Independent on Saturday

The Independent on Saturday 2015 3 July - September

4 July 2015


LONG Richard & Robyn a boy Jack Bruce. 

ROM-BRYCE Kevin & Kim a boy Jamie Noah 

WOOLRIDGE Brad & Jenna a boy Samuel Alan. 

11 July 2015


BENSON /DALL Ryan & Dominique a boy James Rory.

BROWNE nee BLUMENTHAL Mike & Amy a boy Benjamin Thomas.

HUNTER /TUCK Troye & Casey a boy Carter John.

JACOBS /FORBES Warren & Kerri a girl.

MASKELL – BOTHA Darren & Kerry a girl Olivia Katherine.


ROSE /SCHRODER Tony & Veronique. Has been married for 6570 days, 18 years.


DALMAINE George + 8 July 2015. Love you from Gloria.

D'ALMAINE George Frederick + 8 July 2015. ; Memorial on 14 July 2015 at Stellawood Crematorium Chapel Umblo at 10am. Cremation private. SHANLEY'S 031 2057644.

FRANCOIS VVG (Vic, Victor) VVG + 8 July 2015 x + Eileen. Father of + Jennifer KRUGER, Grandfather of Lisa and Lee. Friend of Shirley LEA, Pam and + Eddie GUNNELL.; Friend of Jack (Met 70 years ago in the Airforce).

GOVENDER Dr Ganasen + 10 July 2015 x Radha. Father of Preesan, Theo and Demarlin. Father-in-law of Melissa and Theona. Grandfather of Simhara. He was lecturing at UKZN and retired practioneer. Funeral on 12 July 2015 at MTSS Hall Merebank from 10:30am ----1:30pm. Cremation at Clare Estate at 2:15pm. ISIPINGO INC PAM'S

GOVENDER Myandren (Dayalan) 15th Day Memorial at his Residence 46 Ras Dashan Street, Shallcross on 16 July 2015 and 17 July 2015. Supper at 17:30pm Service at 20:00pm. TEL:- 031 4092162.

GREEN Brian George 1 Oct 1922 ----10 July 2015 x Hettie. Father of Cliffie, Bonnie , Rodney, Mike and Joanathan. Grand and great-grandfather.

HARRISON Zilla + 7 July 2015. SHANLEY'S 031 2057644.

KLOPPER Annette. Teacher at Crawford College La Lucia. Thoughts and prayer are with her husband Louis and daughter Sunette.

MALCOLM BETT MCKENZIE 1932 ----10 July 2015 at Hillcrest Private Hospital x Denise. Father of Paula, Belinda and Rowena. Father-in-law of Duncan and Richard. Grandfather of Gregory, Chloe and Benjamin. Funeral at Holy Trinity Church Hillcrest on 14 July 2015 at 2pm.

REY Julie 19 Sept 1942 ----6 July 2015. Mother of Cheryl and Alix. Grandmother to Rob, Jono and Jess. Mother-in-law of Grant and Mark; Memorial Service at St Elizabeth's Anglican Church Westville on 15 July 2015 at 2pm. SHANLEY'S 031 2057644.

SIMONSEN Colleen 9 April 1958 ----9 July 2015 x Trevor. Mother to Dean and Melissa. Mother-in-law of Michele and Andrew. Twin sister of Eileen. Memorial at Old Fort Chapel on 14 July 2015 at 11:30am.


BOZZA Valentino . 33 years gone now. Father of Dina, Joe and Netta. Father-in-law of Fred and grandfather.

GUNNELL Eddie + 15 July 2014. Missed by Pam, Rosemarie and Brian, Charmaine, Trevor, Vaughn, Shane, Bessie, Doreen and family, Peggy and Malcolm.

HUGHES Evan + 9 July 1993 . Remembered by Avie and family.

JOËLLE 19 Feb 1954 ----11 July 2001. Remembered by your son, Mother, Sisters and Brother, Niece and Nephews.

PHILLIPS Leslie 20 Sept 1960 -----9 July 2012 x Chelle.

18 July 2015


KAYTON Patric, Jill and Ava announce birth of their son and brother Cole Fraser * 7 July 2015.


DEAN Graham & Anne x 19 July 1975 . Ruby (40 years). From your family.


BASHFORD Maureen Eileen + 15 July 2015.; Memorial on 21 July 2015 at Stamfordhill Methodist Church, Percy Osborn Rd, Berea at 10 am. SHANLEY'S 031 2057644.

CARLE Mark Albert + 15 July 2015 x Angela. Father of Ashleigh, James and Riley. Son of Phyllis and + Mike (MF) CARLE . Big brother of Lisa and + Andrew (Wakka). Funeral at The Rivonia Catholic Church on 22 July 2015 at 11am. Celebration of his life at Morningside Country Club.

CHETTY Logan 2 Feb 1962 ---21 June 2015.Husband , father and father-in-law. Memorial at Immanuel Seatides Church , Seatided on 1 Aug 2015 from 2pm ----4pm. Kogie, Aston, Clinton, Camille and Kevashni thank all for support. TEL:- 082 0444 664.

CROOKES Jean Dunsmore 19 Nov 1922 ----16 July 2015 at Slayley Woods, Park Rynie at age 93 years. Mother of Jennifer, Elizabeth and Greame. Grandmother of Warren, Craig, Cheryl and Nicholas, Richard and Carla, Andrew, Nancy and JD. Great-grandmother of Jude.

GOVENDER RM Cliffy (53). He died this past week. Staff at the Independent Newspapers was mourning his death. He was contractor for street sales for 37 years. His funeral was on 18 July 2015 at his home 68 Sheridan Street, Havenside Chatsworth from 11 ----12 noon proceeding to Dravida Hall, Clare Estate from 1----4pm. Cremation Service at Clare Estate Crematorium at

JAMES David Grant 24 April 1964 ----3 July 2015. Brother and friend. Sleep well Rhodi. Love from Bobby, Diane, Candice, Siobhan, Jenna and David and family; Son of Jo & + Bob JAMES. Brother of Bobby and Marjorie. Father to Kimberley, Courtney, Catherine and Isabella. Requiem Mass at The Parish of The Immaculate Conception Catholic Church Pinetown on 21 July 2015 at 10am. BELL 031 3014793.

KHUMALO Sinatra + 16 July 2015 in Ladysmith. He was NDAKA Municipal Manager and was shot dead.

NAIDOO Govindammal (Pula) Memorial at Saiva Sithantha Sungum Hall Westcliff on 26 July 2015 from 11---12pm. Lunch after Service.

O'REILLY Edith Lilian + 15 July 2015. Mother of Ant and Keith. Mother-in-law of Penny and Liz. Grandmother of Kerry,Keegan, Kaitlyn, Sam, Nicole and Connor. Memorial on 21 July 2015 at St Margarets Church Hall Glenashley at 2:30pm.

SHORT Graham + 15 July 2015 in Deal UK. Missed by Brian, Carmen, Jayne, Susan, Peter and family.

SRIRUTTAN Pranpathie x + Inder MAHADAW. Mother of Avin, Vinesh, Shereen and Sherika. Mother-in-law and grandmother. Funeral on 18 July 2015. Body will lie in state at 155 Courtown Crescent Avoca Hills from 11am ---1:30 pm proceeding to Clare Estate Crematorium Hall from 2pm ---3:30pm for cremation at 4pm.

VAN SCHALWYK Jerome + 14 July 2015 Missed by his mom Avril, Sharolyn and Barry and friends . -Dawn.

WATSON Ian Don 9 March 1931 -----10 July 2015 .Husband of 57 years, father, father-in-law, grandfather and brother. Missed by Joan, Gaynor, Desrae, Richard, Sophie, Mattie, Jill and Jackie.


BOTHMA Clare. 9 years gone now. From Tina and family.

BUCHANAN Donovan (Dons)+ 19 July 1996 (Tragically) RIP from Dad, family and friends.

DIEDRICKS - URI RYAN -MARCEL From Dad, Mom, Grant, Bayden, Junita, Austin, Sage and Jodi.

ELSON Peter. From Mom, Debs and family.

FATAAR OPHIE Gone 21 years now. Husband of Rita (Cooks).

KEACHIE Bessie . Happy Birthday in Heaven Mum from your son Raymond (jnr).

LEONARD George . 16 years gone now. Love Leela and family.

NAICKER Lavin 9 April 1970 ----18 July 2014. Son and brother. Missed by Mom, Dad, Yugan, Kuben, Amma, relatives and friends.

PERSHOUSE Jimmy x Margaret.


NIELSON Valerie ID 301022 0039 08 1 +26 Dec 2014 of Crawford College North Coast, Watson Highway, Tongaat 4399. ESTATE No 4379/2015/DBN. LESLIE NIELSON Crawford College North Coast. PO Box 1116, Ballito 4420.

25 July 2015


BODILL nee HATHORN Justin & Claire – James.

BROWNE nee BLUMENTHAL Mike & Amy – Benjamin Thomas.

HUNTER/ TUCK Troye & Casey –Carter John

JACOBS /FORBES Warren & Kerri a girl.

KAYTON Patrick & Jill –Cole Fraser.


SKEVINGTON – KEMP Michelle, daughter of Liz & + Richard & Craig, son of Jen & Rob are engaged.


WARMAN Bomber & Jenny x 25 July 1975. Parents of Tam, Kings, Elish, Kend and families.


ANSTEY Yvonne Lorraine Isabel + 23 July 2015 x + Eric. Mother of Michael, Jeanette and Peter, and David. Grand and great-grandmother (Oumie). Funeral at Stellawood Crematorium Chapel Umbilo on 31 July 2015 at 11am. OAKLEIGH 031 2059959.

BENNETT Penelope Suzanne (Penny) 11 Jan 1923 ----22 July 2015 x + Colin. Mother , grandmother and great-grandmother of Lynne & John SNEDDEN, Michael & Jeanette BENNETT, Peter BENNETT , grand and great-grandchildren. Memorial at Kloof Methodist Church on 27 July 2015 at 2:30pm. OAKLEIGH 031 2059959.

DAVIS Brian + 22 July 2015 (cancer). Husband, father and grandfather. Funeral at Christ Church Eldridge Rd Escombe on 28 July 2015 at 2pm. Cremation private. SHANLEY'S 031 2057644.

DONNELLY Brian Kevin of Wentworth. Funeral at Christ The King Parish Wentworth on 28 July 2015. Viewing at 11:30am. Service at 12noon. Cremation private.

FYNN (DAWOOD) Eva + 24 July 2015 . Mother of Sharon, Rashida and Pharoza.

GROBLER Johnny 29 April 1937 ------23 July 2015 x Barbara. Father of André and Sharon. Father-in-law to Tony and Debbie. Grandfather of Sam, James, Andrew and Jared. Great-grandmother of Lily-Mae and Mason.

LE CLOS Alba. Mother-in-law and grandmother of Garth, Carol, Georgia, Jadon and Summer.

MATTHEE Anna Catharina (Rina) 19 Oct 1947 ----24 July 2015. Vrou en Moeder. Verassingsdiens by NG Kerk Fynnlands Bluff op 28 Julie 2015 om 2nm. AVBOB 031 2061831.

MONTAGUE Frederick + 23 July 2015. SHANLEY'S 031 2057644.

NAIDOO Ramakrishna x Priscilla. Father to Dheshan, Evani, Aneshree and Sharen. Funeral today 25 July 2015. Body will lie in state at Clare Estate Crematorium Hall between 11:00 to 13:00pm

ROBERTS Basil x Janet. Father to Anthea and Melissa. Grandfather to Graham and Jessica. Funeral at Holy Trinity Anglican Church Hillcrest on 27 July 2015 at 2pm. Cremation private. SHANLEY'S 031 2057644.

SCHUTTE Gary Robert + 17 July 2015. SHANLEY'S 031 2057644.

SCHULTZ Walter Patrick. Funeral on 27 July 2015 at Christ The King Parish Wentworth .Viewing at 11:30am Service at 12 noon. Cremation privately.

SMITH Josephine + 22 July 2015. SHANLEY'S 031 2057644.

VAN WYNGAARD Lorraine Faith 14 Dec 1645 (as in press) ----21 July 2015. Mother and grandmother. Funeral at the Musgrave Methodist Church Musgrave Rd on27 July 2015 at 11:30am. AVBOB 031 2061831


MOODLEY Vasanta. 6 years gone now. Mother of son (youngest) Meshan MOODLEY x Karishma Ramouthar MOODLEY.

SINGH Kurran .50 years gone now. Remembered by your children , + Bhanu, Meera, Champa, Shamila and Roshan. Father-in-law and grandfather.

1 August 2015


BARNES Lillian Louisa 13 April 1912 ----28 July 2015 x + Jack. Mother of Jill and Michael, Hazel and David, Ralph and Lynette. Grandmother of Veronica and Denis, Andrew, Gareth and Christelle, Matthew and Cairynne, Jonathan and Sarah. Great-grandmother of Ben, Emilia and Harrison. Funeral Service followed by tea at St Thomas's Anglican Church Musgrave Rd Durban on 7 Aug 2015 at 2:30pm. OAKLEIGH 033 3426116.

COURTMAN Nell + 30 July 2015 x + Arthur. Mother of Mark and + Garth. Grandmother of Cuan, Casey and Calvin. Memorial in the Stein Room at Twilanga Retirement Centre Umhlanga at 10am on 4 Aug 2015. No flowers donation to Ethelbert Children's Home.

COUSINS Anna Maria (Marie) 13 May 1937 ----31 July 2015. You will be missed by Jim, Jimmy, Dave, Lara and Naomi. Thank you Lorraine for you support. SHANLEY'S 031 2057644.

DEODUTT RAMBALLI 18 Jan 1938 -----30 July 2015 x Moorthee. Father of Ranjeev, Upasna and Shivani. Father-in-law of Ursula, Ramith and Theshan. Grandfather of 8.

DUPAVILLON Marié Gervais (Gervais ) 14 Feb 1947 -------28 July 2015 at his home in Malvern x Rowena. Father of Vincent. Cremation private. AVBOB 031 2061831.

ELLIOTT nee PALMER Louise Margaret Rose + 30 July 2015 x Hugh. Mother of Cheryl and Greg, Mark and Sharon. Grand and great-grandmother. Requiem Mass at Our Lady of Fatima Church, Durban North on 5 Aug 2015 at 10:30am. No flowers Donation to Highway Hospice or SPCA.

GROBLER Christopher (Chris) + 25 July 2015. Husband, father and grandfather.

HILDYARD Rodney 19 Aug 1932 -----30 July 2015 x Sue. Father of Gordon, Anne, Carol and Martin and grandfather. Memorial at St Barnabas Anglican Church, Bluff Rd on 5 Aug 2015 at 11am. Donations to Highway Hospice.

HORTON James 7 Jan 1952 ----26 July 2015. Funeral at St Joseph's Catholic Parish Morningside on 4 Aug 2015 at 10:30am. Donations to SPCA. DOVES 0860025500.

HULLEY Beverley Ann + 30 July 2015. RIP Will be missed by family and friends. SHANLEY'S 031 2057644.

KRUGER Lourdes Carreira (Lou) . Mother, grand and great-grandmother. Requiem Mass at San Jose Parish, Stamfordhill Rd /corner Argyle Rd in Greyville, will be on 4 Aug 2015 at 10am. OAKLEIGH 031 2059959.

NAIDOO D.R. (Runga) x + Thavagi. Father of Kiruben, Naveshan and Jayesh. Funeral at Clare Estate Crematorium Hall on 1 Aug 2015 from 11am -----1pm. PHOENIX 032 533 6311.

OELOFSE Lukas died 2 weeks ago tragically. Memorial was held at the swallow's site in Mount Moreland . Son of Rodney. He was with them for 23 years. The quote used by him (Lukas) "A life worth living is a life lived loving." THE BUGLE 31 July 2015.

OLIVER nee EDWARDS Vanda + 27 July 2015 x Harold . Mother of Mark and grandmother of Abigail. TEL:- 021 8514310.

PATERSON John William + 27 July 2015. Brother of Colin x Jane. Memorial at Glenwood Presbyterian Church (Frere Rd) on 5 Aug 2015 at 11am. OAKLEIGH 031 2059959.

RAPETI Mahalutchmee (Ammie) x Ray RAPETI.17th Day Memorial on 6 Aug 2015 at Umhlatuzana Civic Hall at 5pm. Dinner will be served. Enquiries 082 876 2396.

WRIGHT Adele Nora 15 June 1922 ------30 July 2015. Mother of Dennis, mother-in-law of Gill. Grandmother to Wayne and Clair. Great-grandmother of Yasmin.


MCKIE John. 2 years gone now. With our son Craig. From Dawn.

8 August 2015


ANTOINE Jean-Pierre & Lisa a girl Isabella * 5 Aug 2015 in Parkland's Hospital. 1st Grand-daughter to Tony & Elsie ANTOINE.

BODILL nee HATHORN Justin & Claire - James.

BOTHA Brett & Candice - Mitchell John Louis.

BROWNE nee BLUMENTHAL Mike & Amy - Benjamin Thomas.

KAYTON Patrick & Jill - Cole Fraser.

RANDLES Malcolm & Didi - Alexandre Valdemar.

VAN KAN - NEWBERRY Anton & Clare a girl Zoe Elizabeth * 17 July 2015. Grand daughter for Joan & Hennie and Liz & Norman.


BOWEN Moira Iris Susan x . Mother of Joseph. Grandmother of Hannah and Gabriel. Sister to Bern.

BUCKLEY Ian Hilton 19 June 1949 + 5 Aug 2015 at age 66 x Anne. Father of Tarryn and Barry and grandfather.; It broke our hearts to lose you. From Anne, Tarryn, Barry, Kathy and grandchildren Daniel, Grace and Millie.; Memorial at Church Of The Nazarene Morningside on 12 Aug 2015 at 11am. BELL 031 3014793.

DANIELS Peter. Passed away in Spain. Father of Laila in America. Brother of Christine MAGRUDER in America and Denise CAWOOD-WILSON in Durban.

EMGE Timothy Victor 7 June 1962 ----30 July 2015 Cremation at Stellawood Chapel Umbilo on 12 Aug 2015 at 2pm. Will be missed by Mother and brothers, sister family and friends. AVBOB 031 2061831.

GOVENDER Savi x Thumba. Mother of Indran and Sueven. Mother-in-law of Lalenthra and grandmother of Kaelin and Revanya. 16th Day Memorial on 11 Aug 2015 at Wyebank Funeral Parlour Chatsworth. Supper at 17:30pm Service at 19:00 ----20:00pm

HAUCH FENGER nee VETTER Patricia + 4 Aug 2015 x Vagn. Sister of Yvonne. Funeral at Stellawood Cemetery Crematorium Chapel Umbilo on 12 Aug 2015 at 1pm. No flowers Donation to Highway Hospice. OAKLEIGH 031 2059959.

METCALFE nee WISHART Ruth Adelaide Rose + 4 Aug 2015 at age 96 , x + honorary Colonel Cyril METCALFE of the Durban Light Infantry. Condolences to family and friends. From Greg DE RICQUEBOURG and all the Members of DLI.; You will always be in our heart from Jonathan and Pauline. Funeral at Frere Rd Presbyterian Church on 13 Aug 2015 at 11:30am.

NOBIN Theophilus Stanford Simon. Husband, father, father-in-law and grandfather. Funeral Service at Woodlands Full Gospel on 10 Aug 2015 at 10am. Cremation private. DOVES 0860025500.

ROYSTEN -Matthew Pom Pom 21 Aug 1950 ---9 Aug 2015. Missed by Sam and family, Vutu and family, Girlie and all his friends in Evander.

SMITH Tienie (Martin) .Brother of Audri, Hettie and Ingrid . Funeral Service at Stellawood Crematorium Glenwood on 12 Aug 2015 at 11am.

VEITCH Dolores Ferreira (Dee) 22 Nov 1950 ----31 July 2015. Mother of Andrew and grandmother of Nathan, Savannah and Bryden. Daughter of + Maria and Manuel. Sister of Johnny, Lourdes and Gabriel and + Mary and Manuel. Funeral at Assumption Catholic Parish on 11 Aug 2015 at 11am. BELL 031 3014793.

WADE nee HOLLAS Renee 6 Oct 1928 ----6 Aug 2015 x Peter. Mother of Jeanette, Christine , Elizabeth and Chris . Memorial at Milldene Park Durban North on 13 Aug 2015 at 2 pm.


HEGEDUS Mark 25 April 1972 ---12 Aug 2006. Remembered by Mom Elaine De JAGER.

HOUSTON Lorraine Denise + 8 Aug 2012 x Roy. Mother, Mother-in-law, grand & great-grandmother.

MOODLEY Nad + 9 Aug 2010 x Baba. Father of Saroj and Nellie, Selwyn. Father-in-law of Logan and Viggie. Grand and grea-grandfather.

NAIDOO Uvashan 10 Aug 1993 -----23 Oct 2005. You would have been 22 today. Remembering you Love from Dad (Dhushin) , Mum Vimla, Sugan, Prenusha and Lucian.

RAMCHANDER Barbara + 8 Aug 1993. Mother, grand and great-grandmother.

SINGH Nelson + 24 Jan 2015 . Remembered by brothers and sisters (Siblings) Sam PRAKASH, Vish SINGH, Sherina SIRBADHOO, Sheila MANNAH, sisters-in-law, nieces, nephews and family. Inserted by Sherina SIRBADHOO.

THIRBOAN Suraj (Babs) 9 Aug 1967 ----19 Dec 2014. Remembered on his birthday from his loved ones.

VORSTER Nicholas David 8 Aug 1980 ---8 Aug 2012.

WILLARD Colleen + 9 Aug 2014 x Les and from family.


ALLEN Margaret Irene ID 440203 0108 08 2 + 21 April 2014 of 108 Margaret Maytom Ave, Broadway, Durban North 4051. ESTATE No 21300/2014/DBN. BRAND VAN NIEKERK & Co INC Private Bag X30 Umhlanga Rocks 4320.


BELE Nhlanhla Henry ID 480401 5702 08 8 + 1 May 2011 x Zandile Ellinah ID 560427 0767 08 4 of 7 Hunyani Place, Kingsburgh. ESTATE No 255/2013/DBN. DYKES VAN HEERDEN (KZN) INC Block 1, Seadoone Office Park, 34 Seadoone Rd, Amanzimtoti.

CATCHPOOL Mara Yvonne ID 421104 0010 08 3 + 25 Nov 2014 of 14 Kingswood Estate , Inanda Rd Waterfall 3610. ESTATE No.475/2015/DBN.ROGER ANTHONY DALE ATKIN PO Box 1780, Westville 3630.

15 August 2015


BOTHA Brett & Candice - Mitchell John Louis.

EWING - BROWN Graham & Sheena - Emma.

PRIOR - ALLEN Stephen & Jenna - Alice Emilia.

RANDLES Malcolm & Didi - Alexandre Valdemar.

RIGBY - SMITH Narcus & Britta - Michaela.

VAN KAN - NEWBERRY Anton & Clare - Zoe Elizabeth.


BLOXAM Des + 12 Aug 2015 x Shirley. Father to Kevin and Linda, Ian and Linda. Grandfather to Dominic, Charlotte and Oliver. Great-grandfather of Tamzin and Harrison. Donation to Cancer Association instead of flowers. Memorial at Ridgewood Retirement Village Mt Edgecombe on 17 Aug 2015 at 2pm. OAKLEIGH 031 2059959.

CORBISHLEY Ronald Humphrey 10 Feb 1954 ------13 Aug 2015 x Lee-Ann. Father to Jannet, Brigit, Daniel and Hayden. Grandfather to Olivia.

COYNE Terence + 9 Aug 2015 at Sunfield Home Howick. Son of + Denis & Isabel COYNE. Brother to Margaret. Memorial on 19 Aug 2015 at 10am. Donation to Sunfield Home.

LUBBE Wade Viaan. Funeral on 17 Aug 2015 at Grace Family Church Umhlanga Rocks.

MORFORD Rip . "In tribute to our indomitable friend and incorrigible friend, we reminisce from Kgalagadi -- Kruger. Go well most positive of men." Love to Margot and condolences to all the family- from Mike and Meryl JARVIS.

PILLAY Tholsiamma x + Percy PILLAY. Mother to Vasinthee, Deena, Kristy, Sean, Sharen, and Karen. Funeral on 16 Aug 2015. Body will lie in state at his residence 1 Meer Place Isipingo Beach from 10am ----11:30am. Proceed to Clare Estate Hall from 12noon ---2:30pm Cremation at 2:30pm WYEBANK Funeral Home 031 7057321.

WILSON Mark Andrew 26 June 1953 ----11 Aug 2015 in JHB. Son of Gus & Eunice. Brother to Sue SURGESON. Finally freed from his pain.


CHARLES G N 1937 -----2014 x Joy for over 70 years. Father of + Darrell, Clifford and Thandi, Michelle and Marco, Shantal and Andreas. Grandfather to Kai, Tori, Luca and Lena.

HAWLEY Steven . 7 years gone now. From Mom, Dad, Judy, Merle and uncle Peter.

MURGATROYD Joyce . 7 years gone now . Wife of Terence. Mother of Dean.

MURRAY George.9 years gone now. Remembered by Mum, Dad and brother Glen and family.

WOOD Terry . 4 Sept 1927 ----- 16 Aug 2010. Remembered by Myrna, Sandy, Rory and families.


BALLARD Edith Florence Margaret ID 270822 0117 08 3 + 22 Aug 2013 of 43
Twilanga Harwood Drive , Umhlanga Rocks. KZN. ESTATE No 17149/2013.
TORRINGTON-SMITH & SILVER PO Box 2773 , Durban 4000. TEL:- 031 3075171.


BURNLEY Allan Frank ID 460301 5059 08 9 + none of 32 Galloway House, 100 Musgrave Rd, Musgrave Durban. ESTATE No 12286/2008. JOHN WILLIAMS Suite 2 Strathway, Strathmore Park, 305 Musgrave Rd, Durban 4062. TEL:- 031 2011 291.

PILLAY Rajeemah ID 350328 0061 08 6 + 14 April 2014 of 179 Crossmoor Drive, Crossmoor, Chatsworth. ESTATE No 21326/2014/DBN. HIMAL TUGH AND CO, 346 Florence Nightingale Drive Westcliff, Chatsworth. (REF:- HT/NANCY NAIR/P547) TEL:- 031 403 0147/8.

22 August 2015


EWING - BROWN Graham & Sheena -Emma

MACGREGOR nee ELDRIDGE Colin & Julia - Skyla Brook.

MALCOMESS Andrew & Nikki - James.

PRIOR - ALLEN Stephen & Jenna - Alice Emelia.

RANDLES Malcolm & Didi - Alexandre Valdemar.

RIBY - SMITH Marcus & Britta - Michaela.


BARRY BAKER 1936 ----19 Aug 2015. Father, grandfather and great-grandfather.

BONNER Lynette x Walter (Wally) for 44 years.; Mother and mother-in-law and grandmother of Bradley, Craig, Nicola, Michelle, Jami, Kyle, Cade, Cruz, Kobi, Cam, Taylor. ; Sister and sister-in-law and aunt of Mervynne, Cathy and Jamie-Lee NEL.; Celebration of her life will be held on 28 Aug 2015 at 2pm at the Church APN Retirement Homes New Germany. Donation to Altesheim
Port Natal. Wake at The Westville Bowling Club after service.

CLOUGH Howard + 20 Aug 2015 x Gaye. Father of Justine, Simon and Amber. Grandfather to 9. Memorial at St Michael's in Himeville at 11am on 25 Aug 2015.

COBBOLD John 13 April 1942 ----20 Aug 2015 (Uncle Bud) Re-united with Sal. Thanks to staff at Emmerson House, Bill Buchanan. Remembered by Dave, Lin, Les, Shaz and their families.

FINKE Yoland + 14 Aug 2015. SHANLEY'S 031 2057644.

HESLOP June +17 Aug 2015 of Rennishaw.

WESSELS Manie 25 July 1919 -----18 Aug 2015. Father of Andre and Annemarie. Cremation private . DOVES 0860025500.


AQIL DEEN FAZLA. 1 Year gone now. Remembered.

BALKISSON Irene Julia 15 April 1928 -----22 Aug 2014. Remembered by the BALKISSON, JACOB & ABRAHAM families. Children and grandchildren.

FINE Estelle . 13 Years gone now. Love from Barry.

LANGUAGE Ivor + 22 Aug 1990. Sons Keith + 24 Aug 1986 and Hilton + 29 Aug 1965. From Sybil and daughters Rozanne BAKER and Dimity EAGER.

MAGGS Rob . 10 Years gone now. Remembered by wife Dricia an your children.

PETTIT Marco John 17 Nov 1987 ----22 Aug 2006. Son and brother. From Dad, Mom and sister Michelle.

PORTHEN Rev. Michael . 3 Years gone now. Husband of Mary. Father of Naomi, Luke and Adam.; Also remembered by Rev Martha HENDRICKS and members of the Merebank Church of the Nazarene.

29 August 2015


EWING - BROWN Graham & Sheena - Emma.

MACGREGOR nee ELDRIDGE Colin & Julia - Skyla Brook.

MALCOMESS Andrew & Nikki - James.

RIBY -SMITH Marcus & Britta - Michaela.


MAXWELL Adam James 15 Jan 1932 ------29 Aug 2015.

5 September 2015


NORTHEY - MICHAEL Neil & Jo a daughter Sierra Blake * 2 Sept 2015. Welcome from Malcolm, Anita, Angie, Cuan and Heath.


PHILLIPS - ZIMA Geoff & Leigh announce engagement of their daughter Traci-Lee to David, son of Ron & Joan.


DE MARIGNY Anna & Clem announce the marriage of their daughter Sasha to Hendrik, son of Ursula & Hans LIES on 28 Aug 2015.


BINDON Hazel Mary 10 Jan 1936 ---1 Sept 2015. Memorial at Westville Baptist Church on 8 Sept 2015 at 11am. OAKLEIGH 031 2059959

CASON Walter Albert (Bert). Memorial at Westville Methodist Church on 8 Sept 2015 at 11am.

CHETTY Nandha Gopal 25 Dec 1943 -----3 Sept 2015 x Premie. Father of Urashan, Vaneshree, Thunisha and father-in-law of Rashika. Brother of Sada, Bobby, Krishna, Saras, Neela, Saroj, Kogie, Savy, Premie, Sharda and Anna. Funeral 5 Sept 2015 at Simunye Ministries Palmview, Phoenix from 11am ----1pm proceeding to Verulam Crematorium at 2pm.

GETAZ Else + 3 Sept 2015. Mother of Michael and Lynne, David & Lindi and grandmother of Jayne, Kirsty, Andrew , Nicci, Sven , Heidi, Trond and Sarah.

HENDRICKS Gregory Michael (Chicken) + 4 Sept 2015 x Rhona. Father of Andrea & Gregory, Mark & Daniella. Grandfather of Alex, Matthew, Bella, Leila, and Micah.

LATOUF Steven 13 Nov 1933 ----3 Sept 2015. Funeral at Star Of The Sea Parish at Umhlanga on 8 Sept 2015 at 11am. DOVES 0860025500.

MILLER Jennifer x Stan. Mother of Jo-Ann and grandmother of Jenna. Service at Church on the Move Malvern, Queensburgh at 10:30am. (no date given). Condolences from Emma WALKER-MANNALL and Graham MANNALL.

MURUGAN Parvathi 20 Jan 1933 ---24 Aug 2015. Mother of Nirmala and Sivagami. Grandmother of Viroshan, Nesan. 16th Day Memorial on 7 Sept 2015 at Wyebank Funeral Parlour. Supper at 5:30pm Service 7pm .

NAIDOO Toolsee x Mr M.K. NAIDOO. Mother of Vimla, Roganie and + Roy, Dolly, Reuben and Krishna. Mother-in-law, grand and great-grandmother. Her remains will lie in state at Clare Hall, New Germany Rd on 6 Sept 2015 from 11am proceeding to Clare Estate Crematorium at 1pm.

PETERSON Max 21 March 1925 ----28 Aug 2015. Father, grandfather and great-grandfather of Janine, Athol, Margot, Di and Ty, Ian, Melanie and Jeff, Darren, Kyle, Jordan, Cuan, Max, Ben, Leo and partner to Elizabeth. SHANLEY'S 031 2057644.

ROWE Patrick James 8 Nov 1927 ---3 Sept 2015 father of Gary, Brett, family and friends. RIP. KZN Funerals.


GRIEVES Leslie + 8 Sept 2012. Father of Melba and grandfather of Matthew.

JARRED David . Son-in-law of Rosemary THOMSON. You are missed by the family.

12 September 2015


EWING -BROWN Graham & Sheena - Emma.

HAYES Morgan & Amy - Isabella Sophie.

MACGREGOR nee ELDRIDGE Colin & Julia - Skyla Brook.

MALCOMESS Andrew & Nikki - James.

PUDIFIN - JONES /JONES Matthew & Sarah - Timothy Robert.

RIGBY -SMITH Marcus & Britta -Michaela.


KENNETH John 12 Dec 1934 ----10 Sept 2015. Funeral on 12 Sept 2015 at Bethesda Temple Durban. Body will lie in state at 10am. Service at 11am proceeding to Kenilworth Cemetery at 1pm.

MOODLEY Mavic (aka Indrani). Mother of Vijay, Anitha, Kuben, Nivasghnie and Cindy. Funeral on 13 Sept 2015. Body will lie in state at 36 Tambotie Street Bluff from 10:00 -----11:30am proceeding to Christ Celebration Centre Merebank from 12---2pm. Thereafter to Redhill Cemetery. Cindy 084 5810489 / 031 467 4814.


KANJEE Audrey Dorothy 13 March 1947 ----12 Sept 2001. Remembered by Ishu, Dino, Jayd , Jayshree family and friends.

19 September 2015


DU PREEZ John & Celeste -Adam Jacob * 14 Sept 2015 in Hillcrest Private Hospital. Brother for Rachel and Joshua. Grandson to John & Mary.

EWING - BROWN Graham & Sheena - Emma.

MACGREGOR nee ELDRIDGE Colin & Julia- Skyla Brook.

MALCOMESS Andrew & Nikki - James.

NORTHEY -MICHAEL Neil & Jo -Sierra Blake.


BENJAMIN Sidney Noel 21 May 1948 ------7 Sept 2015 x Val. Father to Sarah-Lynn and Jacquelyn. Grandfather of Emmalyn. Son to Joan and brother to Diane.

CHILDS ROBERT JOHN SMITH (Bob) . Memorial at St Olav's Church St Thomas Rd Musgrave Durban on 26 Sept 2015 at 12 noon.

DE SWARDT Dr. Martha Dorothy 8 Dec 1928 ----16 Sept 2015. Nan of Dave, Cheryl and family. Funeral on 21 Sept 2015 at Vineyard Church , Salisbury Rd, Durban at 2:30pm.TEL:- 031 3121316 / 0824961072

DUNLOP Joan + 17 Sept 2015. Mother, grand and great-grandmother. Missed by Kim and Collin, Shaun and Cindy and great-grandchildren Emma and Troy.; Gran we miss you from all at April Love Florist.

GIBSON Maureen 10 March 1923 ----11 Sept 2015. SHANLEY'S 031 2057644.

MARGROSE Bernie Anthony x Jackie . Father to Kurt, Carmel, Delon, Candice. Grandfather to Jayden, Daelin, Blake and Torrie. Funeral on 21 Sept 2015 at St Anne's Catholic Church. Proceeding to Stellawood Cemetery. ISIPINGO INC PAM'S 031 9022444.

MEYER Barrie John x + Glenda . Father of Adrian, Christopher and Steven. Father-in-law and grandfather. Will be missed by The Directors , The Bowls Section, Members and Staff of The Mount Edgecombe Country Club.

MITCHELL Edna Theresa + 16 Sept 2015 x + Royce. Mother to Clive, Stan, Margie and Lyn. Requiem Mass at Church of The Immaculate Conception Pinetown on 23 Sept 2015 at 10am. Cremation private. SHANLEY'S 031 2057644.

SANDERS nee MATHISON Winifred Margaret 18 Aug 1948 -----13 Sept 2015 x Graham. Mother of Luke, Seath and Paige.

WILLIAMS Gladys Sophia. Funeral on 19 Sept 2015 at Assemblief of God Newlands East Graveside Dudley Street Wentworth at 09:00am. Refreshments at John Dunn Hall Wentworth.


ABDIE Brent . 20 Sept 1969 ----21 Sept 1990. Son and brother. Love Mom, Dad, Mark and family.

BREETZKE Vernon . Brother, brother-in-law and uncle of Barbara, Mike, Jim, Mandy, Lisa and Debbie.

BULLER Vic + 18 Sept 2011 . Father of 5 daughters , father-in-law and grandfather.

CHARLTON Betty 2 Sept 1936 ----15 Sept 2014. Remembered by your husband Bob.

HURLIMANN Beryl. Gone 11 years now. Sister of Pat, Palma and Quintin.

NAIDOO Mrs. L .30 Aug 1926 ----15 Sept 2013. Mother. Remembered by Ronnie NAIDOO and family.

RUGHOO Kathkumarie x Jack RUGHOO. Mother of Nalinee and grandmother.

26 September 2015


COWAN Gavin & Claire a girl Sophie Katie * 17 Sept 2015. Sister to Eva. Grandchild for Terry & Margaret.

DU PREEZ John & Celeste - Adam Jacob.

MACGREGGOR nee ELDRIDGE Colin & Julia - Skyla Brook.

MALCOMESS Andrew & Nikki - JAMES.

NORTHEY - MICHAEL Neil & Jo -Sierra Blake.

PUDIFIN - JONES/JONES Matthew & Sarah - Timothy Robert.

RUITERS Lynton & Maxine a girl Eva-Mae Isabella * 17 Sept 2015 in Parklands Hospital. First Grandchild for Ivan & Raylene.


BOTTERIL Beril Enid 21 June 1922 ----23 Sept 2015. Mother of Heather and Ian, Roslyn and Roy, David and Heather. Grand and great-grandmother. Will be missed by Gail,Grace, Jack, Wayne, Shirleigh, Alexandra, Kim, Aidan, Mickayla, David, Heather, Guy and Deniel.

BUCKLEY Pat + 24 Sept 2015 Re-united with Doug and Graham. Mother of Mike, Michelle, Sonya, Lauren Douglas and Anthony.Memoriam at St Martins Anglican Church Durban North on 29 Sept 2015 at 2pm.

GABIN Boris (Buck) x Lorraine (Pinky). Father, stepfather and grandfather and great-grandfather.

GRIFFITHS Marilyn Kathleen 2 Sept 1951 -----24 Sept 2015. RIP Friend of + Margaret, Carrie and family.

LOVE Royce John 26 Aug 1951 ----19 Sept 2015.Missed by his Mother, sister, sons , grandchildren, family and friends. Memorial on 28 Sept 2015 at Olive Tree Church, Florida Street, Morningside. AVBOB 031 2061831.

MUDURAY Panjali (James) x + James MUDURAY. Mother of Radha, Neela, Reggie, Selvie, Vasie and Les. Mother-in-law of + Ganess, Harry, Saroj, Paul, Michael and Alice. Grand and great-grandmother. Funeral on 27 Sept 2015. Body will lie in state from 11am ---12pm at 71 Mogul Crescent Effingham Heights proceedng to Harvest Family Church Efiingham from 12noon. Cremation at Verulam Crematorium at 4pm.

NAIDOO Rookmony (Rosy) 26 May 1927 ----16 Sept 2015. Memorial on 26 Sept 2015 from 3---5pm at Kharwastan Community Centre.

NAIR Perumal Raman Daddy + 24 Sept 2015 at age 80 years x Savy. Father to Logan, Jaya and Dinisha. Father-in-law and grandfather. Funeral on 27 Sept 2015 at 210 Bailey Rd, Redhill proceeding to Verulam Crematorium at 15h00pm.

PILLAY Mrs. S.M. x + SM PILLAY . Mother of Jesse, Karthie, Vees, Louis and Preggie. Mother-in-law and grandmother. Funeral on 27 Sept 2015 at her late residence 65 Kennedy Rd, Clare Estate from 11:30---2:30pm. Thereafter proceeding to The Clare Estate Crematorium Hall from 3pm ---4:30pm.

PRINSLOO Naomi + 23 Sept 2015. Mother of Estelle, Dionne and Ingrid. Grandmother to Andre, Dirk, Carl and Karyn. Great-grandmother of Sofia, Alessia, Tannith and Mia. Memorial at Eden Crescent Durban (North Beach) on 30 Sept 2015 at 10am. OAKLEIGH 031 2059959.

SHANGASE Sipho Nkosinathi. Condolences to the family of Nathi (Thuli, Mpumelo, Sabelo and Vula) From family COPPOLA, BORRELLI, OODITH, RAMJEE and RAMPURSAD and all the staff at COPPOLA & SONS and Chisel Design Studio.

STOBART Reginald + 23 Sept 2015 x Helen. Father of Kevin and Liz, Marcia and Alistair, Shaun and Filli, Craig and Gill. Grand and great-grandfather. Funeral at Glenwood Presbyterian Church Frere Rd on 29 Sept 2015 at 2pm OAKLEIGH 031 2059959.

WINTERBURN Cynthia 25 May 1952 -----23 Sept 2015 cancer. Sister of Jeannette, Neil, Veronica, Tony and Gaynor. Sister-in-law of Ken and Malcolm, Liana and Nolan , Brett, Jackie and Andrea, Jon and Dylan, Donovan, Kyle and Nicky and great aunt. Donation to Highway Hospice.


FERNANDEZ Cecil 7 Nov 1938 -----28 Sept 1996. From your Mom Alice.

JUDD GAZLEY 24 Feb 1930 ----26 Sept 2010. Missed by Daphne, children, grand and great- grandchildren.

NAIDOO Kistamma .Mother, mother-in-law and grandmother. Yearly Ceremony at the Durban Hindu Temple, Somtseu Rd , Durban on 27 Sept 2015 at 2pm.

VAN STADEN Wade Martin 2 June 1984 -----26 Sept 2010. Remembered by Dad, Mom, Jo, Lee and Holly.

3 October 2015


COWAN Gavin & Claire - Sophia Katie

DU PREEZ John & Celeste - Adam Jacob

NORTHEY - MICHAEL Neil & Jo - Sierra Blake.

PATTERSON Dean & Cathy - Hugh Charles.

PUDIFIN -JONES/JONES Matthew & Sarah - Timothy Robert.

RUITERS Lynton & Maxine - Eva-Mae Isabella.


BENNETTS nee VAN NIEKERK Tracy 18 Nov 1967-----29 Sept 2015 (Tragically) x Michael. Mother to Paula-Paige and Skyla-Rae. Daughter, sister. Private cremation.

BORAIN Ronnie 3 June 1952 ---28 Sept 2015. Father and friend of Mari, Steve, Desiree, Karen and Damian.

GOVINDSAMY Kistensamy (Dan). Funeral on 5 Oct 2015 at his residence 15 Wavemore Place, Grove End Phoenix from 10:00am ----13:00pm. Preoceeding to Clare Estate Crematorium for cremation at 14:20pm.

JAMES June Mackay 17 June 1926 ----2 Oct 2015 x + Denys JAMES. Mother of David, Margaret, Linda and Tim. Grandmother to Michelle, Jessica, Candace, and Nikki. Sister to Wenda.

KUZELJ Branko 24 Oct 1939 ----2 Oct 2015. From your family Terezija, Anthony, Andalucia, Thomaz, Irena, John aand grandchildren; Funeral at Our Lady Of Fatima Catholic Church Durban North on 6 Oct 2015 at 3pm.

MCKAY Mike (Sport) "Triple M" 24 Oct 1940 ----1 Oct 2015 x Maureen. Father, father-in-law and grandfather of Brett, Tracy, Clinton, Bronwyn, Kayla and Caitlin.

NUNDKUMAR George x Sheila. Brother of Ravis. Father and grandfather. Funeral on 3 Oct 2015 at 10am at home, 20 Asterplace, Asherville. Thereafter at Bethshan Church at 12 noon.

OLDRIEVE Sam 25 March 1945 ---30 Sept 2015 Husband and father of Margot, Kevin, Graham and Paul. Memorial at Christ Church Umhlanga on 7 Oct 2015 at 11am.; Good friend of many from Beachwood Bin3 Golf Member. Condolences to Margot and the family. From James, Ken and Members of Bin3.

WORTHINGTON Timothy Yorke 16 Jan 1931 ----1 Oct 2015 x + Margaret. Father of Fiona and Pippa. Father-in-law to Miles and Earl. Grandfather to Tyrone, Kyle, Lindsay and Sheldon. Donation to Highway Hospice. DOVES 0860025500.


GOVENDER Iyavoo (Bobby) 4 June 1938 ---11 Dec 2014. Father, grand and great-grandfather. Yearly Memorial on 11 Oct 2015 at 299a McLarty Rd Reservoir Hills at 10:30 for 11:00am.

KISTAN Mrs Yogambal.Mother of Prof CHANDRU, Jicka, Barry and + Babu KISTAN. 16th Day Memorial on 9 Oct 2015 at 18:30pm at Shri Siva Subramaniar Temple Hall Umhloti Drift Verulam. TEL:- 032 5331597.

MOODLEY Pachappa Manogaran (Mano) 9 April 1949 ---17 Dec 2014. Yearly Ceremony on 10 Oct 2015 at 15:00 at Shree Vishnu Temple Hall Chatsworth.

NAIDOO Savithree 12 Aug 1948 ---23 Sept 2015 x Vadi NAIDOO. Mother of Linda and Prenaisha. 16th Day Memorial on 7 Oct 2015 at Shree Vishnu Temple Hall Havenside Chatsworth from 5pm. Inserted by Mano CHETTY TEL:- 082 652 0265.

PADAYACHEE Dhanum (Pushpa) . 16th Day Memorial on 3 Oct 2015 at NPS Hall Springtown at 730pm Supper at 18:00pm TEL:- 0846251691.


CHETTY Govindsamy (George) x Mrs. Lutchmi CHETTY. Father of Lacey and Ronnie and Lorraine. Father-in-law of Neela and Rita. Grandfather of Shiven, Shivani, Thilo and Maya. Grandfather-in-law of Seelan, Ashley and Tivolen, Justina. Great-grandfather of Deveshan, Savanya and Makayla.

CROWIE Arthur Godfrey James 17 Aug 1939 ---4 Oct 2014 x Veronica. Father of Warren & Colette, Brendan & Arlene, Merlin & Marcheline, Sean & Stephanie. Grandfather of Jarred, Bryce, Aaron, Tatum, Kellan, Kaden, Alivia, Mila and Caleb.

ESTERHUIZEN Cynthia. Gone 6 years now. We miss you from family.

MOODLEY Sarshan 6 Dec 1970 ----5 Oct 1995. Miss you from Papa, Ama, Seshu, Thavani and family. Inserted by Krish MOODLEY & Family Cowies Hill 083 3112793.


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