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9 November 2013


BRAITHWAITE Shaun & Bronwen a girl Kylie Barbara.

COWAN /McGEE Gavin & Claire a girl Eva.

GEYSER Brandon & Tessa a girl Holly Sophia * 7 Nov 2013 at Umhlanga Hospital. Grandchild for David & Sophie, Rudi & Panda.

HANEKOM Heinrich & Candice a girl Serena Catherine.

LUCIEN Brad & Bianca a boy Morgan.

MACCALLUM / ROSSOUW Michael & Frances a girl Josephine.

MACQUEST-MAUREL Cyril & Claire a boy Nevaeh.

MOBEY Simon & Michelle a boy Daniel.

MORRIS (NATHAN) Trevor & Lisa a boy Joseph Eli.

SACHER Dani & Tarryn a son.


GRAHAM Billy turned 95 on Thursday. He lives in Asheville, North Carolina. Evangelist Billy helped transform Christianity in the US.


BUCHANAN John Aenold (Buck) + 7 Nov 2013 x Kate. Father of Nora. Grandfather to Erin and brother to Clive.

CORNISH Kenneth 22 Nov 1922 -----2 Nov 2013 Father of + Ann. Grandfather of Steve, Perry, Wayne. Great-grandfather of Courtney, Kaige, Siead, Branson, Tanielle, Kaleigh, Liam, Tyler. Memorial at Harvest Church Umhlanga on 12 Nov 2013 at 3pm.

GOVENDER Dharmalingam (Dan) 26 Dec 1948 ----18 Nov 2013 x Logie. Father of Rajen and Indheran. Father-in-law to Dheshini and Lee Ann. Grandfather of Keshav, Verush, Priyasha and Jeevesh. Funeral commence on 10 Nov 2013 at his home 26 Goutberg Fynnlands Bluff, Cremation at Mobeni Heights Cemetery at 4pm.

HAYNE Nigel 30 March 1955 ----7 Nov 2013. Husband , father and grandfather, brother. Memorial at St Thomas Chapel Ridge Rd on 12 Nov 2013 at 3:30pm.

LAVIS Gerald David + 7 Nov 2013. Brother of Helen.

LEVY Jean + 3 Nov 2013 . Mother of Laurence and Barrie.

MADURAMUTHU K (Peter) x Yanam. Father of Ravi, Somas and + Selvie MADURAMUTHU. Father-in-law of Christelle and Adeline. Grandfather to Claire, Carolyn, Keziah, Rachel and Leah. Funeral on 9 Nov 2013 at Elim Chapel Reservoir Hills from 2---4pm proceeding to Clare Estate Crematorium for
cremation at 4-30pm.

MARAJAH Seethal (Radesh). Cremation on 9 Nov 2013 at Clare Estate Crematorium fom 2---3:30pm

MAYBERY Gloria Aimee 24 Feb 1924 ----7 Nov 2013. Mother, grand and great-grandmother. Memorial at DOVES Greyville on 9 Nov 2013.

PERERA Mr. Condolences to family from Rob DRAKE and staff at Approved Motors.

PSEAUME Anna .Wife, mother and grandmother. Celebration of her life at Olive Tree Church Morningside at 13 Nov 2013 at 10am. BELL 031 3014793.

SINGH Amar Pertab + 1 Nov 2013 x Sabitri. He was an Educator

SOLYMOSI Anna 27 April 1934 in Hungary ---7/8 Nov 2013 Durban. Mother of
Anna and Susan E.[private]

STEWART Cecil William 29 March 1932 ---4 Nov 2014. Missed by Dennis, sisters Dawn and Pam, Garry, Margaret, Mark, Helen, Sue and family.


GOVENDER Koseelan 2 June 1973 ----8 Jan. Yearly Memorial at Wyebank Chatsworth on 16 Nov 2013 from 11:30vm ----12:30pm .

PRADEEP 9 Nov 1963 -----28 June 2012. Happy Birthday Pradeep from Brother Roby sister Indira and Lalithi.

SEW Sunjeet (Sandy) 15 Dec 1948 ---19 Nov 2012 x Rainuka SEW. Father and grandfather. 1 Year Memorial on 10 Nov 2013 at 87 Weycroft Ave Phoenix from 8am.

SINGH Janak (Jay) 15 Aug 1949 ----8 Nov 2004. From your family.

16 November 2013


BERRY nee HAWKEY Dave & Lisa a girl Erin Saige * 14 Nov 2013. Grandchild for Peter & Gill HAWKEY.

BILLSON - CLIFTON Vaughan & Chantal - Rachel Bailey.

COWAN / McGEE Gavin & Claire - Eva.

FOWELS nee GOEDSCHALK Tyron & Nicole a girl Cassidy Peyton * 30 Oct 2013.

GEYSER Brandon & Tessa - Holly Sophia.

GOSS Neil & Carine a boy Harry Bryan * 14 Nov 2013. Brother to Samuel. Grandchild to Pat & Karin, Dave & Cloe.

HANEKOM Heinrich & Candace - Serna Catherine.

MACCALLUM /ROSSOUW Michael & Frances - Josephine

MACQUEST - MAUREL Cyril & Julie - Nevae (boy).

MOBEY Simon & Michelle - Daniel (boy)

O'BRIEN / WOJTOWITZ Garon & Gabi - Ethan James (boy)

VARNER Roz & Rae a girl Mia Jaquiline * in Australia.


BRISCOE - MCLOUGHLIN Janice, only daughter of John & Annete and Gareth, youngest son of Don & June is engaged.


ANTHONY Graham Sean x Ronica. Dad of April and Jonathan. Grandfather of Lionel. Son of Yvonne & + Rev Eric. Also brother. Funeral on 16 Nov 2013 at 1pm at Victory Centre Phoenix. At 2:30 proceed to Clare Estate Crematorium.

BAGNALL Norah 8 Nov 1919 -----13 Nov 2013 at age 94 years. Mother, gran and great-grandmother. No service as per wish. Cremation private.

BLUM Robert + 12 Nov 2013. SHANLEY'S 031 2057644

COHEN Henry Percy (Jack) x Jeanette. Memorial at Oldfields Chapel Tafta Park Bellair on 20 Nov 2013 at 2pm.

DE LANGE Lydis Delicia 8 Feb 1933 ----11 Nov 2013 x Gerald. Moeder van Delicia, Irene, Gerald, Daniel, Sheila, William , Geraldine. Ook Ouma. Verassingsdiens uit Frere Rd Presbyterian Kerk Durban op 18 Nov 2013 om 1nm. AVBOB 031 2061831.

DE LANGE Gerald (Buda) died at age 56years x Barbara DE LANGE. Father of Genevieve and + Vaugh. Brother and grandfather. Funeral at 7 Reiger Rd Austerville on 16 Nov 2013. Viewing from 10:30 -11:30am at AFM Church Austerville proceeding to Dudley Street Cemetery for buriel. SHALOM 083 7788752.

ESAU Michael Henry (Mikey) x Anitza. Father of Micaela and Michail. Son of Maureen & Ekkie. Brother of Allarese, Debbie, Amber, Fynall, Pio and Allister. Funeral at St Anne's Catholic Church Sydenham on 18 Nov 2013 at 1:30pm Cremation private. ISIPINGO INC PAM'S

GOVENDER Dharmalingam (Dan) 26 Dec 1948 ----8 Nov 2013. 16th Day Memorial on 22 Nov 2013 at home ,26 Goutberg Fynnlands Bluff. Supper from 5:30---6:30 pm . Service at 7pm.

GREGORY Doreen May + 14 Nov 2013 . Memorial at St Agnes Anglican Church Kloof on 20 Oct 2013 at 2pm. OAKLEGH 031 2059959.

RANA Dr NKJ 10 March 1944 ----2 Nov 2013. Dr NKJ RANA would like to thank Friend, family and patients for kind words and support on the passing of Dr Kaya NATHOO on 2 Nov 2013. TEL 031 2082932 /0848008777. WYEBANK Funerals 031 7057321.

VAN RENSBURG nee TRICHARD Evelyn 5 March 1927 ----13 Nov 2013. Mother, mother-in-law,Nanna and friend Billy, Jeanine and Janelle.

VORSTER Rudolph Benjamin (Rudy) 4 June 1930 ------12 Nov 2013 Will be miissed by Candice , Leif and family.


BAKER Craig 22 years gone now Miss you from Dad, Zain, Lisa, Tasha and their families.

GOVENDER Mr SS 13 Nov 1913 ----13 Nov 2013. Of Inanda. Sugar Cane producer, transport operator, Business executive and community leader. 

HARRYPERSAD Arnesh Kumar 1 Jan 1975 ----16 Nov 2003. From Mom, Dad, Siblings, family & friends.

PARTHER Jagathambal 9 Feb 1937 ----16 Nov 1996. You were mother and father to your 3 children. Mom we miss you from your son Thivian x Veronica and granny of Mikayla and Jayden.

PILLAY Thiren. 1 year Memorial on 17 Nov 2013 at 10:30am at Woodview Hindu Dharma Sabha. Missed by Dad & aunty Kamy, Shivani, Devan, Srivashin and Deroshin.

23 November 2013


BERRY nee HAWKEY Dave & Lisa a boy Erin Saige.

BILLSON -CLIFTON Vaughan & Chantal a girl Rachel Bailey.

DU PREEZ Mark & Ronel a boy Damian Astley * 18 Nov 2013 in Doha, Qatar. Grandchild for John & Mary

FOWELS nee GOEDSCHALK Tyron & Nicola a son Cassidy Peyton

GEYSER Brandon & Tessa a girl Holly Sophia.

GOSS Neil & Carine a boy Harry Bryan.

HAYNES nee ADDISON Roger & Nicky a 1st girl Chloe Elizabeth * 21 Nov 2013 in Cape Town.

O'BRIEN / WOJTOWITZ Garon & Gabi a boy Ethan James.

PRINGLE Grant & Sunet a boy Matthew Grant.

SCHWEGMANN Trevor & Felicity a grandson Ryan Trevor * 13 Nov 2013 born to Tracey & Graham HAWKINS in Mediclinic. Brother for Storme.

VARNER Roz & Rae a girl Mia Jaquiline.


WILSON Liz & Rod 's daughter Rachel to Luke , son of Karen & Paul SHANNON.


COX Alice Mary (Sister) 24 May 1923---21 Nov 2013. Requiem Mass on 26 Nov 2013 at St Anne's Catholic Church Umzinto at 2pm. From the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary South Africa.

CROSS Yvonne Mabel 5 March 1918 ----19 Nov 2013. Mother of Brian and Heather, Mother-in-law, grand and great-grandmother. Memorial at The New Forest Congregational Church Woodlands on 25 Nov 2013 at 10am. Cremation private. SHANLEY'S 031 2057644

DAVIES Martha 7 June 1921 -----20 Nov 2013. Mother, gran and big Granny from Edna, David, Rupert, Marion your grand and great-grandchildren.; Memorial at Pineville Junction Chapel Pinetown on 1 Dec 2013 at 2:30pm. SHANLEY'S 031 2057644.

DEDEKIND Emma Frieda Elisabeth . Memorial at The Lutheran Church Assagay on 27 Nov 2013 at 2pm. BELL 031 3014793.

DICKSON Cheyanne 13 Dec 2004 ---1 Nov 2013 Tragically in car accident. Daughter, grandchild and sister. From Dad, Tam and Luke.

GOVENDER Moonsamy (Gan) Father of Geetha, Glen, Faroj and Teddy. Funeral at Wyebank Funeral Parlour Unit 9 Chatsworth on 24 Nov 2013 from 09am ---12 noon proceeding to Mobeni Heights Crematorium for cremation at 1pm. TEL:- Teddy 0723110612.

HARRIS Pamela Eloise + 19 Nov 2013 in Hamilton New Zeeland at age 92 years. Mother of Jon, Mike, Gill.Grandmother of Kate, Holly and Katherine.

KING -PETER John 18 Nov 1943 ---20 Nov 2013 formaly of Hillary/Escombe x Lorna. Father of Brendan x Kerry. Grandfather of Kaleb and Calvin. Brother of Andrew and brother-in-law of Margie.

LAWRANCE Irene Mary . Memorial at St Agnes' Anglican Church Kloof on 27 Nov 2013 at 2:30pm OAKLEIGH 031 2059959.

LE ROES Johan + 20 Nov 2013. Seun van Koekie & + Piet. Broer van Pieter and Hennelie.

MAISTRY Anjalay (Indrani) . Funeral at 11:30am at Dravida Hall Clare Estate on 23 Nov 2013. Cremation at 3pm at the Clare Estate Crematorium.

MAXWELL James Ian 24 Feb 1928 ----21 Nov 2013 x Jean. Father and grandfather. Memorial at St Agnes Church Kloof on 28 Nov 2013 at 3pm. DOVES 0860025500.

PILLAI Mariamma ( Vimla ) x + Lt.Col. S PILLAI. Mother of Kogi, Pinki, Rita, Colin, Janet & + Charles. Funeral on 25 Nov 2013 from 10----12:30 noon at home, 41 Venus Lane Woodhurst, Chatsworth. Proceeding to Clare Estate Crematorium from 1:40pm for cremation at 2pm. ISIPINGO INC PAM'S

SINGH Maniraj x Maya and father of Anesh x Prashika and grandfather of Shikar and Mayuri of 40 Roslyn Ave Asherville. Retired School Principal and ex Avalon Athletic Soccer player. Funeral on 23 Nov 2013. Body will lie in state from 4pm at Clare Estate Crematorium Hall . Cremation at 5:30pm.
MARIANHILL Funeral Services Overport.

TURNER Catherine Ann Dunsford (Cath) + 20 Nov 2013 x Allen. Mother of Louise, Andrew, Greville, Christopher and grandmother of Kian, Saige, Sarah and Luke. Memorial at Trinity Methodist Church La Lucia Umhlanga on 28 Nov 2013 at 12:30pm. OAKLEIGHT 031 2059959.

WHITBY Veronica 24 Feb 1945 ---19 Nov 2013. Wife , mother and mother-in-law, grand and great-grandmother. Requiem Mass at The Christ The King Catholic Church Merewent on 26 Nov 2013 at 12pm. SHANLEY'S 031 2057644.

WOLLENTINE Colleen Anne 31 Jan 1944 ---22 Nov 2013. Mother, grandmother. Funeral at DOVES greyville on 26 Nov 2013 at 2pm. DOVES 0860025500.


GASKIN Ray. Forever in my heart from Barbara.

NAIDOO Chinny 1 Oct 1941 ----21 Nov 1993 . Remembered by the NAIDOO family.

NAIDOO Keaira 27 Feb 1999 ---24 Nov 2009. Missed by Dad, Mom, Devarshin and NAIDOO family. Inserted by Siva NAIDOO.

SCHWEGMANN -POLIA Tamara Angela 31 Oct 1981 ----23 Nov 2011. Our daughter. From Mommy & Daddy.

STEVENSON Robert Louis Gone 5 years now. Married to Helen. RIP from Chris, Christine and family.

YUSUF Marilyn. Remembered by Troy, Tia and family.

30 November 2013


AITKEN Shaun & Julie - a boy Max Thomas.

BERRY nee HAWKEY Dave & Lisa - a girl Erin Saige

BOLD Donovan & Claudia - a boy Luke Alexander

FOWELS nee GOEDSCHALK Tyron & Nicola - a girl Cassidy Peyton

GOSS Neil & Carine -a boy Harry Bryan

GOULD Byron & Kimber - a boy Elijah

HAWKENS Graeme & Tracey - a boy Ryan Trevor.

HAYNES nee ADDISON Roger & Nicky - a girl Chloe Elizabeth

HIRSCH nee FULLER Richard & Simone - a boy Samuel Allan * 26 Nov 2013 Grandson for Allan & Margaret HIRSCH and Maggie & John FULLER.

SACHER Barry & Merav -a boy.


CARUTH Emerell (Elaine ) (Mrs Charlie) 28 Oct 1926 ----25 Nov 2013 x + Alexander. Mother of Judith.

DE MATOS Elaine Patricia. Memorial at The Norwegian Settlers Church Marburg on 4 Dec 2013 at 11am.

HULETT Margaret Gillian 4 Aug 1942 ----28 Nov 2013 x Brett for 50 years. Mother, mother-in-law and grandmother. Forever in our hearts mom of Colette, Dave, Matt and Jenna; Mother of Vanessa and Michael and granny of Sarah, Kate and Emma; Mom and gran of Joanne, Shane and Megan.

JOHNSTON Douglas Reginald Folster 1931 ----28 Nov 2013 x Patricia (Tommy). Father to Gordon and Sharon , Julia and Grant, Bronwen and Nick, James & Vanessa, Penelope & Christopher. Grandfather to 12.

MERZ Winnie 5 Dec 1914 ----29 Nov 2013. Mother, grand and great-grandmother. From Robert and family.

SCOTT Nathan Tyler 9 Oct 2005 ----29 Nov 2013 Love from Granny.

SMITH Colin Richard x Lynette. Father of Tony and Charles. Father-in-law of Debbie and Leon. Brother-in-law of Felicia, Cliff, Angela and Greg. Funeral at Stellawood Crematorium Chapel on 4 Dec 2013 at 10am. BELL 031 3014793.

STEIN Mannie + 28 Nov 2013 in Toronto at age 93 years. Father, grandfather, great-grandfather and surgeon. From Linda & Tony BERMAN, Lance BERMAN, Lara & Mark MYERSON, Kelly & Alfie CINAMON, Warren & Kimm SCHEWITZ, Tanya & Mark STERNBERG and greatgrandchildren.


BARNARD Gloria. 4 years gone now. Remembered by Denny, Sharon and Alan.

GOODWAY Clive 15 Sept 1935 ---30 Nov 2012 . Husband and father of Marilyn, Sandra, Renee, Neil and families.

KANNINGADU Petroneila (Marie Aunty) 21 May 1931 ---29 Nov 1993 Mother, grand and great-grandmother.

MOODLEY Merlyn 26 Aug 1970 -----30 Nov 1989. Remembered by Mum, Dad, family and friends.

PATHER P G (Mrs) (Asari) 16 Oct 1916 ---14 Jan 2013 . 1 Year Memorial at Residence 156 Manfred Drive Durban North on 7 Dec 2013 from 3---4pm. Supper after.

PILLAY Radha. Yearly Memorial on 1 Dec 2013 at Centenary Hall Umhloti Drift Temple from 10:30 -11am.Lunch thereafter.

RAI nee GAILLARD Ivy Florence + 29 Nov 2006. Remembered by your sisters Alice, Phyllis (Goo-goo) and your niece Joan.

14 December 2013


DEANA Dominique & Kevin a girl Gianna Lucy.

FERNANDES Andrew & Julia a boy Luke Shaun.

GOULD Byron & Kimber a boy Elijah.

HAWKENS Graeme & Tracey a boy Ryan Trevor.

HAYNES nee ADDISON Roger & Nicky a girl Chloe Elizabeth.

JONES -SYMCOX Olivia & Russel a boy Harvey Russel.

LEA /SAID James & Cara a girl Tori Jennifer.

MENDES Sergio & Jacqui a boy Rio Lorenzo.

SLOGROVE Dough & Lauren a girl Emma Grace.


NAICKER Deshnie. 21 Years today. From Mummy, Daddy and family.


BELL Charles Patrick 24 Sept 1957 --- 11 Dec 2013. Husband, father, grand and great-grandfather. Son, brother and uncle.

BOYDER Irma Lillian + 11 Dec 2013 at St Anne's . Mother of Laura and Henry. Grandmother to Brian and Katherine, Fiona, Ralph and Niall, Gigi to Bronwyn, Bella, Abigail, Ben and Rachel; Mother to Jacqui and Allison, grandmother Jessica, Celeste , Craig and Brendon.

DONALDSON Rene + 13 Dec 2013. Sister-in-law and aunt to Bryan, Thelma and family.

FRANCOIS Lynette Mary Rosalind 15 Feb 1942 ----11 Dec 2013. Service on 16 Dec 2013 at 12 noon at St Michael's Church. Cremation Private.

GABRIEL Lillian Muriel (Baby) of Wentworth. Mother of Felicity, Cheryl, Pamela, Mary-Ann, Alridge. Sister to Victor. Funeral on 17 Dec 2013 at 11:30am at St Gabriels Church Austerville Drive. Proceeding to Dudley Street Cemetery. ISIPINGO INC PAM'S.

JOHNSON Brian Howard + 12 Dec 2013 in Hospital. Companion of Ann. Friend of Chris MANN and Pat.

KASWAH Radha . Funeral on 14 Dec 2013. Body will lie in state at home 65 Tangerine Grove, Orient Park from 10am ---1:30pm. Proceeding to Clare Estate Crematorium. Cremation at 3pm. ISIPINGO INC PAM'S.

MATLALA Jacob "Baby Jake" + 7 Dec 2013 at Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital at age 51 years. He was four-time flyweight world champion boxer.Husband of Mapule. Father of Tshepo and Masego Funeral was in Randburg on 13 Dec 2013 at Rhema Bible Church.

MUNRO Peter Marquis 13 Feb 1935 ----11 Dec 2013 cancer x Val. Father of Jane and David, Susie and Chris, Mandy and Garth, Didi and Mark. Grandfather of 8. Funeral at St Andrew's Church Dargle on 16 Dec 2013 at 11am. OAKLEIGH 031 2059959.

NAIDOO G V Daddy x Kogie. Father of Charmaine and Rodney. Father-in-law of Kovilan, Sharmala. Grandfather of Jivashan, Shomalan, Saiyuka. Brother of Roy, Siva, Mummy, Dolly, Devi, Pam and Shumba. Son-in-law of Mr C K PILLAY and family. 16th Day Memorial at Clairwood Park Race Course on 17 Dec 2013. Prayers from 6-7pm. Thereafter supper.

NORTJE Daniel Johannes 4 Nov 1920 -----11 Dec 2013 x Doreen. Father of Ron, John, Brian. Memorial at Manning Rd Methodist Church on 19 Dec 2013 at 2pm. 

OLIVIER LT. Col. William John + 11 Dec 2013 at Nazareth Home x Gillian. Father of Louise, Craig and Frances. Son of + Ailsa OLIVIER. Love from Oz-family;

WILSON Colin + in London x Joy . Father to a son in his first marriage and now he has 3 children with Joy. He is a Britsh Author and 82 years old. He wrote 'The Outsider', it was his first book since he wrote more than 150 books.


KALY Sigamoney 11 Jan 1932 ---10 Dec 1993. Father of Cyril x Kogie. Grandfather of Bernise, Bernadine, Benedict and Jaco.

MICHAEL Derek Alvin Reginald 16 Dec 1950 ----3 July 2013 x Moira. Father of Nadia. Grandfather of Athalie (Talie Girl, Taya (Pinky Winky).

NAIDOO Lucille 26 Jan 1969 ----17 Dec 2012. Only Daughter of Bobby & Maliga NAIDOO. Only sister to Kriban and Neelan NAIDOO. Mother of Brendon and Chanelle.

NESBITT Bradley. 13 years now. Love from Colleen, Byron and Kerry; Ted and Beryl.

SEW Sandy 15 Dec 1948 -----19 Nov 2012 x Rainuka. Children and grandchildren.

SPIES Allan. 17 years ago he left us. X Carole. Father of Lenore, Brinton, Allison, Claude and families.

21 December 2013


DEANA Kevin & Dominique a boy Gianna Lucy.

FERNANDES Andrew & Julia a boy Luke Shaun.

HICKMAN MCINERNEY Andrew & Leanne a boy Jake * 19 Dec 2013. 1st Grandchild for Barry & Claudine.

JONES – SYMCOX Russel & Olivia a boy Harvey Russel.

LEA /SAID James & Cara a girl Tori Jennifer.

MENDES –Sergio & Jacqui a boy Rio Lorenzo.

SLOGROVE Doug & Lauren a girl Emma Grace.

TORRANCE Mark & Karin –a son Christopher.


CAREW Peter & Amy ALCOCK x 21 Dec 2013 at Marris Stella School Chapel. Both are 24 years. Daughter of Jeannie KINSLER and sister of Laura and Gemma.


ERASMUS Dave x Emmie. Father, grand and great-grandfather. Cremation Service on 24 Dec 2013 at Presbyterian Church Ester Roberts Rd Durban at 10am.

GOVENDER Chocklingam (Rajoo) x Jeeva. Father of Asogan & + Kogie. Brother of Gan, Siva & Mogie. Father-in-law of Pam & Roy and grandfather. 16th Day Memorial at MTSS Hall Merebank on 27 Dec 2013 at 6:30pm. Supper from 5:30pm.

HITE nee FIDDY Patricia Valerie (Patti) + 19 Dec 2013. Sister of Fid. Sister of Elizabeth (Liz) and Yvonne & Paul. Mother of Wilhelm (Wim), Alan & Liza. Grandmother of Ashleigh, Cole, Daniel, Amelia & Madison. Mother-in-law of Karen and Wendy. Godmother of Mark and friend of Rolf and Peter. No Funeral. Private Cremation.

JOHN Jean x + Andrew JOHN .Mother of Glynis,grandmother of Kyle and Sheldon. Sister of Machir and Ralph. Funeral at 7th Day Adventist Church Sydenham on 23 Dec 2013. Viewing from 1130---1230. Service 1230---130pm proceeding to Redhill Cemetery.

HUTCHINSON Clive Basil . Husband, father and grandfather of Renee, Vicki, Louise, Aidan, Liam and families. Brother and uncle. Hamba kahle James. Kevin, Kathy, Michelle and Lyndall and whole MUNRO Clan. DAILY NEWS Fri 20 Dec 2013

JUNG nee LUDIK Carol Ann 30 Jan 1955 -----20 Nov 2013. Mother of Dustin, Dean and Melissa. Grandmother toKeaton, Evan, Shiloh and Nicole. Sister and aunt. Memorial at Glenwood Presbyterian Church on 24 Dec 2013 at 14:30 pm

KUYKEN John 25 March 1937 -----20 Dec 2013. Father of Balerie and Barbara. Grandfather of Dylan and Christopher and great-grandfather. Memorial on 23 Dec 2013 at Pinetown Presbyterian Church at 2pm.

LAAS Fred + 15 Dec 2013 in Vryheid x Alma. Father of Christo, Isobel, Rudi, Karen, Kallie, Kris and Kayla.

MACK nee KUŸER Barbara + 19 Dec 2013 x Aubrey. Mother of Claire, Richard. Sister of Susan and her family. Funeral at The Church Of The Immaculate conception Pinetown on 24 Dec 2013 at 10am. OAKLEIGH TEL:- 031 2059959.

OLVER Janet (Janie ) . Daughter and sister of Jean, Nev, Sue, Robyn and Megan. Funeral Services on 23 Dec 2013 at the Holy Trinity Anglican Church Hillcrest at 2pm. OAKLEIGH TEL:- 031 2059959.


GOTHI John & Andrina. Remembered by Rose, Nicky, Prinolin and Leevin.

GOVENDER Vardarajalu + 19 Dec 1989. Missed by your children. RIP father.

HAMMOND Clive + 22 Dec 2012. Father of Mark, Kim, Daine, Jason, Carol, Nic, Merv and Honey.

HIGGS Alistair . You would have been 29 today. From Mumsy, Dad and Oliver.

ROSS Rosemary 12 Aug 1946 ----20 Dec 2012. Wife, mother and granny of Malcolm, Kerry, Craig, Tiffany, Samantha, Jenny ,Roland, Gary James, Ethan and Aiden.

28 December 2013


DEANA Dominique & Kevin a girl Gianna Lucy.

DREYER - JACKSON Brad & Tammy a boy Chayce Lee.

FERNANDES Andrew & Julia a boy Luke Shaun.

HODGSON Dean & Kirsty a boy Jake.

JONES -SYNCOX Olivia & Russel a boy Harvey Russel.

LEA / SAID James & Cara a girl Tori Jennifer.

MENDES Sergio & Jacqui a boy Rio Lorenzo.

SLOGROVE Dough & Lauren a girl Emma Grace.

TORRANCE Mark & Karin a boy Christopher.


BURGER /COURTENAY /SMITH Tim, Rozanne, Kevin and Tim announce engagement of Julie and Darren.

PHILLIPS Geoff & Leigh and Garry & Mary AHERN announce engagement of Malcolm and Elizabeth.

SCHULTZ /LEVITT Trevor & Liz announce engagement of their daughter Lauren to Attie, son of L;aas & Lynette SCHULTZ.

SWANEPOEL /DE BRUIN Tracy announce engagement of her daughter Rochelle to Jaco.


ADDINALL Ronald George . Husband ,father ,grandfather and great-grandfather .From Maureen, Pat, Patrick, Tim, Kerry, Arran, Tina, Tarryn, Michelle, Greg, Kyleigh and Juleigna. Memorial at MOTWA Haven Moore Rd on 30 Dec 2013 at 10am. SHANLEY'S 031 2057644.

COMBRINK Lt Col Yvonne (RET). Sympatie to Lourens and her family. Friend and
nursing colleague. From Heather, Cynthia, Teresa, Tubby and Phyllis. ;
Sympathy to Lourens, Nicky, Penny, Steve,Ethan and Anabel. From Ian, Rona
and families.

EDY Elsie 1 Jan 1922 -----25 Dec 2013 x + Jack EDY. Aunt of + Chris RICHARDS. Missed by Pam and Natalie, Chris and James.

EVANS David William x Bev for nearly 40 years. Father of Kate.

KNIGHTS Grace May 21 May 1924 ---28 Dec 2013 x Fred. Mother of Wendy and Barbara. Grand and great-grandmother.

MOODLEY TS (Stanley ).16th Day Memorial at Wyebank Funeral Parlour Hall Chatsworth on 1st Jan 2013 from 4pm ----6:30pm. TEL:- 031 4043536 /0825756388.

MOORE Patricia Florence (Pat) Funeral at St Olaf's Lutheran Church St Thomas Rd Durban on 6 Jan 2013 at 14:30pm.

NEL Gerhard Jacobus . On Sat 28 Dec 2013 at 11am. Service at The Little Chapel Pineville Junction Pinetown.Then to Lala Panzi Cemetery.
Refreshments at Stokers Arms Restaurant Kloof.

PILLAY Varthamal (Velima ) x + Balasundaran (Bobby) Marimuthu PILLAY. 16th Day Memorial at Wyebank Funeral Services Hall Chatsworth on 31 Dec 2013. Dinner from 16:30 .Service at 18 h00.

SOOBRAMONEY Viloshnee (Angela). Sister of Bubba, Devi, Vanitha, Jessie, Paul and Mervyn. Funeral at Verulam Maathar Sungam Hall on 28 Dec 2013 from 12noon ---3pm. Cremation at Verulam Crematorium at 3:30pm. VERULAM Funerals 032 5331602.

THESEN Paul + 26 Dec 2013 in Alexandria Eastern Cape at age 48 years. The world longest surviving heart transplant died in mysterious circumstances. He had 3 hearts during his lifetime. First doner heart was from a young black man at age 13. 2nd from a young white girl 3 years later. Transplants done by Dr Cris BARNARD and his brother Dr Marius BARNARD.

THOMAS Mervyn 26 July 1924 ---26 Dec 2013. Father, grand and great-grandfather. Funeral at Musgrave Methodist Church on 31 Dec 2013 at 11am. OAKLEIGH.

THORN Robert William. Funeral at St Michaels Anglican Church Umhlanga Rocks on 30 Dec 2013 at 10am. OAKLEIGH 031 2059959.

VAN BLERK Betty (Christine) + 26 Dec 2013. Missed by Peter & Family. Memorial at Trinity Methodist Church La Lucia on 30 Dec 2013 at 10vm.

VAN VUUREN Ruwan .Son of Maria, Jason and Mario. Cremation Service at P.P.K Soteria Congregation Bellair Durban on 31 Dec 2013 at 10am. Missed by parents and family. AVBOB 031 2061831.


BARNES Joseph Gladys .38 years gone now. Remembered by Lionel, May and families.

BISSCHOFF Charles. 23 years now. Husband, father and friend.

MOODLEY Gonaseelan (Gona) + 30 Dec 1983 .Father of Morgan, Krish, Anand, Vijay and families.

ROBERTSON nee BARRETT Joan. 9 years gone now. Mother of Diane and Gail.

WALLIS Shirley Anne x Brian.

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