB, Staff, Parents and Pupils of Atholton Primary School.

NAIDOO Jayshree x Mervin/Siva {Garuda Vahana Raam Bhajana}. Mother of Yesai'n (4) and A'eriyah (18 months). Leaves her mother, 2 brothers behind. Funeral on 27 Oct 2012 from 12----3pm at Andhra Cultural Centre Havenside. Proceeding to Clare Estate Crematorium at 420pm.

NAIDOO Janakee (Goonum/Mrs Ramana) x + Ramana NAIDOO. Mother of Myhan (E&Y), Rajan (Trudees) and Krishnie. Mother-in-law of Lali, Thevi and Preggy. Grandmother of Neal, Suven, Avania, Mayeshen, Dhavina and Ushenta. Funeral on 27 Oct 2012 at Clare Estate Crematorium Hall from 4pm---5:30pm. Cremation at 6pm. SHANTI Funerals 031 4031944.

NAIDOO Mr. R.J of Tongaat x Anuya. Father of Priya, Lali, Hamsa, Mohini, Navi. Father-in-law Nivoo, Deena, Greg, Cliffy, Neera, grandfather and brother. Funeral 27 Oct 2012 at The Brake Village Temple from 12 noon---3pm (body will lie in state). Thereafter to Tongaat Crematorium for cremation at 4pm. TONGAAT Funeral 032 9451756.

PILLAY (Dolly) Pushparani (ex staff of Clairwood Race Course) x + Sunny NAIDOO. Mother of Vis NAIDOO(Sarves) and + Nirri REDDY. Grandmother of Nerissa, Seshni, Lushantha, Kiara and Kumara. Mother-in-law of Loshni and Victor. Sister of Teddy (Jumbo) , Sarojini, Indrani and Uthra. Funeral on 28 Oct 2012. Body will lie in state at 65 Warangal Rd Merebank from 10:30----11:30. Proceeding to Andra Vishnu Hall Resevoir Hills from 12:30---3:30pm proceeding to Clare Estate Crematorium for cremation at 420pm.

SINGH Hardhew (HS) ex Old Mutual and formaly from Mendip Place Roseglen x + Shanti SINGH. Father of Anila, Ishana and Ashwanth. Father-in-law of Brian, Robin and Shamita. Grandfather of Sunaina, Suhagna, Savantika, Krivaan, Ashmita and Sudhmita. Funeral on 28 Oct 2012. Body will lie in state at Clare Estate Vrematorium Hall from 1400 am----15:30pm. NEWLANDS CITY Funerals 031 3071600.


GAILLARD nee DE LANGE Eva + 25 Oct 1958. Mother of Alice and Phyllis.

NUNDLALL Yogesh 6 Des 1984 ------19 Nov 2011. Son of Betty & Raj. Brother of Nash and Sashen. 1 yearley Memorial on 28 Oct 2012 at his Residence 15 Sirpath Rd, Reservoir Hills Durban at 7am.

GOVENDER Soobrey + 28 Oct 1987 x Patta. Father of Trevor, Jennifer x Tony and grandfather of Tristelle.

PITCHEN Edwin 4 Augh 1925 ----27 Oct 2007. From Wife, children and grandchildren.

VAN JAARSVELD Liesl Ann 8 Feb 1972 ----28 Oct 2010. Daughter. From Mom and stepdad Pieter.; Also Ma, Yvonne, Josh and Hayley.

VENTER Jannie + 27 Oct 2010 x Yvonne. Father of Chantell and family.

WILLIAMS Glary 13 June 1954 ---30 Oct 2007. From Pat and Teddy. Wife, children, grandchildren friends and family.

16 December 2012


SMART nee YEATS Beth & Richie a boy Owen Robert MART * 10 Dec 2012. From Beth's sister Berne & Marc and their child Jarryd.1st Grandchild for Tim & Tina YEATS . Welcome from Great Nana, great-granny and great aunt Betty.

BOWYER nee KEOGH Philip & Lucie a boy James David.

COBBLEDICK Warren & Heidi a girl Casey-Leigh.

GREENWAY /FUIDGE John & Claire a boy Jordan.

KAHN Janine a girl Amber Summer.

PAULUS (SOBEY) Roderick & Abigail a girl Cara Abigail.

RONALD Gareth & Kelly a girl Emma Isabel.

SCOTT/THEOLOGOU Brad & Christina a girl Ava Claire.

STRACHAN Greg & Nicola a girl Hannah Paige.

VAN HUYSSTEEN Martin & Claire a girl Keira Claire.

VITALE nee DE REUS Andrew & Monica a girl Siena.

WILLIAMS nee GONZAGA Sheldon & Lisa a girl .

WOLNO /HAWEY Neil & Nathalie a girl Charlotte Anne.


SEW Sandy 15 Dec 2012. Would have been 64 years/ Happy Birthday x Rainuka. Father and grandfather. We miss you.


MAARTENS – POOL Cab & Pricilla , William & Lisette announce engagement of Kirsten & Andrew.

MAYERS Bev & Mike announce engagement of their daughter Sarah to Tim, son of Amanda & Leo REUTER of Kent England.


NAIDOO Krish & Vimla. 40 years. Grandparents of Vraja-Sundari and Varsana-Rani NAIDOO.


APPLESAMY Chinnamma x Morris APPLESAMMY. Mother od Vimla and Ramu, Pat, Kumari and Ivan, + Kantha and + Logan, Pavitha and + Reggie, Pam and Wis, Logan and Reena. Grand and great-grandmother. Funeral on 15 Dec 2012 from 11----3pm at Umhlatuzana Capital Hall proceeding to Mobeni Heights Crematorium for cremation at 3:30pm.

BINNEKADE "Joop" Johannes Paulus 2 Oct 1931 -----14 Dec 2012. X Jennie. Father of Rob & Estelle, Hans & Carol, Rona & Ruud. Grandfather and family member. MARTIN'S Amanzimtoti 031 9035423.

BUTLER Alan + 7 Dec 2012 x Laura. Father of Craig. Grandfather and greatgrandfather. Memorial at Milldene Retirement Village Hall , Durban North , on 20 Dec 2012 at 2pm.

COMBRINK Petrus Carel 25 May 1942 ----12 Dec 2012 Livepartner of Leonie. Daddy and oupa of Sam, Shaun, Brent, Jonny and Sash. Memorial at Elim Church on 18 Dec 2012 at 10am.

GRECO Adriano 6 Dec 1952 ----8 Dec 2012. I miss you son from Mamma. Funeral Service on 18 Dec 2012 at 3pm at Assumption Parish Umkomaas. Private cremation. KZN Funerals Scottburgh. TEL:- 039 9760200.

GREEN Frank + 10 Dec 2012. Partner of Colleen. Brother to Melanie, children + Colin, David. Terance and Daelene.

KING Leslie Severine . Husband ,father, father-in-law, grand and great-grandfather of Noreen, Cheryl, Brenda, Diane , Gary and families.

MILES Peter Alexander + 13 Dec 2012 x + Wendy . Father of Sue, Paula, Mike and Ant. Father-in-law of Bernie and Tonya. Mkhulu to Mike, Nic, Shaun, Robbie, Declan, Connor and Brock. Private Memorial on requiest.

MIZON nee CARBUTT Hester + 13 Dec 2012. Mother of Clive , Hugh, Denis and Godfrey. Funeral at 1pm on 18 Dec 2012 at Stellawood Crematorium.

NAICKER Dhanasillian (Dan) Ex Teacher of Belverton Secondary and Ex Owner of Farm Pride Mini Market. Son of + Mr & mrs Doransamy NAICKER. Husband of Lizzie. Father of Kevin ,+ Desigan NAICKER. Father-in-law of Tashni. Grandfather of Baby Desana,. Brother of Sid NAICKER, Devana GOVENDER and Rishpa NAICKER. Son of law of Krishnie GOVENDER. Brother-in-law of Vicky, Dabby, Vernon & Mervin. Funeral on 15 Dec 2012 at Gandhis Hill Temple Hall (SVET Hall) from 12 ---2pm. Proceeding to Tongaat Crematorium for cremation at 3pm.

NAIDU G M (worked for Beacon Sweets as Personnel Manager x Mrs G NAIDU and children Karmen, Sandran and Tammy . 16th Day Memorial on 21 Dec 2012 at Andhra Hall Overport at 18hrs.

PLINT Claire Ann. Memorial at Bill Buchanan Association for The Aged Morningside Durban on 18 Dec 2012 at 11 am. SHANLEY'S 031 2057644.

REDDY Janakie + 13 Dec 2012 x Percy. Mother of Vanitha, Neville, Praven, Demla and Deven. Grandmother and mother-in-law of Sureshni, Dheshni and Devendree. Sister of Kantha, Maadhava, Ishha and Chandra. Funeral on 16 Dec 2012 at Clare Estate Crematorium from 11:30 vm ---13:30 pm.

SOEIRO Antonia Carlos De Almeida (Tony) x Paddy. Father of Lena & José. Father-in-law of Cindy. Grandfather of Deana, Daniella, Xavier, Lexi and Eva. Funeral at Glenwood Community Church (corner Burlwer and Clark Rd ) on 17 Dec 2012 at 3pm. BELL Funerals. 031 3014793.

WARMAN Yvonne + 13 Dec 2012 x for 63 years.Died tragically. Wife, mother, grand-great-grandmother of Trev, + Mark, Dee and Cuan; Hylt and Lou, Matt, Mo and Chels; Ant and Jen, Tammy, Mike and Samuel; Kingsley, Tarryn, Liam and Zack; Elisha, Warrick and Declan, Kendall; Ann and Craig, Carilee and Wade.

WHEATLEY Errol. Brother of Dorothy, Aubrey, Eric and Victor. Uncle to Brenda and Donovan. Funeral on 18 Dec 2012 at St John's Anglican church Sydenham at 10am. Proceeding to Stellawood Cemetery.


LUTCHMIAH Rose. JAMES LUTCHMIAH family wishes to say thank you and appreciation of support etc during our bereavment. JAMES LUTCHMIAH TEL:- 083 2833624.


BROWN Duncan. Gone 9 years now x Marie. Father of Craig, Vanesse, Lloyd, Nicole and families. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE).

COULON Ronnie Gerald + 15 Dec 2010 x Myrtle. Father and grandfather.

CRAWFORD Kirsten. 5 year gone now. From Grandpa Gary and Granny Sherry.

FORD Eileen 28 Nov 1923 ----15 Dec 2011. Mom of Vicky & Peter.

GRIFFTHS Geoff. Remembered by Meryl, Sacha, Ryan and your family.

NESBITT Bradley. 12 years gone now . Remembered by Colleen, Byron and Kerry.

OLIVIER Naomi. 5 years gone now. Remembered by Ron.

8 December 2012


BOWYER nee KEOGH Philip & Lucie a boy James David.

COBBLEDICK - Warren & Heidi a daughter Casey-Leigh

GREENWAY / FUIDGE - John & Claire a boy Jordan

KAHN- Janine - Amber Summer

PAULUS (SOBEY)- Roderick & Abigail -Cara Abigail

RONALD - Gareth & Kelly -Emma Isabel

SCOTT / THEOLOGOU -Brad & Christina -Ava Claire

STRACHAN - Greg & Nicola - Hannah Paige

VITALE nee DE REUS Andrew & Monica a daughter Siena * 18 Nov 2012 in Connecticut USA.

WOLNO / HAWKEY - Neil & Natalie - Charlotte Anne.


CARTLEDGE / LIEBENBERG Tony & Brenda announce egagement of Simone to Karl.


DAVID Mildred. Mother of Lorraine, Cedric, Desmond, Beryl, Noelene and sister of Rev Leslie PETERS. Grandmother and great grandmother. Funeral on 11 Dec 2012 at St Aidans Anglican Church at 12 pm. Thereafter cremation that will be private. CENTRAL Funerals 031 3097113.

GOVENDER Dr Chandrakes (Dolson) 4 Aug 1975 ----1 Dec 2012 x Nerika of Amanzimtoti. Father of Shaheen and Darsheen. Son of + Mannie and Queenie GOVENDER. Son-in-law of Ricky & Roshini MAHARAJ and brother of Gonny & Allan. 16th day Memorial on 16 Dec 2012 from 3-4pm at Dravida Hall, Clare Estate . Supper thereafter.

LUSCON Lesley Ann. Funeral at DOVES Greyville at 10 Dec 2012 at midday (12pm.) DOVES 0860025500.

MAWER John. Funeral at Star of the Sea Catholic Church Umhlanga Rocks on 11 Dec 2012 at 11am.

MIDDLETON Arthur 2 Sept 1935 -----7 Dec 2012.Now with Mom. Thank you to Bev. Father of Malcolm and of Beverley Liane. Memorial at St Agnes Church Kloof on 12 Dec 2012 at 2 pm.

NEILON Kay + 6 Dec 2012. Condolences to family from Stu & Lynn GILLMAN.

NICHOLSON Nelson (Guns) 5 July 1943 -----6 Dec 2012. Son of Elma NICHOLSON. Brother of Bobby, Shirley and + Lucky NICHOLSON. Funeral at DOVES Greyville on 8 Dec 2012 at 2pm. DOVES 0860025500.

ORCHARD Rose . Condolences to ORCHARD & SNOOK family. She left her mark at Chelsea Preparatory School from the Board of Governors, Management, Staff and Pupils of Chelsea Preparatory School.

PILLAY Mr. Tholsinathan G (Johnny) .Father of Veroshini, Vani and Yougan, father-in-law of Radha (f) and Vernon (m). Grandfather of Priyanka, Kaira and Karise. 16th day Memorial Service at Wyabank Siva Sungum Hall Wyebank on 12 Dec 2012 at 7pm.

REDDY Lutchmy x + N.A. REDDY . Morther of Ram, Krish, John, Dev, Percy, David, Deena, Reggie, Saroj, Say, Shushie, Rani .Mother-in-law grand and great-grandmother .Funeral at V. Moonsamy Hall Buffelsdale, Tongaat from 12pm ---3:30pm Thereafter to Tongaat Crematorium for Cremation at 4pm.

SCOURIE Henry Lewis x Anna. Father of Lewis, Lynne & Lewanne. Funeral at The New Forest Congregational Church Kenyon Howden Rd Montclair on 12 Dec 2012 at 10am. Proceeding to Stellawood Cemetery. BELL Funerals 031 301 4793.

WATT Douglas John Andrew 17 Jan 1937 -----5 Dec 2012. Father, grandfather of Sharon, Gavin, Jonathan, Jacelynne and Evelyn.; Louisa, John-Louis, + Jean,Sharon, + David, Wendy, Lenore and families. Thanksgiving Tea at TC Robertson Nature Reserve on 17 Dec 2012 at 11am for 11:30am. AVBOB 031 2061831.


MURRAY James . Miss you from Margaret . Father of Chris, Earl, Rae, Rhys and Wade.

NATHANIEL Meshach 9 June 1926 ----1 Dec 1985.

NATHANIEL Rachel 10 Aug 1934 ----9 Dec 1999. Remembered by Roslyn, Jenny, Godfrey, spouses and grandchildren.

29 December 2012


BANA Zain . 8 distinctions. Kearsney College.

HOLTES Ryan . 8 distinctions. Kearsney College. Son of Alexa. Grandchild of D'Arcy MAYNIER.

JORDAAN Walter . 8 distinctions. Kearsney College.

KIRSTEN Craig (18 years). 8 straight A symbols Kearsney College.

LUTCHMAN Mandhir . 8 straight A symbols Kearsney College.

PEARS Travis. 8 straight A symbols Kearsney College.

SOUTHEY Richard. 8 straight A symbols Kearsney College.

SPARKS Nathan . 8 straight A symbols Kearsney College.

WHITELAW Matthew. 8 straight A symbols Kearsney College.

7 Distintions:-

BATES Nicholas. Kearsney College

BLIGNAUT Daniel. Kearsney College

MHLONGO Mpumelelo. Kearsney College

PIGGOTT Joshua. Kearsney College

WOODGATE Sean. Kearsney College

ST MARY'S in Kloof :- 8 straight A.



O'NEILL Tarryn.

KRUGER Caitlin & Ashley VILJOEN .

7 distintions St Mary's.

CHARLTON Holly . 6 distintions. St Mary's.

TOP ACHIEVER of IEB Matrics. GERINGER Izelle of Felixton College from Zululand. Daughter of Anton.


BOWYER nee KEOGH Philip & Lucie - James David

FIELERS / SUVERKROP Nic & Julie twins Av & Sven.

JAMES Butch & Julia - Jesse Michael.

NOVOS - FREEDMAN Michael & Tracy - twin boys

PERROW- STERN Kev & Lauren a boy Joel.

SMART nee YATES Richard & Beth a son Owen Robert.

STRACHAN Greg & Nicola - Hannah Paige.

VAN HUYSSTEEN Martin & Claire - Keira Claire.

VITALE nee DE REUS -Andrew & Monica -Siena.

WOLNO/ HAWKEY Neil & Nathalie -Charlotte Anne.


MARTIN / VENNIKER : VENNIKER Brett & Julie WILSON's daughter Alexander to Andrew, son of Anthony & + Estelle MARTIN.


HOUAREAU Noemie + 29 Dec 1990. From family.

VAN DER VYVER Dennis. 16 years. Still missed by Pat, Leo, Rene, Theresa and family.

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