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Cape Frontier Times 1853 2 April - June

12 April 1853

To all persons who may have purchased Plots of Land, part of Erven No. 117 and 118 in Beaufort-street, Graham’s Town from the Executors to the Estate of the late John ARMSTRONG, and hereby called upon to produce such Vouchers and other Documents thas [sic] they may be possessed of, or proof of such purchase, to the undersigned, to enable him to procure separate titles to the lots so sold.
It being the intention of the undersigned to sell the remainder of the Property at an early opportunity, parties failing to identify their purchases, as above called on to do, must hold themselves responsible for any loss occasioned thereby.
F. LUCAS q.q.

Court Martial

It appears that a general court-martial has lately been held at King William’s Town, for the purpose of trying Thomas SIMPSON and Charles KENT, waggon proprietors, accused of expressing wishes for the prolongation of the war, and of suggesting means to that end. Charles KENT, it seems, is not to be found, and has accordingly been outlawed by a general order dated the 4th inst and banished from British Kaffraria, and this document further threatens him with apprehension and delivery to justice should he return there. Nothing is mentioned in the general order about the other person but the charge against him. A waggon proprietor, named James MARTIN, has also been tried by a general court martial on two charges of theft, viz, stealing one bullock on the 4th and two bullocks on the 18th the property of the contractor; but was found guilty of the 2nd charge only. He was sentenced to 168 days’ imprisonment with hard labour, which punishment the Commander-in-Chief commuted to 8 days’ confinement without hard labour.

Begs to inform the Public that he has removed to the Premises adjoining Baptist Chapel, Bathurst-street, where he has a General Assortment of Goods, suitable to a Tailoring Business.

19 April 1853

On Wednesday evening last Mr. H. DE VILLIERS of Klein Drakenstein, whilst driving a heavily laden wagon to town, was blown from his seat by the strong gale then prevailing, near the 6th mile stone, on the hard road. The wheels unfortunately passed over him, and the fractures which he received were so severe that within a few minutes life was extinct. Mr. VILLIERS was in the prime of life, not having attained his 33rd year.

26 April 1853

BIRTH, the Lady of E.M. COLE Esq of a daughter, on the 6th instant, at Burgher’s Dorp.

DIED on the 22nd instant, at Graham’s Town, Mr. J.W. MANDY, aged 39 years and 10 months.
Graham’s Town, April 23rd, 1853.

17 May 1853

Important Sale
Of that Valuable Property
The Undersigned intends selling by auction, in front of Mr. POTE’s Auction Rooms
On Monday 6th June
That highly Valuable Property known as the “Nazaar Farm”, situate in the Field-Cornetcy of Bushman’s River, and measuring as per Diagram [gap left] Acres, bounded by property belonging to G. WOOD Esq, J. LONG, E. DANIELS and J. JAKINS.  It can be confidently stated that there is not a better farm in the whole Colony, whether considered as to its capabilities for Agriculture or for pasture, and few farms in this Colony have yielded larger returns with so little labour bestowed upon the culture: £600 per annum was about the average annual return before the war, and the undersigned has been in receipt of 12s per diem from the sale of butter alone, which income continued up to the time of the removal of their stock before the war. The supply of water is inexhaustible; on one part of the farm there are not fewer than Sixteen Springs, and the Nazaar River runs over a space of four miles on the property, and the deep glen through which the river runs is clothed with the finest sweet grass which affords abundant shelter for stock and maintains them in good condition all the tear round. Sheep, Cattle and Horses thrive well on this farm, and so desirable has been the acquisition of this fine estate that the advertisers have several times refused upwards of £2000 for it. It is now in the market for private sale until the above date, and if not sold in the interim will be offered publicly for sale. It will not be out of place to mention that the new line of road from Port Elizabeth passes within a mile and a half of the boundary on one side.
CHOLWICH & Brother
C. POTE, Auctioneer

Notice to the Public
The public should know that some of the notes stolen from the person of Mr. IMPEY Jun, when he was cruelly murdered on the road to Fort Beaufort by rebel Hottentots and Kaffirs, have been lately put into circulation. And with a view to the detection of these miscreants and their accomplices, the following particulars of these notes are given, trusting that the public will exercise a vigilant scrutiny in this matter.
Ten new E.P. Bank notes of £5 each, all dated 4th July 1851 signed by W. COCK for trustees, registered F. HOLLAND and numbered 7141, 7142, 7143, 7144, 7145. 7146, 7147, 7148, 7149, 7150.

24 May 1853

Stationer and Seedsman
Has just received per “Fortuna” an extensive and general assortment of Stationery
Viz Letter, Foolscap and Note paper, in every quality; Cartridge, hand and cap do.; Day books, journals and Ledgers, of all sizes; Music books, sketch books, music folios, portfolios, albums, drawing books, paper & pencils, camel hair pencils, perforated card board, India rubber, Turkey sponge, toothbrushes, nail do., Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s hair brushes, violet hair powder, date boxes, ivory knives, elastic bands; Chessmen, conversation cards, dissecting puzzles, court plaister, quills, pens, a good assortment of school books in English, Latin and French; Also Nursery rhymes and other very amusing tales for children &c &c
A Good Selection of New Music
No.9 Bathurst-street

31 May 1853

Graaff-Reinet Herald, May 11 1853
Locusts:- These plagues are again making their appearance. In the Sovereignty we hear of flying swarms, and between Burghersdorp and Middelburg they are likewise numerous. They have also been seen in formidable numbers in this neighbourhood, flying towards the East, and a very small farm swarm flew over the town a few days ago. This is not at all an encouraging prospect for our agriculturalists, as although the present visitors will not do much mischief, they will certainly lay their eggs in the colony, and we shall again be exposed to the appalling ravages of their hopping progeny.

7 June 1853

Tin Plate Worker, Plumber &c
Begs leave to inform the Public generally that he has taken over the business formerly conducted by Mr. Geo. LEPPAN, and hopes by strict attention to business and moderate charges to merit a share of their patronage and support.
NB Country orders attended to with punctuality and disatch.

14 June 1853

DIED on the 5th instant at Hartebeest Fontein, of Croup, Amelia Alice, aged 1 year and 9 months, youngest daughter of Mr. Lawrence and Rose Amelia MULLIGAN. Freinds at a distance will accept this notice.
Cyfer Fontein, Winterberg
8th June 1853

21 June 1853

In the Insolvent Estate of Michael MULLERY, of Whittlesea, Trader
A first and final liquidation and distribution account in the above Estate will be placed in the office of the Resident Magistrate of Graham’s Town for inspection of Creditors, for a period of seven days from the 27th instant, after which it will be forwarded to the Master’s Office, according to law.
For Self and Co-Trustee
Graham’s Town, June 20th 1853.

28 June 1853

Mr. G. DYASON’s three farms on the Koonap River, near Haddon Post, sold by Mr. POTE on the 8th, were bought by Mr. F.W. POHL for £2,500

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