Cape Frontier Times

Cape Frontier Times 1853 3 July - September

5 July 1853

DIED on Friday 1st July 1853, Mrs. M. KEULDER, the beloved wife of Charles H. KEULDER Esq, Field-cornet, aged 60 years and 3 months, after a few hours illness, leaving a disconsolate husband and 4 children to lament her loss. Her end was peace.

19 July 1853

BIRTH at King William’s Town on the 15th instant, Mrs. J.P. KIDSON of a daughter.

BIRTH at Fort Peddie on the 5th instant, the wife of N. O’CONNOR Esq, M.D, Staff Surgeon, of a daughter.

26 July 1853

Mr. RAWLINSON of Umgeni has again favoured the town of Pietermaritzburg by a shew and sale of the finest oranges the Colony can produce. We pronounce them unrivalled in size, quality and flavor.

2 August 1853

Accident to the Graham’s Town Mail
On Wednesday morning the mail from Graham’s Town dit [sic] not arrive till nearly one o’clock. We understand that this was owing to the Driver, who got out of the cart, somewhere in the neighbourhood of Sidbury, having received a severe kick from one of the horses, which deprived him of his senses, where he lay until he recovered. It is certainly rather remarkable that a horse so vicious, as seriously to injure the driver, should quietly remain still until the man recovered!

We are sorry to state that this gentleman met with a severe accident yesterday evening by which it is feared that some of his ribs have been broken. We understand that it was occasioned by his taking a false step when he was entering the building now being erected for a theatre, by which he was plunged down a flight of steps on to a piece of plank. We hear he is doing well,

9 August 1853

DIED on the 11th June at the farm of his Son-in-Law (Mr. C. F. JANSE VAN RENSBURG), Zandvlakte, in the District of Uitenhage, Mr. J.C. VOGEL, aged 85 years 9 months and 14 days.

23 August 1853

BIRTH at King William’s Town on Wednesday the 17th August, the Lady of C. BROWNLEE Esq, Gaika Commissioner, of a son.

30 August 1853

Municipal Advertisement
The following names of Voters within the Electoral Division of Graham’s Town have been registered by the Registering Officer. All parties whose names are not inserted therein are earnestly requested to register them on or before the 4th prox, in terms of the Constitution Ordinance, otherwise they will be disenfranchized.
By Order of the Board of Commissioners
Town Clerk
Town Office, Graham’s Town, Aug 27 1853

ALLISON, Samuel, Somerset-street, farmer.
ANDRIES, Thomas, Worcester street, shoemaker.
ASHLEY, John, Dell’s row, laborer.
ASPINALL, John Lincoln, near Oatlands, carpenter.
AUSTIN, Richard, Bathurst street, messenger M court.
ALLCOTT, James, do., coachmaker.
ALDUM, Aaron sen, Chapel street, laborer.
ASHINGTON, Stephen, do., laborer.
AMOS, Henry, Bathurst street, farmer.
ARMSTRONG, Robert, Bathurst street, carpenter.
ATHERSTONE, William Guybon, Hill street, M.D.
ATTWELL, Brooke, Bathurst street, bootmaker.
ADONIS, Graham’s Town Hottentot location, mason.
AYLIFF, Jonothan, Graham’s Town, attorney at law.
ADAM, Esauw, Location, laborer.
AFRICANDER, Klaas, Location, butcher’s servant.
AMBRAAL, John, Location, laborer.
ANDRIES, Cobus, Location, laborer.
ADAMS, Hendrick, Location, laborer.
AFRICA, Africa, Location, laborer.
BOYES, Robert Nairue, African street, barrackmaster.
BIRKENRUTH, Nathan, New street, merchant.
BLACK, James, do., do.
BARRABLE, Thomas, Somerset street, mason.
BLAINE, Henry, Worcester street, merchant.
BIGGS, James, suburbs, waggonmaker.
BROWN, William Thomas, High street, surveyor.
BLAKE, William, D’Urban street, clerk.
BECK, Andrew William, Somerset street, town clerk.
BERRY, Thomas, Albert street, laborer.
BODILY, John, Dell’s row, laborer.
BRISLIN, Charles, Beaufort street, mason.
BOWEN, Henry, Beaufort street, tailor.
BURGESS, G, rear of pound, laborer.
BENT, Richard, near Dundas bridge, builder.
BENJAMIN, Michael, High street, shopkeeper.
BLACKBEARD, Robert, King street, clerk.
BURNS, Edward John, Bathurst street, printer.
BRADFIELD, John, do., trader.
BAKER, --, King street.
BROOKS, Henry, do.
BROOKS, Bernard, do., canteen keeper.
BOYLE, James, Bathurst street, horse dealer.
BARR, Frederick, Beaufort street, pianoforte tuner.
BOWLES, William, Chapel street, farmer.
BOULTON, Thomas, Market square, Baptist Minister.
BELL, Edward Russell, Mill street, farmer.
BROOKSHAW, --, Market street, blacksmith.
BOOTH, Edward, Bathurst street, clerk.
BRISLIN, John, Artificer’s square, mason.
BARNFATHER, William, York street, surveyor.
BOSSO, John.
BEST, William, York street.
BEST, Robert, Fort England, hotel keeper.
BISHOP, John, Somerset street, gaoler.
BAGGOT, Johannes, storeman, Messrs. BLAINE’s ser.
BRUMMAGE, sen., Samuel, Market square, householder.
BRUMMAGE, jun., Samuel, do., brickmaker.
BOOY, Galant, High st., servant W.R. THOMPSON.
BATTEN, Mieling, Beaufort street, laborer.
BAX, Stephen, High street, storeman, service G. WOOD.
BASTARD, John, Location, laborer.
BRUINTJES, William, Location, laborer.
BREMNER, James Grindly, Bertram street, saddler.
BOSMAN, Philip, Location, laborer.
BLAUW, John, Location, laborer.
BLAKEMORE, Reuben, Beaufort street, sawyer.
BOOY, David, Location, storeman BLACK & Co.
CURRIE, Joseph, Graham’s Town, farmer.
COPELING, Jas., Bathurst st.,salesman B.M. SHEPPERSON.
COREY, John, Artificer’s square, wagonmaker.
CROUT, William Edward, King street, shopkeeper.
COMLEY, William, New street, gardener.
COGAN, James, do., gardener.
CARLISLE, Frederick, Suburbs, Deputy Sheriff
COCK, William, Worcester street, merchant
CROFT, Charles, Hill street, farmer.
CLAPPERTON, Henry, High street, shopkeeper.
COUSINS, Thomas, Hill street, mason.
COPELAND, William Shaw, Scott street, book-keeper.
CHARLTON, Henry, New street, baker.
CROUCH, sen., Richard, back New-street, tanner.
CURLING, Richard, Beaufort street, laborer.
CLARKE, George, do., farmer.
COLE, Francis Henry, High street, postmaster.
CAMPBELL, Colin Turing, do., agent.
CURRIN, Richard, African street, poundmaster.
CHADWICK, William, High street, shopkeeper.
CRAUSE, John, Chapel street, freeholder.
CLOUGH, George Carver, Bathurst street, shopkeeper.
COCKCROFT, Thomas, do., coachmaker.
CAWOOD, Samuel, High street, merchant.
CAMPBELL, Ambrose George, Lawrance street, surgeon.
COCKCROFT, William, do., farmer.
CYRUS, George, market, interpreter.
CYRUS, jun., Samuel, Lawrance street, tallow chandler.
CHAPMAN, Thomas, Bathurst street, Wesleyan Minister.
CROFT, Charles Thomas, Beaufort street, freeholder.
CARNEY, John, Artificer’s square, carpenter.
CROSS, M., do., laborer.
COCKCROFT, Charles, York street, freeholder.
CURRIE, Walter, do., farmer.
CAMPBELL, John, High street, Clerk of the Peace.
CLYDESDALE, Robert, African street, messenger.
CASCAS, Piet, Location, laborer.
COBUS, Abraham, Location, laborer.
COBUS, Isaac, do., do.
COUGHLIN, Jeremiah, New street, laborer.
CUMMINGS, George, Suburbs, turner.
CORNER, Cornelius, New street, carpenter.
CRUMP, Henry, High street, merchant.
COLLINS, Alfred, Bog-may-fin, tailor.
DAVID, Paul, Location, laborer.
DOLD, William, Dell’s row, laborer.
DOWNING, Thomas, African-street, mason.
DOUGLAS, John, High street, shopkeeper.
DICK, John, Somerset street, laborer.
DICKS, Samuel, Somerset street, baker.
DUTTON, Daniel, do., mason.
DUFFIELD, George, Hill street, laborer.
DICKER, Walter, New street, gunsmith.
DE BEER, ---, Hill street, Commissariat clerk.
DEVEREUX, Aidan, Beaufort street, Bishop.
DYKE, Stephen, do., canteen keeper.
DICKS, James, Somerset street.
DURNEY, Michael Henry, High street, shopkeeper.
DELL, Stephen William, do., upholsterer.
DICK, John, do., tailor.
DEWBERRY, Leonard, Chapel street, superin. of water.
DAWKINS, --, do., laborer.
DELL, Edward Hunt, Dundas street, farmer.
DOLD, James, Bathurst street, butcher.
DREDGE, Christopher, Chapel street.
DEAN, Thomas, King street, carpenter.
DIXIE, Philip, Bathurst street, shopkeeper.
DICKS, Benjamin, Bathurst street, baker.
DOGHERTY, Neil, St.George’s street, currier.
DUGMORE, Henry Hare, Market-street, Wes. Minister.
DIXON, John Henry, do., freeholder.
DENNISON, george, Lawrance street, carrier.
DELY, William, Graham’s Town, clerk Civil Com.
DE SMIDT, William, Graham’s Town, do.
DALLAS, sen., John, Goodwin’s Kloof, superintend. C.E.
EDWARDS, Thomas, Hill street, collector.
EEDES, John, New and Somerset streets, librarian.
EDWARDS, James, Suburbs, carter and laborer.
EDMUNDS, John, Somerset street, laborer.
ENNIS, William, Settlers hill, farmer.
EDWARDS, Richard, Hill street, blacksmith.
EEDES, sen., Edmund, Fort England, storeman.
EDDIE, William Cruikshank, Campbell street, surgeon.
EVERLY, James, Beaufort street, canteenkeeper.
EDKINS, Joseph, do., shopkeeper.
ESTMENT, William, do., do.
ELLIOTT, ---, back of do.
ERSKINE, Alexander, Beaufort street, shopkeeper.
ECKLEY, printer, (Port Elizabeth).
EMMS, Thomas, do., laborer.
EDKINS, John, Campbell street, farmer.
ESTMENT, Henry, Market square, carrier.
FINAUGHTY, John Henry, Suburbs, freeholder.
FOLEY, Thomas, Hill street, clerk.
FORDRED, James, High street, shopkeeper.
FRANKLIN, John George, do., editor.
FARLEY, William, do., shoemaker.
FRIEDLANDER, Marcus, New street, tailor.
FARLEY, George, New street, hair cutter.
FAIRCLOTH, James, back of  do., constable.
FITZGERALD, Michael, Beaufort street, clerk.
FRAY, Charles, Chapel street, smith.
FIELDING, --, Beaufort street.
FUTTER, Thomas, Beaufort street, shopkeeper.
FAIRCLOTH, Joseph, do., shoemaker.
FULLER, Henry, Hill street, farmer.
FLETCHER, William Augustus, High street, confectioner.
FRAMES, George Charles, Market square, merchant.
FULLER, Charles, Lawrance street, farmer.
FINN, William, Hill street, mason.
FORRESTER, Richard, York street.
FUTTER, George, do., shoemaker.
FADDY, Peter Pickmore, do., Capt. Royal Artillery.
FERREIRA, Andries Hercules, Fort England, carrier.
FREEMANTLE, Samuel, Bathurst street, painter.
FOORD, William Williams, New-street, clerk.
FARREL, John, Beaufort street, servant.
FORTUIN. Antonie, Location, laborer.
FIFIELD, Francis, Hill street, dyer and scourer.
FEAGEN, Patrick, Suburbs, sawyer.
FROST, William, Market square, laborer.
FITZGERALD, John, Beauft street, clerk Messrs. CAWOOD
GATONBY, Peter Fraser, York street, book keeper.
GLASS, John, New street, sawyer.
GLASS, Thomas, Somerset street, do.
GLASS, William, do., mason.
GLASS, Benjamin, do., do.
GORRIE, James, Hill-street, printer.
GEORGE, William, High-street, hotelkeeper.
GODFREY, Henry, Somerset street, blacksmith.
GOODES, Joseph William, African street, clerk.
GOODWIN, William, back of New street, carpenter.
GOLDSWAIN, Jeremiah, Settler’s hill, farmer.
GODLONTON, Robert, Beaufort street, editor.
GILBERT, George, Somerset street, freeholder.
GALPIN, John, High street, watchmaker.
GRAHAM, George, Queen street, laborer.
GALAGHER, Thomas, Bathurst street, watchmaker.
GUNN, George, back of Beaufort street, coachmaker.
GARDNER, John Samuel, Campbell street, clerk.
GRIFFIN, William, Chapel street.
GRUBB, Charles, Market square, wagonmaker.
GRADWELL, John, St.George’s street, shopkeeper.
GREEN, Joseph, Beaufort street, baker.
GUNN, William, Artificer’s square.
GLASS, James, do., carpenter.
GODFREY, Robert, York street.
GOWIE, Charles Ross, Bathurst street, clerk.
GOLDSWAIN, Jeremiah sen., Beaufort street, farmer.
GALANT, Plaatje, Location, laborer.
GOOSEN, Abraham, do., laborer.
GASKELL, Thomas, Fort England, wool sorter.
GREEN, William, High st. storeman, ser. J. LAWRANCE.
GAW, William, Allen’s row, laborer.
GEOGHEGAN, James, Beauft street, clerk Messrs. JARVIE.
GRANT, Richard, Bathurst street, cooper.
GRIFFITHS, James, West hill, coachman Mr. BLAINE.
GRAHAM, Robert, Bathurst street, Res. Magistrate.
HARDING, John, African street, laborer.
HOWSE, Nathaniel, Somerset street, merchant.
HEWSON, William, Worcester street, gardener.
HYDE, Alexander, High-street, canteen keeper.
HAYTON, John, Somerset-street, storekeeper.
HALL, sen., Ben., Worcester-street, sexton and carpenter.
HALL, jun., Benjamin, do., carpenter.
HOLESGROVE, William, Bertram street, clerk.
HARTMAN, Johan Godlieb, New-street, carpenter.
HEWSON, John, do., baker.
HOOLE, James Cotterell, do., householder.
HOWARTH, William, sen., Scott-street, messenger.
HOOLE, Abel Worth, New-street, householder.
HIGGINS, Edmund, do., mason.
HUGHES, Joseph, Smith’s street, tailor.
HEATH, Alexaeder [sic], Dell’s Row, laborer.
HENDRICK, John, Settler’s hill, do.
HAY, Alexander, Hiill street, clergyman.
HUGHES, John, do., clerk.
HARLEY, John, Beaufort street, tallow chandler.
HANNAN, John, Somerset street, mason.
HEAVYSIDE, John, High street, Colonial Chaplain.
HAW, William, do., shopkeeper.
HERBERT, William, rear of Pound.
HART, Joseph, High street, undertaker.
HOCKEY, Benjamin, Bathurst street, shopkeeper.
HARPER, Henry, do, carpenter.
HANCOCK, Edward, King street, wool presser.
HARTLY, William, Chapel street, clerk.
HOSIE, Alexander, do., pensioner.
HORN, Robert, Chapel street, laborer.
HUNTLEY, Charles Hugh, Queen street, clerk.
HUBBARD, Isaac, Bathurst street, shopkeeper.
HILLIER, --, Chapel street.
HAYWARD, Thomas, King street, farmer.
HINDS, George D., Bathust street, baker.
HOLSTOCK, Thomas, do., laborer.
HOCKEY, William, Bathurst street, shopleeper.
HARTLEY, William, do., baker.
HAW, Edward, High street, agent.
HARVEY, John, Beaufort street.
HAMILTON, James, back of do.,saddler.
HARPER, John, do., carpenter.
HEWSON, Frederick, Hill street, gunsmith.
HUME, David, Market square, trader.
HANNAY, David, Lawrance street, farmer.
HONEY, Jeremiah, Market street, do.
HAW, Simon, do., freeholder.
HOLLAND, Robert, Bathurst street, agent.
HOLLAND, Thomas, do., clerk E.P. Bank.
HALL, Benjamin, Artificer’s square, tailor.
HAYWARD, Thomas, New street, mason.
HARTLEY, David Thomas, Bathurst street, clerk E.P.B.
HILL, Cumberland, Market square, blacksmith.
HENRY, John, back New street, laborer.
HALTAN, Levenaar, Location, laborer.
HEALY, Patrick, Artificer’s square, blacksmith.
HAYLAND, William, Bathurst street, canteen keeper.
HOLESGROVE, William, Market square, butcher.
HUNT, Samuel, Bathurst street, clerk G. WOOD.
HOWARTH, William, Scott street, carpenter.
HANCOCK, Richard, High st, storeman Messrs. CAWOOD.
HALL, Robert George, New street, carpenter.
HARTLEY, John, Cape Corps barracks, canteen keeper.
HOLMES, Henry, do., mason.
HOGGAN, David, York street, do.
HILL, Peter, do, tailor.
HILL, John, do, wagonmaker.
HUTCHINSON, Henry, do., general agent.
HEYNS, Andries, Location, laborer.
HERHOLDT, Gerrit, do., clerk Resident Magistrate.
I’ONS, Frederick, York street, artist.
IRVING, Edward, New street, clerk.
IRVINE, Alexander Napier, New street, gunsmith.
INGLE, William Thomas, Bathurst street.
IMPEY, jun., George, Bathurst street, clerk.
IMPEY, sen., George, do., accountant.
IRONMONGER, John, Somerset street, clerk.
JARVIE, Robert, New street, merchant.
JAFFRAY, John Lockhart, African street, bookbinder.
JAFFRAY, William Mackillop, New street, merchant
JACKSON, Joseph, do., canteen keeper.
JARVIS, George, High street, attorney.
JEROME, Joseph, Artificer's square, tailor.
JENNINGS, -- Lawrence street, farmer.
JOHNSTONE, George, York street, gardener.
JONES, Charles, Hill street, carpenter.
JANTJES, Joseph, Graham's Town location, gardener.
JOHNSON, April, do. do., laborer.
JANSEN, Joseph, Graham's Town, groom.
JOSEPH, John, do. location, laborer.
JACOBS, Gerhardus Cornelis, Artificer's square, printer.
JAFFRAY, John, Graham's Town, teacher.
JANTJES, Abraham, Location, butcher's servant.
JEPHTA, Jacob, Location, laborer.
JAAGERS, Willem, Location, butcher's servant.
JANSEN, Jacob, Location, carrier.
JONES, James Griffith, Bathurst street, carpenter.
JAMIESON, Alexander, Settler's hill, clerk R.B. STONE.
JONES, James, back of New street, carpenter & joiner.
KAPEL, Thomas, Beaufort street, turner.
KELLY, William, York street, commissariat issuer.
KEMP, James, New-street, gardener.
KEMP, James. do., carrier.
KINGSLEY, John, Cross-street, vet.surgeon C.M.R.
KNOWLES, William, New street, hotel keeper.
KEW, Patrick, High sreet, tailor.
KINGSLEY, Thomas, Worcester street, clerk.
KEMPTON, John Tonkin, Dell's row, mason.
KNOTT, Kemp, Settler's hill, farmer.
KING, Philip, do., town crier
KETTLES, David, do., wardmaster.
KROHN, Nicolas Peter, Beaufort street, merchant.
KING, Francis, Bathurst street, mason.
KING, Thomas Francis, Market square, builder.
KIDWELL, Thomas, George street, wagonmaker.
KEMP, William, Somerset street, canteen keeper.
KING, Andrew, Lawrence street, carpenter.
KEIGHTLEY, William, Lawrence street, painter.
KENSIT, William, Bathurst street, storekeeper.
KENNELLY, Dennis Harper, Hill street, merchant.
KEIGHTLEY, Joseph, do., mason.
KEMP,William, Artificer's square, farmer.
KOCK, Maynard's, do., clerk.
KELLY, William, York street, laborer.
KING, Benjamin, Beaufort street, carrier.
KOCK, Daantje, back of New street, shoemaker.
KNOWLES, Henry, Bathurst street, apothecary.
KIEVIDO, Gert, Location, pensioner.
KALANIE, Jonas, do., laborer.
KELLY, Michael, Graham's Town, woolsorter.
LAING, James, above Somerset street, laborer.
LE BRUN, Joseph, Somerset street, clerk.
LEVEY, Joseph Brilliant, Hill street, tailor.
LARTER, Samuel, High street, club man.
LUCAS, Frederick, do., Sec. E.PT. Company.
LAMBS, Frederick, do., laborer.
LATHAM, Joseph, High-street, clerk.
LATHAM, Henry, Somerset street, laborer.
LANGFORD, Thomas, Suburbs, bookkeeper.
LUCAS, Phillip William, High street, cashier.
LUCAS, John, do., sawyer.
LEVEY, Charles, King street, carpenter.
LARNEY, John, High street, laborer.
LONG, Philip, Bathurst street, blacksmith.
LOCKER, --, Beaufort street, shopkeeper.
LENHAM, Thomas, Market square, bricklayer.
LEPPAN, George, Bathurst street, tinsmith.
LAWRENCE, Joseph, High street, auctioneer.
LEONARD, John, Market square, carrier.
LOWE, Daniel, Artificer's square, tailor.
LIDDLE, Wm Frederick, Bathurst street, Priv. Sec. Gov.
LAVEL, Camies, Location, laborer.
LYNCH, Michael, Market square, laborer.
LYNX, Willem, Location, laborer.
LYONS, John, Dundas street, laborer.
LEONARD, Hugh, New street, laborer.
LATHAM, Charles, High street, carpenter.
McKEEN, -- , near Dundas bridge, laborer.
McDERMID, John, African street, laborer.
MERRIMAN, Nathaniel James, Cross street, Archdeacon.
McALONAN, David, above Somerset street, laborer.
McKAY, George, Somerset street, laborer.
MANLEY, William, Hill street, farmer.
McMASTER, Joseph, High street, merchant.
McKEATING, James, do., bootmaker.
McKELLY, John, Somerset street, shopkeeper.
MACDONALD, Alexander, New-street, carpenter.
McZWART, --, Scott street, laborer.
MAIDWELL, Robert, back of New street, laborer.
MURPHY, Thomas, Dell's row, laborer.
MILLER, Joseph, Hill street, farmer.
McCORMICK, Patrick, Beaufort street, carrier.
MARTIN, John, do., laborer.
MARTIN, George, New Street, barman.
MANDY, Stephen Day, High street, wine merchant.
McKENZIE, Adam Jas. Bathurst street, canteenkeeper.
MURFIN, Joseph, Chapel street, carpenter.
MUIRE, John, King Street, tailor.
MORTIMER, --, Chapel Street, laborer.
MOORE, Richard Thomas, King street, clerk.
MATTHEWS, Servington, Chapel street, milkman.
MURRAY, Richard, Queen street, tanner.
MILLER, William, do., farmer.
MARSH, James Pickton, back of do., watchmaker.
MILLER, John, do., cabinet maker.
MARSH, George Deakin, do., trader
MIDGELEY, James, Chapel street, mason.
MILLS, G., King street, carpenter.
MUMFORT, William, King street, farmer.
MORGAN, Alex. Braithwaite, Beaufort street, surgeon
MARSHALL, Edward, High street, farmer.
MILLER, sen., William, Bathurst street, carpenter.
MILLER, James, Beaufort street, butcher.
MACKALLAH, Joseph, back of Beaufort st., shopkeeper.
MEURANT, Louis Henry, Hill street, farmer.
MUNDY, Stephen, High street, shopkeeper.
MURTON, Robert, Market square, canteenkeeper.
MILLER, Thomas, Hill street, farmer.
McCALL, James, Artificer's square, collector.
McCLEAN, Charles, do., carrier.
MIDGELEY, Thomas, Fort England, laborer.
MARCUS, Frederick, Hill street, shopkeeper.
MARGEMAN, Cupido, Location, laborer.
MANUELS, Piet, do., coachman service of W. WRIGHT.
MATROOS, Hendrik, do., shoemaker.
MATTHEWS, Anthony, Artificer's square, constable.
MOZINGO, Harry, High st., ser. W.R.THOMPSON, sen.
McCABE, John, Cross street,, clerk CAWOOD's service.
MOXAY, William, New street, bricklayer.
MACDONALD, William, Robert street, carpenter.
MITCHELLEY, Peter, New street, wagonmaker.
MARSHALL, Arnoldus, Market square, wagonmaker.
MORES, Thomas, Location, laborer.
MURRAY, Robert, Queen street, tanner.
MORTIMER, Michael, Market square, weaver.
MARSHALL, John, African street, laborer.
NOURSE, Henry, High street, freeholder.
NELSON, Thomas, Hill street, merchant.
NORTON, Thomas, Chapel street, carrier.
NICHOLLS, George John, New street, merchant.
NIEUVELD, Frederick, Location, laborer.
O'BRIEN, John, Somerset street, canteen keeper.
O'DONNELL, Hugh, New street, do.
O'REILLY, Anthony Alexander, Beaufort street, Lt. Col.
OGILVIE, William, High street, shopkeeper.
ORSMOND, Charles, York street, market master.
ORSMOND, Richard, New street, canteen keeper.
O'REILLY, John, Hill street, tailor.
OATES, Samuel, do., clerk.
ORSMOND, John, York street, shopkeeper.
OGILVIE, Alfred, New street, clerk Messrs. JARVIS.
PASKIN, John Josiah, New street, shopkeeper.
POWELL, William, Hill street, saddler.
POTE, Charles, High street, auctioneer.
PALMER, George, Somerset street, farmer.
PASSMORE, Thos. Emanuel, Bertram street, carpenter.
PAYNE, Richard, Bertram street, do.
PRESTON, William, New street, do.
PASKIN, John, New street, shopkeeper.
PHILLIPS, William, Dell's row, laborer.
PEARSON, Charles, back of Worcester street, do.
POULTON, Charles, Hill street, mason.
PAXTON, William, Beaufort street, carpenter.
PATRICK, Benjamin, do., carrier.
PARKINS, William, near Oatlands, carpenter.
PRIOR, Joshua, near Dundas bridge, farmer.
POTTER, William, High street, freeholder.
PENNEY, Aunger Brock, High street, blacksmith.
PATRICK, M., King street.
PIKE, --, High Street, clerk.
PRENDERGRAST, --, do., laborer.
PHILLIPS, George, Chapel street, farmer.
PARKER, James, High street, ironmonger.
POWELL, jun., James, Beaufort street, wagonmaker.
POWELL, Phillip, back of Beaufort street, do.
POWELL, sen., James, Beaufort street, householder.
PEEL, Thomas, Beaufort street, farmer.
PARKER, Thomas Hambly, Bathurst street, shopkeeper.
PIKE, William, Market square, do.
PEARCE, Joseph, Lawrence street, carrier.
PENNY, Phillip, Market street, farmer.
POTE, Peter, do., clerk.
PAKENHAM, Charles, Bathurst street, merchant.
PHILLIPS, John, Artificer's square, cabinetmaker.
PATRICK, John, Somerset street, canteen keeper.
POLLARD, Thomas, Graham's Town.
PHILLIP, Daniel, African street, mason.
PANKHURST, sen., John, Scott's farm, farmer.
PIETERS, Jurie, Location, wagon driver.
PRESENT,do., laborer.
PARKER, Thomas Hambly, jun., Bft st,, clerk F.C.& A.B.
POOLE, Thomas, Suburbs, laborer.
PARKER, Richard, Graham's Town, wool sorter.
PIETERSEN, Arie, Location, mason.
PEKEUR, Tontje, do., thatcher.
PEARCE, Henry, Artificer's square, clerk KENNELLY & Co.
PLAATJES, Andries, Location, laborer.
PRESENCE, Daniel, Location, laborer.
PLAATJES, Plaatjes, Location, laborer.
PARSONS, James, Dundas street, laborer.
PERRIN, Thomas, Beaufort street, mason.
QUIN, junior, John, Artificer's square, printer.
QUIN, senior, John, Suburbs, laborer.
QUIRK, Daniel, do. Sheriff's officer.
RHODES, Charles, Hill street, watch and clock maker.
RAWSTORNE, John Geo., Worcester street, Brigade Major.
READ, Robert, Hill street, apothecary.
ROBERTS, Samuel, do., shoemaker,
ROBERTS, Henry, African street, mason.
RHODES, Joseph, New street, watchmaker.
ROBINSON, William, Somerset street, messenger.
ROBERTS, Henry, do., mason.
ROBERTS, Benjamin, High street, clerk.
ROBERTS, William, Chapel street, carpenter.
ROBERTS, John, Chapel street, carpenter.
RANDEN, back of Beaufort street.
RUTHERFOORD, Henry Ball, High street, merchant.
RICHARDS, George, Market square, printer.
REYNOLDS, Richard, Lawrance street, laborer.
RAVENALL, William, Market street, shoemaker.
ROWLES, Solomon Estcourt, Beaufort street, printer.
ROBERTS, Richard, Hill street, storekeeper.
RIEKIE, John, Artificer's square, clerk.
REYNOLDS, William, York street.
RETALLICK, Charles, New street, smith.
RORKE, Michael, Graham's Town, Qr. Mr. Cape Corps.
REYNOLDS, Robert Henry, High street, shoemaker.
ROUSUE, William, Beaufort street, gardener.
ROBERTS, James, Campbell street, salesman BLACK & Co.
ROOY, Isaac, Location, laborer.
RUSSELL, Richard, Chapel street, carpenter.
RUITERS, Swartboy, Location, laborer.
SHORT, Francis, Cross-street, Ordnance messenger.
SMITH, Walter, Hill street, painter.
STANDEN, Jonathan, High street, cashier.
STONE, James John Henry, High street, attorney.
STREET, Samuel, Bathurst street, stationer.
SIMPSON, Richard, Somerset street, shopkeeper.
SCOTT, David, Somerset street, do.
SURMON, William, Scott street, police force.
SURMON, Thomas, do., carpenter.
SMITH, Robert Henry, Albert street, shoemaker.
STEWARD, M ,back of New street.
STREAK, sen. William, Hill street, thatcher.
STOKES, George, Beaufort street, farmer.
STONE, Richard Graham, Beaufort street, agent.
STANGER, Samuel, do., accountant.
STRACHAN, Somerset street, carrier.
STUBBS, Thomas, High street, saddler.
SWAN, John, do., butcher.
STANTON, Robert, Hill street, blacksmith.
SPARKS, Robert, High street, carrier.
SPARKS, Henry, do., carpenter.
SHAW, William, do., Gen. Super. Wes. Missions.
SHEPHERD, Joseph, Chapel street, tallow chandler.
SANDERS, Thomas George, Chapel street, saddler.
STREAK, William, Bathurst street, carpenter.
SHAW, Thomas, do., do.
STYLE, Thomas Graat, Bathurst street, canteen keeper.
SWAIN, William, Bathurst street, painter.
SAMPSON, David, Bathurst street, farrier.
SANSOM, James, Beaufort street, carrier.
SHEPPERSON, Benj. Matthew, Bathurst street, shopkeeper.
SMITH, William Collins, do., shoemaker.
STREAK, William Samuel, Beaufort street, carpenter.
SHEPHERD, B, Hill street, carpenter.
SHEPHERD, William, High street, tallow chandler.
SHORT, John, Lawrance street, farmer.
SLATER, Isaac Faulkner, Hope’s garden, attorney.
SCANLEN, William, Bathurst street, freeholder.
STEAD, George, Beaufort street, tinsmith.
SLATER, Charles, do., tallow chandler.
SELWYN, William, Hill street, clerk.
STRATFORD, Anthony Baldwin, York street, freeholder.
SMITH, John Crawford, do., carrier.
SOLE, Alfred, do.
SHONE, Thomas, do., mechanic.
STANTON, sen., William, Somerset street, fieldcornet.
SMITH, John Hancorn, New street, farmer.
SEPTEMBER, Johannes, Grm's Tn, Hot. Location, mason.
SAMSON, Christoffel,, coachman.
STRATFORD, Anthony Baldwin, Church square, gentlemen, registered in Municipal books.
SANDERS, Alexander, High street, saddler.
STACK, Thomas, Bathurst street, clerk, service of B.M. SHEPPERSON.
SMITH, Wm., Market square, storeman, ser. J. TEMLETT.
SALEM, John, Grm's Tn, groom, Lt BELFIELD's service.
STYLE, James, New-street, carrier.
SWART, Hans, Location, laborer.
SHEAR, Thomas, Market square, laborer.
SANDFORD, Henry, High street, carpenter.
SNEL, Ruiter, Location, laborer.
SMYTH, Edward Robert, Market square, blacksmith.
SELLERS, William, Market street, blacksmith.
SMITH, Benjamin, Market street, blacksmith.
SLINGER, Christian, High street, servant Mr. SHAW.
STEPHENS, Joseph, Bog-may-fin, mason.
TROWBRIDGE, Thomas, Location, storeman, M. BENJAMIN.
TEMLETT, John, Market square, shopkeeper.
TAMBOOR, Joseph, High st., laborer, ser. N. BIRKENRUTH.
THOMPSON, Robert, Suburbs, sailmaker.
TRIBE, Dan., Fort England, clerk, F. CARLISLE’s employ.
TOPPER, Thomas Robert, Graham's Town, printer.
TROTTER, William, Market square, none.
TABB, John, Chapel street, laborer.
THOMAS, James, York street, carpenter.
TUFFLEY, John, Suburbs, gardener.
THOMAS, James, Hill street, shopkeeper.
TILDESLEY, Samuel, Hill street, jeweller.
THARRATT, John, back of New street, wagoner.
TALBOTT, John, Settler's hill, citizen.
TUDHOPE, Francis, Hill street, teacher.
TAYLOR, Edward Thomas, do., apothecary.
TURNER, Charles, rear of Pound, blacksmith.
TROLLIP, sen., Joseph, King street, freeholder.
TEMLETT, James, Beaufort street, clerk.
THOMPSON, Daniel, Bathurst street, shopkeeper.
TAYLOR, Joseph, High street, shopkeeper.
TEMLETT, James, Market square, storekeeper.
THOMPSON, Wm. Y., Lawrance street, Trinity Ch. Min.
THOMPSON, jun.,William Rowland, High street, merchant.
THOMPSON, sen.,William Rowland, do., do.
USHER, Henry, Queen street, clock maker.
USHER, James, Lawrance street, farmer.
URRY, Robert, Artificer's square, tailor.
ULYATE, Henry, Lawrance street, farmer.
VICE, John, Market square, carrier.
VICE, James, New street, butcher.
VESSELS, Manier, back New street, laborer.
VAN PLASTER, John, Settler’s hill, laborer.
VAN DER VENT, Adam, Location, carrier.
VAN HEEREN, Roelof, Location, servant James MILLER.
WHILEY, James, Hill street, baker.
WHEELDON, John, Hill street, baker.
WEBSTER, George, Suburbs, wagonmaker.
WEBSTER, William, Hill street, do.
WEBB, William, New street, carrier.
WOOD, George, New street, shopkeeper.
WELSH, John, Scott street, constable.
WEDDERBURN, sen., William, New street, shopkeeper.
WOODLAND, Henry, New street, thatcher.
WEDDERBURN, jun., William, New street, turner.
WHEELDON, James, New street, blacksmith.
WHITE, Robert, Beaufort street, printer.
WEBSTER, William, High street, chief constable.
WOOD, George, do., merchant.
WILLIAMS, John. do., shopkeeper.
WATSON, William, Hill street, carpenter.
WHITTLE, William, near Dundas bridge.
WRIGHT, William, High street, merchant.
WRIGHT, James, Chapel street, butcher.
WICKS, George, King street, wheelwright.
WEBB, Christopher, Chapel street, shopkeeper.
WIGGETT, William, Queen street, clerk.
WALKER, Thomas, do., carpenter.
WOOD, William, do., shoemaker
WRIGHT, James, do.
WINK, Henry, Bathurst street, canteen keeper.
WAKEFORD, Chapel street.
WILKIE, Beaufort street.
WALLACE, jun., James, do., farmer.
WALKER, Joseph, Bathurst street, shopkeeper.
WEBB, John, do., carrier.
WICKS, William, York street, carrier.
WELBELOVE, Richard, do., shoemaker.
WEBSTER, John, Lawrance street, mason.
WILSON, E, Market.
WEBBER, William, Market street, laborer.
WEBB, Charles, Bathurst street, painter.
WOOD, John, Beaufort street, storekeeper.
WADE, Thomas, Hill street, carrier.
WEBBER, Robert, Artificer's square, shopkeeper.
WRIGHT, Charles, do., clerk.
WATSON, George, York street.
WATSON, Charles, do., gardener.
WALLACE, sen., James, do., farmer.
WARREN, Robert, do., clerk.
WEBB, Robert, Fort England, butcher.
WILD, Thomas, do., carrier.
WARDHAUGH, James, High street, tailor.
WELLS, George, Settler’s hill, shoemaker.
WEAKLEY, Joseph, Somerset street, wheelwright.
WILLMORE, Gregory, Hill street, commis. storekeeper.
WHITEHEAD, Stephen, Hill street, tailor.
WEAKLEY, John, Somerset street, storekeeper.
WHYTE, Andw., Dundas bridge, clerk W. JAFFRAY’s ser.
WILLOWS, Thomas, Graham's Town, butcher.
WALLIS, Wm. Horner, Somerset st., clerk, JARVIE & Co.
WATERS, William, Chapel street, laborer.
WALTER, Henry, African street, laborer.
WHIBDY, William, High street, storeman G. WOOD.
WALKER, Jos. Valentine, Bat. st., salesman N.P. KROHN.
WINDVOGEL, Gert, Location, laborer.
WINDVOGEL, Gerrit, do., do.
WILLIAMS, John, Location, carrier.
WARD, Henry, Beaufort street, clerk.
WALLIS, George, Somerset street, saddler.
WENIGROTH, James, Settler’s hill, blacksmith.
WIID, John, New street, printer.
WEDDERBURN, John, New street, wagonmaker.
WINDVOGEL, Klaas, Location, thatcher.
WALLACE, William, Somerset street, Gar. Sgt Major.
WARREN, Thomas Hewlett, Fort England, clerk.
WOOD, William, High street, ironmonger.
WELLBELOVED, James, Smith street, tailor.
YELLING, William, Hill street, canteen keeper.
YELLING, Joseph, do., do.

13 September 1853

A report has reached town that the notorious Hans BRANDER died lately in the neighbourhood of the Kei of the wounds received in the engagement in the Fish River Bush, between the police, under Walter CURRIE, and his rebel band. UMLANGENI the prophet is also reported to be dead. At the late interview between His Excellency and the Gaika chiefs, MACOMO complained that the land assigned to them was too small for them to live in, and all the chiefs were dissatisfied, when the Governor assured them that there was no prospect of getting back the Amatolas.

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