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The Independent on Saturday 2014 2 April - June

5 April 2014


BUBB Conrad & Rebecca a boy John Jasper.

DOHMEN Nicholas & Lizette a girl Sofia Elizabeth.

GIBBS nee WELLS James & Cally a boy Michael James.

MEAKER nee GAFNEY Allister & Seanne a boy Hudson James.

SCHOEMAN/CROMHOUT Andre & Hayley a girl Layla Nichole.

SUTCLIFF Peter & Hayley a girl Caitlyn Jamey.

WILKINSON Marcus & Cathy a boy Ben Arthur.

WHITAKER Donald & Johanita a boy James Peter William.

12 April 2014


DUBB Phineas Lazarus (Phin) 1925 ---+ 1 April 2014 x Joyce. Father of Barry x Teresa, Shirley x Leo. Grandfather of Marissa Fay and Cassie Jo.

HOGGART Richard , Cultural historian died in Nursing home in London at age 95years old.


FREDERICKS John 15 July 1939 ----12 April 2014. Husband, father and grandfather of Beryk, Bonnie, Rog, Mark, Caroline and grandchldren.

MILNE George. 3 years gone now. Father, grand and great-grandfather of George, Susan, Tracey and James.

19 April 2014


BAXTER - Andrew & Michelle -a girl Lila Grace.

DOHMEN Nicholas & Lizette a girl Sofia Elizabeth.

GIBBS nee WELLS James & Cally a boy Michael James.

SCHOEMAN /CROMHOUT Andre & Hayley a girl Layla Nichole.

SUTCLIFFE Peter & Hayley a girl Caitlyn Jamey.

TIVERS Quinton & Catherine a girl Ashley Louise *10 April 2014. Sister to Ryan and Leslie.

WHITAKER Donald & Johanita a boy James Peter William.

WILKINSON Marcus & Cathy a boy Ben Arthur.


KATHMANDU :- At leat 12 guides died while preparing routes up Mount Everest yesterday by an avalanche. They were carrying tents, food and ropes ahead of a main climbing party.

NOBEL WINNER DIES:- Gabriel Garcia MARQUEZ + 17 April 2014 at age 87 years. Known as Gabo. He was a Nobel -winning Colombian author. He wrote "One Hundred Years of Solitude" and Love in the Time of Cholera". (Sapa-AFP) Mixico City.

DUNCAN Alfred Henry 29 April 1943 ----16 April 2014 .Missed by Monica, Lindsay, Peter and family. Memorial on 22 April 2014 at Serepta Church Gillitts at 2pm. OAKLEIGH 031 2059959.

MORAN Terence Brian (Terry ) + 17 April 2017 as in press (2014). Viewing at AVBOB Umbilo on 22 April 2017 as is in press.(2014) at 3pm. AVBOB 031 2061831.

PRINGLE Carl 7 Sept 1932 -----10 April 2014 x Beth. Father of Vanessa and Charles. Step-father to Barbie and Chris and grandfather.

RAMSAY Derick x Heather.Missed by mother Freda, mother-in-law Margret,siblings and friends. Funeral at Christ the King Catholic Church Wentworth on 22 April 2014 at 11:30 am.

SHAMOON Shameema Mohammed + 16 April 2014 in Seramar Court Benoni. She was shot x 2 with a bow and arrow by her husband.

SUMNER Allan Walter 2 June 1948 ----11 April 2014. Brother of Verna and brother-in-law of Malcolm.Uncle of Grant, Brett and Lindi-May. The RUFUS family.

VAHL Marc + 15 April 2014. Missed by Mom, Gerry, Bobby, Belinda and family.

WALLACE-BRADLEY nee SALZMAN Vera + 1 April 2014 x Brad. Mother of Donna.

WHEELER Anthony Clyde 22 Oct 1932 ----12 April 2014 x Claude. Father of Anthony, Alan, Jenny , Andre, Claudette. Grand and great-grandfather.


BAYLEY Coleen . 1 year gone now. Missed by friends.

DU PLESSIS Janet .8 years one now. From Ernest.

GOTHI John & Andrina. Parents of Nicky, Rose, Prinolin and Leevin.

HUGHES Euugene Charles 29 April 1962 ----17 April 2013. Brother of Gregory, Myrtle, Steven, Estelle and family. (Daily news 17 April 2014.)

NURSINGH Dr. Anuradha, her parents Leela & Gool. Died tragically 22 years ago. From all at Lavender Court.

PARK Betty 4 Nov 1915 -------18 April 2013. Mother, grand and great-grandmother of Wendy, Carol, Heather and family.

PEGGS George 3 Aug 1940 -----20 April 2010. Miss you from Michele, Junior, Tiny and Kirsty.

26 April 2014


BAXTER Andrew & Michelle a girl Lila Grace.

CLARKSON nee IMPSON David & Deanne a boy Samuel David. From Mom & Dad IMPSON.

HASSELMANN nee CONNELL Kiegen & Kathryn a boy Liam.

NEILSON Mike & Fran a boy Max Leonard * 22 April 2014 in Brisbane. 

TIVERS Quinton & Catherine a girl Ashley Louise

WILLIAMS/FRANCIS Grant & Candice a girl, Danielle.

WILKINSON Marcus & Cathy a boy Ben Arthur.

WHITAKER Donald & Johanita a boy James Peter William.


BLAIR Graham & Pamela announce engagement of their daughter Jenna Robyn to Richard Anthony, son of + Anthony & Anita DE GOUVEIA.


RAMSARAM Rishinand (Rishi) x Shama. Father of Sanjaana and Sudeer. Brother of Verak and + Jhonny, brother-in-law of Shirley and Shanitha. Cremation Service on 26 April 2014 from 12:30 ----3:30pm at Clare Estate Crematorium. Cremation at 4pm.


BAIN Glen 12 May 1931 -----26 April 2013. Remembered by Gloria, Ian & Alison,Cheryl and Alan, Jenny and all the grandchildren.

WOODCOCK Joyce 5 Oct 1931 ----26 April 2012 .Miss you Mom.

3 May 2014


BAXTER Andrew & Michelle a girl Lila Grace.

CLARKSON nee IMPSON David & Dianne a boy Samuel David.

DE VINCENZO Marco & Casey a girl Camilla * 2 May 2014.

HASSELMANN nee CONNELL Keigan & Kathryn a boy Liam.

HERSCH Tyrone & Natalie a girl * in London. Grandchild for Lindy HERSCH and Ingrid & Peter JACOBSON.

HOLLIS Justin & Leigh twins Benjamin George & Sophie Rose.

NEILSON Mike & Fran a boy Max Leonard.

STEPHEN nee LOW Peter & Kirsten a girl Isabella Erin * 28 March 2014 in Douglas, Isle of Man. Sister for Rowan.

TIVERS Quinton & Catherine a girl Ashley Louise.

TRACHIM Mark & Sophie a son Ethan * 30 April 2014 in Exeter, Devon England.
2nd grandson.

WILLIAMS /FRANCIS Grant & Candice a girl Danielle.


SMITH /NEALE Evan & Lynne announce engagement of their daughter Bryony to Ian. Son of Edward and Susan.


ANGER Ronald Keith. Memorial on 5 May 2014 at St Olav Church St Thomas Rd Durban at 10:30am.

ALLAN Bob + 1 May 2014. SHANLEY'S 031 2057644.

BENTON Pam. RIP from Avie HUGHES and family.

HANCOR-SMITH Jessie 4 March 1929 -----1 May 2014 x + Willy. Funeral on 4 May 2014 at St James Anglican Church Harding at 12noon. Proceeding too Harding Cemetery.

JEUDWINE Helen Mary 23 Dec 1912 ----29 April 2014. Funeral at St Agnes Anglican Church Kloof on 6 May 2014 at 2:30pm.

MACKINTOSH Bernard (Bernie) 22 June 1936 -----27 April 2014 at age 77 years x Estelle. Father to Jo-Anne and Glenn. Grandfather to Katie, James, Sam and Lucy.

RICHARDSON Charles Brian 2 May 1933 -----25 April 2014 x Shirley. Father of Trevor and + Wendy. Father-in-law of Tracy. Grandfather of Stephen and David. Cremation private.

RICKETTS nee GILBERT Meg 10 July 1927 ----28 April 2014 x + Gordon. Mother of Gillian. Mother-in-law, grand and great-grandmother. Funeral at Presbyterian Church Ladysmith at 11am on 5 May 2014.

SHARPE Shane (Shoes) + 29 April 2014 . Brother of Hilton and Carol. Uncle of Courtney, Mistique, Melissa and Shereen. Memorial at St David's Anglican Church Pietermaritzburg on 8 May 2014 at 11am. OAKLEIGH 033 3426116.

SHAW nee O'KEEFFE Bridgeen Margaret 24 July 1927 ----1 May 2014. Mother,mother-in-law, grand and great-grandmother. Katy & Dutch, Mark & Anne, Greg & Marina, Colin & Debbie and Glenda, grand and great-grandchildren.

TURNER Sheila. Memorial at Frere Rd Presbyterian Church Umbilo on 5 May 2014 at 11am. AVBOB 031 2061831.


NAIDOO Nishalan (Giggs) 4 May 1988 ----8 Oct 2004. You would have been 26 today. Our son. From Dad Dhaya, Mum Venilla, brother of Venolan. Grandfather and family member.

ODAYAR Krishna. Yearly Memorial on 11 May 2014 from 11am at Kharwastan Community Centre , 6 Oak Street.

RAJBALLI BRIJLAL 27 May 1932 ----4 May 2004 . Remembered by Mom Micka. Children and grandchildren. Mobeni Heights. 

VAN NIEKERK Billy. Remembered by family.

WUNDERLIN nee DE BRUIJN Denise 20 March 1957 ----3 May 2004. Missed by Mom and family.

10 May 2014


BOYD Dereck & Kim a boy Jamie Steven * 8 May 2014. Congrats from Dereck Snr., Jackie , Steve and Nicole.

CLARKSON nee IMPSON David & Deanne a boy Samuel David.

DE VINCENCO Marco & Casey a girl Camilla.

HERSCH Tyrone & Natalie a girl.

STEPHEN nee LOW Peter & Kirsten a girl Isabelle Erin.

TRACHIM Mark & Sophie a boy Ethan.


SILJEBRANDT / FERREIRA Angela NAYLOR announce engagement of her son Justin to Andrea, daughter of Susan & Andre FERREIRA.


ALFREDS Neil Harvey Fraser ex husband of Thelma. Partner to Valerie DAVIDS. Father of Howard, Natasha, Simone, Damien, Raile, + Kay-Lynne. Brother to Keith & Lucille. Grand and great-grandfather. Funeral on 13 May 2014 at Christ the King Parish Wentworth at 10:00 am. Proceeding to Dudley Street Cemetery.

CELE Themba + 8 May 2014 (Taxi driver) gunned down at Ntuzuma. He was 35 years old. Son of Thembisisle CELE. Daily News 9 May 2014.

DONALD Darine + 8 May 2014. Mother of Catherine. Sister of Lizette and Adele. Sister-in-law of Ross and James. Aunt to Leif, Cole, Matt and Cameron.; Condolences to Desiree, Katie, Lizette, Adél and families, Russell and Colin. From Christene and Francis.; Love from Old Man, Cara and Cole; Daughter of Desiree & + Attie GREYLING.; Friend and Mommy from Colin, Vanessa, Catharine, Courtney and Saran. ; Memorial at Bluff Methodist Church on 13 May 2014 at 09:30am. OAKLEIGH.

GODWIN Keith Archie 31 Jan 1935 -----9 May 2014 x Pamela. Father to Paul, Pat and Martin. Stephfather to Cathleen, Susan, Margaret , Sarah, Russel and Rocky.

HILL Basil + 8 May 2014 x Ann for 57 years. Father of David and Jaqui and Robert and Deidre. Pappa to Tarryn, Jessica, Courtney and Storm.

KNIGHT Brian Trevor . Funeral at DOVES Greyville on 13 May 2014 at 11am. DOVES 0860025500.

KING Peter Julius George 1945 ---1949 From the Glenwood High School Old Boys Association.

LAATZ Neville Wilfred 26 Feb 1932 ----8 May 2014. Husband, father and grandfather. Memorial at NW Service Station Weenen on 16 May 2014 at 11am. OAKLEIGH 033 3426116.

MAC LEOD Peter Alan 3 Feb 1932 ----5 May 2014 . Father of Michelle. Grandfather of Erin and Kelsey. Father-in-law of Charles.

RENTON Maria Magdelena 17 Sept 1930 ---29 April 2014 . Mother, Grandmother and great-grandmother.

SCHWEGMANN Gary (Gordon) + 8 May 2014. Fathe of Hildegarde, Gavin and Lynne, Len and Glenda,, Gary and Angie, Stephen and Debbie, Mike and Lorraine, David and Karlene. Grandfather to 22. Great-grandfather to 10.; Father of Glenda x Len. Grandfather of Debbie, Carre and Joel.

SILICA Dinis + 8 May 2014 in Maputo. He was a judge and was shot 25 times in his car.

TEMPLAR Elizabeth 10 March 1922 -----9 May 2014 x + Vaughan Edgar TEMPLAR. She died in Great Brak River. Mother of Gary, Magalie, Nicole, Michael, Ryan, Minas, Casey and great-grandchildren.

WALLACE Graham. Funeral at The Stellawood Crematorium Chapel on 12 May 2014 at 10am. Cremation private. SHANLEY'S 031 2057644.

WILLIAMS John 1 March 1943 ----7 May 2014. Fiance of Sandy. Father of Bobby. Brother of Audrey. Service to celebrate his life at St Margaret Anglican Church Virginia on 15 May 2014 at 2pm. BELL 031 3014793.


HAGER Rudolf 19 Oct 1944 ---10 May 2013. Father of Dietlyn. Grandfather of Tristan, Tarin and Raechel.

HANSSON nee HALEY Romaine (Maine) x Poul. Gone for 2 years now; Miss you from Di and Gail.

HOLBORN Bradley John 9 May 1971. You would have been 43 today. From Mom Joan.

NELSON Harlyn Mark (Harly) + 11 May 1999. From Mom, Nadine, Warren and family.

NICOLSON Mark Hurst. 1 year gone now.

PATHER Krishna + 10 May 2013 x Eva PATHER. Father of Thorne, Kaylin, Ricko. Daughters-in-law and grandchildren.

POTTIER Maggie. Mother of Ben and Dulcie POTTIER and family.

RICHARDSON Errol 19 Dec 1944 ----10 May 2013. From Glynis, Shaun and Hayley, Bella and Rorke, Brett, Hayley and Andre.

RORICH Maryanne + 11 May 2007 . Love from Mom, Dad, Fiona, Earl and boys, Bruce, Heidi and Aidan.

STEADMAN Shaun + 10 May 2007. Tragically. Remembered by Dad, Charley, Ryan, Nicholas, Shelley, Tayla and Conna.

17 May 2014


BOYD Kereck & Kim a boy Jamie Steven.

DE VINCENZO Maro & Casey a girl Camilla.

HERSCH Tyrone & Natalie a daughter.

KOHNE Philip & Natalie a boy Ethan Cole.

McHUGH Sean & Michelle a boy Marc Patrick.

McNEE Brendon & Andrea a girl Alexa Margaret.

STEPHEN nee LOW Peter & Kirsten a girl Isabella Erin.

VAN WYK Cedric & Lisa a girl Emily Paige.


HEUNIS Sarah . Mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. Funeral on 17 May 2014 viewing at 215 Barracuda Rd Newlands East , church service at the Old Apostolic Church Newlands East at 10:30am proceeding to Redhill Cemetery for burial.


BELL Gillian Dawn 17 May 1978 ---26 March 2011. From Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Barbs, Dan, Karen, Shaun ,Christina, Eythan and your daughters Maddy and Courtney.

24 May 2014


BOYD Kereck & Kim a son Jamie Steven.

EDWARDS Sam & Mellissa a girl Sophie Fero.

FULTON Mark & Christie a boy Jed Kyle.

HERBST Greg,Sal and Ella congratulations on birth of Oliver Stanley. From Dad.

KOHNE Philip & Natalie a boy Jamie Steven.

McNEE Brendon & Andrea a girl Alexa Margaret.

SWEIDAN Chris & Tamara a boy Liam Gerald * 19 May 2014. Great Grandson for Irene MAARTENS.

WOLNO nee HAWKEY Neil & Natalie a boy Dexter John.


MIGUEL JOSÉ. Happy first Birthday from Appa, Granny, Big Mummy, Mum and Dad, Jazmin, Tasha, Tré and Tyler.


RAUTENBACH Nick & Roslyn 's son Selwyn (Sel) is engaged to RiAnne (Ri), daughter of Piet & Patricia BOTHA. Getting married in August 2014.


BLACK Donald Edward 16 March 1929 ----16 May 2014 x + Edith. Father of Graham, and father-in-law of Driekie. Private Cremation.

BLANKE Patricia Kathleen + 22 May 2014 in Somerset West x + Rolf. Mother to Rosana and Ian, Linda, Simon, Julia and Spence. Grand and great-grandmother.

BOADEN Neville Dennis 25 Aug 1941 -----22 May 2014. Father of Debora and Gayle and family.

FARREL nee REZIN formally HOLLOWAY Patricia Jean + 10 May 2014. Mother of Anne and Alan.

GONCALVES Maria Linda 3 Aug 1934 ----21 May 2014.Sister and Aunt of Irmina, Alsina, Ave and families. Requiem Mass on 27 May 2014 at Assumption Parish Catholic Church Umbilo at 11am. AVBOB 031 2061831

GREENFIELD Michael Scott 28 Nov 1943 -----21 May 2014. Husband, father and grandfather of Tricia, Tara, Guy, Jonathan, Edie and Dominic.; Cousin of Lin and Bruce, Steven & Angela, Alison, Kathryn and Steve, Sam and Gabi. Memorial at 11am on 27 May 2014 at North Durban Presbyterian Church Sunningdale.

PIENAAR Delene + 21 May 2014 x Jack. Mother and grandmother of Terry, Michelle, Courtney and Joshua.

UPFOLD Yvonne Doreen 20 July 1917-----20 May 2014. Memorial at Kingdom Hall Eshowe on 28 May 2014 at 10:30am.

WICKS Barry Wellesley. Memorial at The Westville Baptist Church on 27 May 2014 at 11am. Cremation private. SHANLEY'S 031 2057644.


FIELDING Reg 12 May 1939 -----24 May 2013 x Lynn. Father and grandfather.

MULLER Irene. 1 year gone now. Missed by Leigh, Henrie and families.

PASSCHIER Aaron Gabriel 3 March 1983 -----24 May 2013. Son and brother of Bata, Marie-Therese, Teresa, Ruth and Joseph.

RAI David Kenneth. 2 years gone now. Remembered by your brothers and sister.

SIMONS Matthew. Son of Gill (Mom).; Brother of Natasha , Reece and James; Brother of Jason, Nikki, Nathan and Chloe.

STEELE Lynn 20 May 1946 ----24 May 2001. Wife and mother of Jimmy Shane and Shereen.


HENFREY Basil ID 340901 5020 08 4 + 9 Dec 2013 of 9 Everton Rd, Kloof. ESTATE No 1096/2014. TATE, NOLAN & KNIGHT P O Box 201181, Durban North 4016. TEL:- 031 563 1874.

31 May 2014


BOYD Kereck & Kim - Jamie Steven.

CLIFFORD Jeff & Dianne - Jackson Mark.

EDWARDS Sam & Mellissa - Sophie Fero .

FULTON Mark & Christie - Jed Kyle.

KOHNE Philip & Natalie - Ethan Cole.

McNEE Brendon & Andrea - Alexa Margaret.

WOLNO nee HAWKEY Neil & Natalie - Dexter John


FOLEY Peter & Pat announce engagement of their daughter Karen to Jamie ADAMS, son of Billy & Elaine of Glasgow on 11 May 2014.

KYTE /COZENS Duncan & Corinne announce engagement of Gavin to Nicole on 9 May 2014.


CROOKS nee MILLS Corinne + 30 May 2014 x + Duncan CROOKS. She was 87 years.

CROWSEN Sheila 24 April 1925 ----23 May 2014. Mother, grand and great-grandmother of Warren, Bianca, Shaiyan, Andy and Jaco.

KEARTLAND Desiree . Condolences to Chris and family from Peter and Suzette.

MULZACK Lillian Agnes. Mother of Lorraine, Kalvin, Desiree, Daphne, Gregory, Michelle, + Jean & Ursula. Requiem Mass on2 June 2014 at Christ The King Parish Wentworth from 10am, proceeding to Stellawood Cemetery.

SCHIEL Theo 9 Dec 1945 -----27 May 2014 x Nerina. Father of Greg, brother, brother-in-law and uncle. Memorial at Woodlands Full Gospel Church on 4 June 2014 at 10:30am. BELL Funerals 031 3014793.

VAN COLLER Dee 3 Oct 1928 ----20 April 2014. Condolences to sons Charles, Michael and their families . We have lovely memories, Mrs Van, Aunty Dee, Friend , Glen and family.

WRIGHT Desmond Erwin Memorial on 3 June 2014 at St Olavs Church Musgrave at 10am. Cremation private. SHANLEY'S 031 2057644.

MEMORIAM:-BEZUIDENHOUT Maria Magdalina 30 Aug 1930 ----30 May 2010 x Jackie. Sister of Nancy, and your brothers. Mother, mother-in-law, grandand great-grandmother.

BROOKS Reginald x Mary and your family.

HOLBORN SGT Lynton Paul (SAPS). 30 May 2014 you would have been 40 years. Son of Joan

O'CONNOR Jock 18 July 1937 -------31 May 2005.

SEAGER Allan. 6 years gone now. Husband and father of Trish, Kels and Jared.

7 June 2014


BOYD Kereck & Kim a boy Jamie Steven.

CLIFFORD Jeff & Diane a boy Jackson Mark.

EDWARDS Sam & Mellissa a girl Sophie Fero.

FULTON Mark & Christie a boy Jed Kyle.

KOHNE Philip & Natalie a boy Ethan Cole.

McNEE Brendon & Andrea a girl Alexa Margaret.

WALNO nee HAWKEY Neil & Natalie a boy Dexter John


ROPER Bill & Lyn 45 years married. Parents of Gary, Nadine, Joshua, Sheldon, Lynda, Tracy, Kyle and Jonathan.


GOVENDER Muniyemma (Baby) . Mother of Ravin, Gerald and Judy. Mother-in-law of Vijen. Grandmother of Neesan and Selisha PATHER. Sister of Savy. Funeral at 28 Guahati Place from 10 ----11:30am on 7 June 2014. Proceeding to Bidar Rd Temple Hall. Thereafter to Clare Estate Crematorium for cremation between 2---2:30pm.

SOOFUL Heerawathee x + Bharath SOOFUL. Mother of Madhanjeeth, Laljeeth, Renuka, Veena and Anusa. Funeral on 7 June 2014 at Mountview Civic Centre from 12noon ----3pm proceeding to Verulam Crematrorium at 3:30pm. VERULAM FUNERALS 032 5331602.

28 June 2014


HAVEMANN Michelle & Charles announce birth of Olivia * 23 June 2014 in Westville Hospitaal.

HOBBS Hayden & Robyn a boy Daniel Hayden.

HORN Janus & Kelly a boys Nicholas Jake.

REID Timothy & Liezl a baby named Fin.

ROBERTS Kevin & Gill a boy Jenson James

RONALD Gareth & Kelly a boy James Donovan

RUTHERFOORD nee SCHNEIDER Scott & Julia a boy Sebastian Szilva.

SWART nee JACKSON Konrad & Michelle - twins -Dayne Henry & Reese William.

VAN SCHAIK William & Kelly a boy Damien.


ALTONA Elsa Katherine 7 Sept 1954------26 June 2014. Mom of Russ, Faye, Kirsti-Mae, Jared, Alan Peter.

BENTLEY Thomas Geoffrey + 26 June 2014. Father , grandfather and great
friend. Memorial on 30 June 2014 at 10am at Church of the Good Shepherd
Durban North. OAKLEIGH 031 2059959.

CROFT nee KENMUIR Sylvia 9 Oct 1919 ----24 June 2014 x + George. Mother of Trevor & Vicky and Roy & Gwen. Grandmother of Lyn, Clifford, Nikki and Kim.
Great-grandmother of Nathan, Chloe, Faith and Cole. Memorial at Mildene Park, Durban North on 2 July 2014 at 2:30pm.

DHARMALINGAM Rookmoney (Dolly) 1 Dec 1937 ---- 16 June 2014. 16th Day Memorial at 104 Greenvale Ave, Westcliff, Chatsworth on 30 June 2014 at 7pm Supper at 5pm.

FAGERHOLM Bengst + 25 June 2014 at Nazareth House. Missed by Lynette, Gavin, Vivien, Yoland and Peter, grand and great-grandchildren. ;RIP from Lynn DEWAR and family.; Funeral at St Olav Church St Thomas Rd Musgrave on 30 June 2014 at 12 noon.

GOVENDER Nithia Nandan (Chris) 22 Oct 1952 ----21 June 2014. 15th Day Memorial on 5 July 2014 at 5pm at 6 Turngate Gardens, Southgate Phoenix 4068.

JOLLIVET Howard Dennis Noel 7 April 1953 ---- 24 June 2014. Dad of Byron and Tracy. Grandfather of Connor, Jasmine, Liv and Summer. Son of + Noel & Marjorie and brother of Marilyn (Mel GRAY). AVBOB

LESUR Marie Joseph Pierre (Pierie) 3 Feb 1939 ------26 June 2014 at St Augustine Hospital. Anette's darling "Peirie" boy. Father of Nicole. Grandfather to Colette and Chris. Brother to Anne Marie, Jacques, Josette, Arlette and Marc. AVBOB 031 2061831.

MAHARAJ Mohit + 27 June 2014 (Murdered ) He was 60 years old. (He lived in Verulam).

NALIN DENNIS BUGHWAN RUSSEL + 25 June 2014 . Nalin is father of Nirad and Kiran, grandfather of Kaiden. Son of Devi & + Dennis. Brother of Kamal and Veena. Funeral at Clare Estate Crematorium on 29 June 2014 at 2pm.

SIMAAN Gareth Andrew 25 Aug 1980 ----22 June 2014 x Jacqui. Father of Jessica, Meagan and Leah. Aon of Andy & Shirley SIMAAN . Brother of Samantha and Luke. Son-in-law of Alfie & Rose RIECKHOFF and brother-in-law of Charles, Ashleigh and Stephen RIECKHOFF. Was laid to rest on 25 June 2014. Service at Virginia Catholic Church Durban North at 11am.

SWADLING Maureen Grace + 26 June 2014. Mother, grand and great-grandmother of Linda, Hugh, Kirsten, Lauren, Darryn, Dylan, Brooklyn, Rob, Noelle, Taryn, Jazz and Cruz. Memorial on 1 July 2014 at 2pm at St John's Anglican
Church Pinetown.

WINSHIP Flora + 26 June 2014. Will be missed by Mark and Sue, Guy and Jacqui, Jonathen and Sue and their families, Ron & Sandra, Billy and Deleen and their families.


ARDERNE Edward Richard (Ted) 6 March 1943 -28 June 2012. From Daphne.


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