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4 January 2014


CUPIDO /MAIKKAM Brindley & Liane a girl Emily Rachel * 30 Dec 2013 in Parklands. Sister for Amy. Grandchild. Love from Melvin, Nellie, Leonard and Rosemary.

DELPORT / BRAY Clayton & Lisa a boy Oliver John.

DREYER - JACKSON Brad & Tammy a girl Chayce Lee.

FERNANDES Andrew & Julia a boy Luke Shaun.

HODGSON Dean & Kirsty a boy Jake.

MENDES Sergio & Jacqui a boy Rio Lorenzo

OLUFSEN nee DALE Jonty & Caroline a girl Charlie Margaret * 3 Jan 2014 in Shrewsbury UK. Love from Rob and Judy OLUFSEN, Caro, Debbie, Tam, Sam and families.

REARDON nee McKENZIE Wesley & Tessa a boy Zachary Brian.

TORRANCE Mark & Karin a boy Christopher.


BOHLER Dianne 21 years today. Love from Mom, Dad and brother Michael.


COLEY-ANDREWS Derek, Wendy and Ileen from eShowe announce engagement of their children Teri, younger daughter of Derek & Wendy COLEY and Stanley, elder son of Ileen & + Droes ANDREWS.

FRIEDRICHS /BLANCKENBERG Maureen & + Brian BLANCKENBERG announce engagement of their daughter Cheri-Lee to Ashley , eldest son of Des & Debbie FRIEDRICHS. Also from Granny and Grandpa RITCHIE.

KROG -GILIAM Hugh & Kathy , Brent & Mary Lou announce engagement of Michael to Nicola.

SPENCE Carol announce engagement of her daughter Michelle to Brent, son of Graham & Audrey MYBURGH.


McCORD Ross & Mac . 50 years married from Aaron, Collette and Adam.


BAILEY Peter John. Husband ,father and grandfather. Also uncle. Love from Gail, Karen, Bronwen, Pat, Warren, Cassie and Athol. Memorial at Westville Methodist Church on 6 Jan 2014 at 11am. OAKLEIGH 031 2059959.

BROWN Constance + 2 Jan 2014 . SHANLEY'S 031 2057644.

CAMPBELL Gaynor Anne + 28 Dec 2013. SHANLEY'S 031 2057644.

HOLMES Joyce Marjorie 15 Julie 1929 ----29 Dec 2013. Sister, mother and grandmother.

JEAREY Daphne +24 Dec 2013. From Jenny DEAN, Priscilla & Charles MEIKLEREID and family.

JOUBERT nee BLAKEWAY Robin Margaret 20 May 1948 -----2 Jan 2014 x + Ben. Mother to Bruce, Marlise and Sarah.

KANDASAMY Mala(41) ,daughter Melarisa (18) & son Megandren (17) + 29 Dec 2013. Mala was married to Rajan (44) who is suspect for their murder. They were close family of Ashlee & Deepika REDDY who died in car accident last month just after they got married. Cremation 3 Jan 2014 in Chatsworth.

LEVY Barrie (Barrie's Driving School) +25 Dec 2013 Tragically. Brother of Laurence, family and friends.

MTHEMBU Mndeni (2), Nokuphiwa (4), Siyabonga (6) and Ntokozo (8) + 1 Jan 2014. Children ofPhiwa MTHEMBU. They were locked up in their house and the house burned down.

PAULSE Des x Pam. Father of Shane, Gina and grandfather. Cremation Service out of New Apostolic Church Durban North on 8 Jan 2014 at 11:30 am AVBOB 031 2061881.

PISTOR (GRITTEN) Celia Mary Ann. Wife and mother. From your boys Mark, Robin and Ryan. Memorial Service at Eston Farmers Club on 10 Jan 2014 at 11am. MARTIN'S Pinetown 031 7092142.

SCHEEPERS Billy 1940 ---2014 x Alice. Father of Rory and William. Grandfather of Leigh and Nathan. The SA Motor racing legend and avid fisherman will be missed.; Memorial on 6 Jan 2014 at Stellawood Crematorium Chapel, Umbilo at 2pm. Cremation private. SHANLEY'S 031 2057644


BINDER Justin. Remembered by Lauren.; Son and brother. From Mom, Dad, Kerry and Rory.

JAFTA Andrew James + 5 Jan 2011 x Sherezah. Father of Zaida and Rasheed, Grandfather of Nishaan and Aaliyah.

WALASHE Sister Anne. 1 year gone now. From her friend Tony.

11 January 2014


CUPIDO /MANIKKAM Brindley & Liane a girl Emily Rachel.

DELPORT /BRAY Clayton & Lisa a boy Oliver John.

DREYER -JACKSON Brad & Tammy a girl Chayce Lee.

MARAIS /MAC NICOL Riaan & Nikita a boy Tyson Storm * 9 Jan 2013. Love from Dad, Wends and Dayna.

OLUFSEN nee DALE Jonty & Caroline a girl Charlie Margaret.

REARDON nee McKENZIE Wesley & Tessa a boy Zachary Brian.

THORPE nee KOCH Brad & Vicki a girl Jade Aimee.

TORRANCE Mark & Karin a boy Christopher.

WATSON Shane & Laura a girl Hallie-Jane Laura.

WEBER nee NEILSON Dustin & Jan a boy Benjamin Charles * 6 Jan 2014. Grandchild for Lynn and Alan, Marian and Gary.


BAKER /WEEKS Warwick & Siobhan 's daughter Lara to David, son of + Norman & Jennifer WEEKS.


APPLEBY Elizabeth Waveney 24 May 1918 ----7 Jan 2014. Mother of Jean and Douglas. Mother-in-law of Gert DE KLERK, grandmother of 4, Janice, Geraldine, Gwyneth and Joanne. Close friend of Barbara & Bert KUIPER. Memorial at Glenwood Community Church on 14 Jan 2014 at 10am.

AUDIBERT Lucie 20 Jan 1920 -----10 Jan 2014. Mother and grandmother of Josiane, Brigitte, Guy, Pierre, Gilles, Armelle and their families.; Mother,grand and great- grandmother of Josi, Daryn, Micheline, Byron, Natasha, Bradley, Danielle, Alicia, Candice, Trent, Devin, Kyle, Jean-Pierre, Tamsyn, Chantal, Makayla and Sorsha.

BIJOUX Desiree Pauline 31 Jan 1920 -----6 Jan 2014. Memorial on 13 Jan 2014 at 14:30 at St Agnes Anglican Church Kloof.OAKLEIGH 031 2059959.

BOND Claude Stephen + 7 Jan 2014. Husband of Sethney and brother, uncle and friend. Memorial at Woodlands Full Gospel Church on 13 Jan 2014 at 10am.

BUCK Reg + 10 Jan 2014 . Will be missed by his family -Craig & Kerri, Carolynn & Eric, Robbie, Sybil, Robbie & Mona, Leslie & Tom, Anne & Ken, Lynette & Russell, Donae, Kendall & Connor, Candice, Michael, Tarryn and Kyle, Tracey, Kim & Joanna, Jackie and Richard and Jerry.

HARALALL Roshanlall (Acting Principal of Greyville School.) x Jeromi. Father of Roshelle GOVENDER and Luanshya NAIDOO. Funeral service at St Johns at 12noon. Cremation at 3pm.

GOVENDER Veeramah (Baby) of King Williams Town. Funeral on 11 Jan 2014 at the Doorga Hall Mobeni Heights from 11am -3pm. Proceeding to Clare Estate Crematorium at 420pm. ISIPINGO INC PAM'S.

MANIKKAM Soobagium x + Manikkam GOVENDER. Mother, grand and great-grandmother. Funeral on 11 Jan 2014. Body will lie in state at residence 87 Crossmoor Drive Unit 11 from 0930---1030. Leaving then for SSRS Community Hall at 4pm. Proceeding to Clare Estate Cemetery for cremation at

NAIDOO Simadariappans (Chin) 12 Oct 1945 ----2 Jan 2014 x Radha. Father of Keegan and Elaine.Brother of Appa. Father-in-law of Natasha. Son of + Mr Archiah NAIDOO.11th Day Memorial at Sri Vishnu Temple Chatsworth on 12 Jan 2014 at 11am.

NTULI Nhulani (11) + 8 Jan 2014. Drowned at Ilembe District and found in Tugela River.

PORT Dennis. Father and grandfather of Craig, Bryan, Luke and Khloe.

SMITH Thomas Tom + 8 Jan 2014. Missed by family.

VARATHAIAH Kasavalu x + Salomie. Father of Noah, Vegie, David, Taylor, Moses, Ralph, Rosemary and + Nelson. Funeral at the Good Sheperd Catholic Hall Phoenix on 11 Jan 2014, proceeding to Clare Estate Crematorium for cremation at 5pm. CENTRAL FUNERALS 083775820.


DAYAL Virendra Kumas 1941 ---2013 x Meela DAYAL. Children and grandchildren Mamtha, Pregs, Yesh and Chavara, Rekha, Aishwarya, Aryan, Aara and Rania, Aradhna, Gregory, Antonio, Araminta, Ronaldo, Jitesh, Cheryl, Jivan, Shwetha, Neha and only serviving brother Pundit Mahendra DAYAL and Mrs Shama DAYAL.

MANN Ronnie x Sandra. Remembered by Errol and Marilyn.; Father of Clarissa & Hilton; Tracey & Wayne; Wish you were here to see Brooke & Brody. From Tyla and Sam.; Grandfather of Jake.

PARSONS Graham Phillip 9 May 1959 ---12 Jan 2010.Remembered by Athene.

REDEKER Wilhelmina Theodora. Gone 4 years now from Joke, Piet, Sjef, Theo and Willy.

REDDY Nesan. From your parents Krish & Kannagee REDDY.

SCHULTZ Barry Arthur 13 Sept 1958 ----15 Jan 2011. Remembered by Karen, Jeff, Dana and Greg.

WHITEHEAD Sarie + 11 Jan 2001. Mother ,gran and great-gran. Granny of Lisa.

18 January 2014


CUPIDO /MANIKKAM Brindley & Liane a girl Emily Rachel.

HAMMER Sean & Chantal a boy Brady Sean.

LE GRANGE Darryn & Karen a girl Rachel.

OLUFSEN nee DALE Jonty & Caroline a girl Charlie Margaret.

THORPE nee KOCH Brad & Vicki a girl Jade Aimee.

WATSON Shane & Laura a girl Hallie-Jane Laura.

WEBER nee NEILSON Dustin & Jan a boy Benjamin Charles.

WILLS Grant & Steph a boy Ethan Grant.


DICKSON & TURNER Hayley & Nick.


RAJANAH Tholasiamma. Funeral on 18 Jan 2014 atChristian Revival Centre Tongaat from 11:30 ---12:30 pm is viewing. Service from 1pm ----14:20. Cremation at Tongaat Crematortium for Cremation at 3pm.. RAMBOS Funeral Tongaat 032-945 3430/1.


MCCURRACH Charles ID 240416 5039 08 4 + 8 April 2012 of 523 Eden Crescent, 23 Sol Harris Crescent , North Durban. ESTATE No 7474/2013 DBN. FNB TRUST SERVICES P O Box 27511, Greenacres. 

1 February 2014


ASKEY / FERNANDES Andrew & Julia a boy Luke Shaun FERNANDES * 6 Dec 2013.

CHISHOLM Nic & Martina Twins Max (Boy) & Mila (girl)

CINAMON nee BERMAN Alfie & Kelly ,1st child ,a son * Cape Town. Grandchild for Tony & Linda BERMAN.

DENT / PEARSON Robbie & Jules a boy Reece Oliver Hugh.

HAMMER nee BROWNE Sean & Chantal a boy Brady.

HANSEN GILLINGS Nicholas & Lisa a girl Tyler.

LE GRANGE Darryn & Karen a girl Rachel.

LONDAL nee McCOMBIE Andrew & Robyn a boy Nathan John.

MEYER (HOLD) Lance & Simone a boy Cullen.

MUTCH Matthew & Ashleigh a girl Kate Elizabeth.

WESSELS nee SYMONS Dave & Justine a girl Madison Georgia.

WILL nee MARTIN Grant & Steph a boy Ethan Grant.


ABRAHAM Sam (Sam Latin Kings) x Neela (Dolly) Father of Priscilla, Raymond, Patricia, Lionel and Bradley. Brother of Y.N. David and Roselind. Funeral at Shekinah Temple Montford on 6 Feb 2014 from 11am ---1pm for Service. Cremation at Mobeni Crematorium at 4pm.

FRY Agnes + 30 Jan 2014 at age 94 years. Mother, grand and great-grandmother.

GOVENDER Udhandan (Ravi) + 23 Jan 2014. 16th Day Memorial on 6 Feb 2014 at Vishnu Temple Hall Chatsworth at 7pm.

GOVENDER Sidney (Lighty) Father of Salora, Salona, Quinton and Phylitia. Father-in-law of Seshan and Angelo. Grandfather of Vaydon, Yoryan, Ezekiel and Riah. 16th Day Memorial on 3 Feb 2014 at 24 Sunview Rd, Bayview Chatsworth. Supper will be served.

HUTCHINSON Ramon Richard x Trish. Father of Ryan and Andrew and now reunited with his son Andrew.

LOUMEAU Alix + 22 Jan 2014. Memorial for her at Pinetown Catholic Church on 5 Feb 2014 at 10am.

MOTET Antoine Cyrille x Gloria. Father of Richard, Renee and Marleine. Father-in-law of Joy, Christopher and Colin. Grand and great-grandfather. Memorial at Immanuel Christian Church Sommerset Park on 4 Feb 2014 at 12noon. BELL Funeral.

MUNGER Irene Carol. Funeral at DOVES Greyville on 4 Feb 2014 at 2pm. DOVES 0860025500.

SCHMIDT Brian Stephen 3 Dec 1958 ---30 Jan 2014 (cancer) x Roni. Father of Donovan, Tyrone, Janine, Wesley, Kyle and Ashleigh. Grandfather of Savanah.

SOLIGRAM Patrick Raymond 22 July 1957 -----21 Dec 2013. Brother of Joseph, Martin, Floyd, Anthony, Linda, Joan, Constance.


COWELL Joan + 2 Feb 2012.

GOVENDER Kogilan. Father of Nakkiran. Son of Subbiah and Rani. Brother of Dayalan and Vijayalan. Yearly Memorial on 9 Feb 2014 at RB Chetty Hall Phoenix at 10:30am.

LAZARUS Rosa Rita Theresa.1 year gone now. Mother of Joelene LAZARUS.

MAULLIN Don 9 Aug 1945 ----30 Jan 2012 x Lesley. Father of Candice, Teaghan and Laiken.; Also from Ty, Jane, Jordan, Callum and Hannah.

NEL Stephen Brett 6 May 1975 ----1 Feb 2009. Son, brother and uncle. From Mum, Dad, Tarryn, Nicola and nieces Megan and Emilee.

OWEN Maureen. 1 year gone now. Mother of Jeff, Francis, Belinda, Keith, Vanessa, Steve, Owen and grandkids.

O'CONNOR John Neal 6 Aug 1944 ----1 Feb 2013. Husband , father of Brenda, Gillian, Troy, Bruce, Dianne, grandmother of Matthew and Josh.; Remembered by Bridget, Allan and family.

VON BERG Bernard + 2 Feb 1981 x Pat (Cookie).Father of Sherryl.

8 February 2014


ASKEY /FERNANDES Andrew & Julia a son Luke Shaun.

CINAMON nee BERMAN Alfie & Kelly a son.

HANSEN /GILLINGS Nicholas & Lisa a girl Tyler.

MEYER (HOLD) Lance & Simone a boy Cullen.

MUTCH Matthew & Ashleigh a girl Kate Elizabeth.

SCHOLEY Oliver & Felicity a girl Juno Olive.

WESSELS nee SYMONS Dave & Justine a girl Madison Georgia.


COOK Derek Edward 21 Aug 1935 ---20 Jan 2014 in Johannesburg x Dawn. Father of Gregory.

JOHNSTON Erika 12 June 1929 ------31 Jan 2014. Mother of Anabel, Lucinda and Tobina. Grandmother of William, Imogen , Camille, Celestia, Tristan, Charles and Oria. Memorial on 7 Feb 2014 at 14B Cadogan Rd, Bryanston. DAILY NEWS Fri 7 Feb 2014.

KACEV Jeff. Condolences to Janine, Greg , Jonathan and family. From Bryan, Craig, Luke and Khloe.

SAGGERS Ken x Joan for 33 years. DAILY NEWS Fri 7 Feb 2014.


PLUMMER Keith. Miss you Honey. From Irene (Poppet).

WARD nee MURRAY Francis . Mother of Patrick, John and Peter.


SAGORIN Leonard ID 160818 5043 08 9 + 4 June 2014 of 14 Sonning, 355 Innes Rd, Durban. ESTATE No 10936/2013/DBN. DITZ INCORPORATED P O Box 25250, Gateway 4321.

SLATER Norman James ID 510812 5050 08 4 + none of 11 Pigeonwood Lane ,Zimbali Ballito 4420 x Meredith Sharon SLATER ID 520601 0041 08 3. ESTATE No 10953/2013/PMB. COLENBRANDER INC P O Box 3699 Pietermaritzburg 3200.


BUTHELEZI Thupheni Henry ID 320701 5217 08 4 + 26 July 2012 of Embilane Area ,Ulundi 3838 x Thandekile Beauty BUTHELEZI ID 390523 0262 08 8. ESTATE No 16909/ 2012. DM GOVENDER ATTORNEYS. PO Box 5528, Durban 4000. TEL:- 031 3077911.

22 March 2014


BUBB Conrad & Rebecca - John Jasper.

DEMERS nee DE REUS Michael & Natalie - Oliver Paul.

EVANS /DAWSON Andrew & Helen -Thomas Henry Liam.

GEORGHIOU Jason & Sophie - Christopher.

HOBB nee FRASER Warren & Lisa -Tyler James.

MEAKER nee GAFNEY Allister & Seanne - Hudson James.

PETER Grant & Jenny - Twins- Edward Bruce & Toby George.

SUTCLIFF Peter & Hayley - Caitlyn Jamey

WRIGHT George & Jenn - Alexa Rose

ZIETSMANN Devan & Kim - Erin Lily.


NAIDOO Kaylen. 4th Birthday. From Daddy, Mummy, Thatha and Ma. Uncles Yogesh and Prenashni and Nirvana, cousins Shrey, Chahail relatives and friends.


AGNES CHERE . Mother and Gogo (grandmother) of Phillip, Shelley-Ann, Camryn and Caitlin. Also special friend of Sylvia LASICH.

DE SOET Martine Julia Maria "Tino" 1 July 1953 -----19 March 2014 x Bim. Mom of Annick and Kathy. Daughter to Laura and sister to Marc, Marianne and Luc. Grandmother to 4 children.

DOBSON Anne Yvonne 24 Jan 1926 ----16 March 2014. Mother of Margaret, Pat, Joan, Audrey and Yvette, mother-in-law of Graham, Terry and Stewart. Grandmother of Garren, Thandi, Kathy, James, Cheree, Jo-Ann, Gareth, Kelly and Devon. Great-grandmother of Luke, Jade and Sienna. Celebration of her life at Bill Buchanan Home Morningside on 29 March 2014.

GERALD STUART JOHN BECKER 6 July 1939 -----19 March 2014. Father of Laurette; John and James. Grandpa of Carl, Kelly, Kate, Kelsey and Oliver. Memorial on 24 March 2014 at 3pm at Waterfall Methodist Church. OAKLEIGH 031 2059959.

GOVENDER Bentley Sean 9 Sept 1982 ----20 March 2014. Youngest son of Mr & Mrs Reuben & Sherene GOVENDER. Remembered by brother Brandon and wife Charlene GOVENDER. Uncles Richard and Melvin CHARLES and aunt Rona NAIDOO. Funeral at Havenside Christian Ministry PPC Church Havenside at 13:45 ---14:15pm proceeding to Stellawood Cemetery by 14:45pm.

HOLT Angelique + last Sunday (suicide) at age 35. Left behind her husband and 3 sons. She was the sister of + Rosemary THERON. (Murdered by her daughter's boyfriend last year in Cape Town)

KANNEMEYER Delena Augusta . Mother of Rudy, Reinet, Philip, Linda and their families. Funeral on 24 March 2014 at 10:30 am at Durban North Baptist Church Durban North.

NORTJE Richard Daniel . Funeral at St Cyprians Anglican Church Umbilo on 26 March 2014 at 11am. Cremation Private. SHANLEY'S 031 2057644.

NYAWO Siphelele + 16 March 2014 at age 22 years. He was stung by bees near Empangeni. Brother of Nomvula NDAWENI.

SMITH Dennis (Spacey) 12 July 1949 ---19 March 2014 x Royal. Father, father-in-law and grandfather, brother and cousin. Funeral at Christ The King Church on 25 March 2014 at 11:30am

MEMORIAM:- CHITRAY Dolly + 22 March 2001 .Miss you Ma. From Rachel, Sarah, Sandy, Sher, Ronnie, David, Grandchildren and family.

GREEN Sylvia Aston . 4 years gone now. Miss you from Basil and family.

MILLER Bradley. 18 Nov 1922 ----22 March 2005 . Love you from Ann (Jean). Father of Pat, John and family; Willem, Colleen grand and great-grandchildren.

PENFOLD Helen Patricia 8 March 1944 ----19 March 2006. Wife, mother and grandmother of Tony, Michelle, Sasi, Tao, Robert, Heidi, Hannah & Ben.

WALJEE WENDELL. 5 years gone now Dada. From Alecia, Bianca and Ramon.


HOLBORN Bradley John . The HOLBORN & FERNANDEZ family thank you for support. Special thanks to Father Pedro ZITHA and Father Aaron NAKUSA and The Holy Family Catholic Parish Church Newlands East. Bishop Anthony and Brother Shaun HATTINGH from the Cornerstone Ministries Newlands East.


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