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4 January 1853

MARRIED at Trinity Church Graham’s Town the 29th December 1852, by the Rev W.Y. Thompson, Charles Horatio, youngest son of Thos. NELSON Esq to Emily LOXTON, only daughter of the late Rev James LOXTON, Missionary to Raiaten, one of the South Sea Islands.

11 January 1853

DIED at Fort Beaufort on Sunday night, the 26th ultimo, Henry WINDELL, aged 39 years 8 months and 15 days. Deceased has left a wife and five children to lament the loss of a kind husband and affectionate father.

18 January 1853

At the Koonap Hill
A Stout Bay Pony
With broad white face, two hind feet white, rising four years old, about 13 hands high, any person restoring the same to Mr. NETTLETON at Lieuw Fontein, Mr BERRY or Mr. HIGGS at Fort Beaufort or to the owner Mr JOLLEY at Alice will receive a reward of £4.
Alice, 16th Jan 1852

Notice to Creditors
In the Insolvent Estate of John Smithson WRIGHT of King William’s Town, Storekeeper
All Persons claiming to be Creditors under this Estate are required to take notice that a Special Meeting of Creditors will be held before the Resident Magistrate at his Office, at Graham’s Town, on the 2nd day of March, at 10 o’clock precisely, for the purpose of finally deciding upon the proposition made by or on behalf of the above Insolvent; viz, to pay the Trustee, for the benefit of all his Creditors, the sum of £350, upon condition of the Creditors granting him a release; the sum of £175 to be paid by Mr. William WRIGHT in cash, upon the day on which such release is confirmed by the Supreme Court, and the sum of £175 by instalments of £44.13s.4d payable every six months, for which amount the Insolvent is to pass a Notarial Bond in favour of the Trustees of the Estate.
Joint Trustees
Cape Town, 12th January 1853.

Notice to Creditors
In the Insolvent Estate of Charles BLAKEWAY, of the Division of Fort Beaufort, Farmer.
All Persons claiming to be Creditors under this Estate are required to take notice that the Undersigned has been duly elected to and confirmed in the appointment of Sole Trustee of the said Estate, and that the Master has appointed the Third Meeting to be held before the Resident Magistrate at his office in Graham’s Town, on Wednesday the 16th February 1853, at 10 o’clock in the forenoon, for the proof of debts, for receiving the Trustee’s Report, and also for the purpose of giving directions to the said Trustee as to the management of the said Estate.
And all Persons indebted to the said Estate are required to pay the same to the Undersigned on or before the above period, at the office of the Eastern Province Trust Company at Graham’s Town, or proceedings will be instituted against them.
Sole Trustee.

25 January 1853

DIED at Somerset on the 20th inst, from the effects of a Wound received in Action, whilst leading on his men against a party of Hottentot Rebels in the Zuurberg, on the 20th ult, William Cole CURRIE, third son of the late Walter CURRIE Esquire of Bathurst, and an officer in the Armed Mounted Police Force of Somerset.

8 February 1853

Sidbury Park
To the Editor: Sir, I beg to acquaint you that on Saturday afternoon the 5th instant, thirty-one head of cattle were stolen from a man of colour residing at Sidbury Park under the following circumstances. The man in charge, drove the cattle at half past four in the afternoon towards the water to drink remaining a short distance up the hill, the better to keep them in view. Half an hour afterwards not seeing them return he went into the ravine where they had gone to drink but they were nowhere to be found. On finding, and tracing the spoor a short distance he discovered that it was followed by one man on horseback, and that about a mile further on their spoor it was joined by the spoor of four others on horseback, and took the direction of Bushman’s River Poort. The herd lost no time in reporting this circumstance to Lieut. DANIEL, who immediately dispatched his own son and four others in pursuit, and forwarded a statement of the robbery to Mr. WILMOT, and this gentleman with his accustomed activity and energy at once mounted five persons, principally his own family, and proceeded to way lay the Poort, whilst Mr. Stephanus HARTMAN, who was fortunately at Mr. WILMOT’s, mounted his horse and galloped off for the Police Station at his residence at Hebron, and on his arrival every man was at once in the saddle to way lay the various passes.
It is fervently hoped this immediate pursuit may be successful, and that the cattle may be restored to the unfortunate owner, who I understand bears an excellent character for honesty, sobriety and industry. The greater part of the cattle had been paid for only two days before they were carried off.
I am, Sir,
7th Feb 1853.

22 February 1853

BIRTH, at Stockdale, District of Somerset, on the 1st inst, the Lady of Charles HUTTON Esq of a Daughter.

In the death of Messrs. W. and J. SMITH of Port Elizabeth, a deeply solemn and affecting warning has just fallen upon the community, to lay up treasures for themselves in that place where neither rust nor moth doth corrupt. It appears that in consequence of an incurable disease of the heart, which it had pleased Providence to afflict Mr. W. SMITH for some time past, and which could not but terminate fatally within a short period, preparations were made to wind up the extensive business transactions in which the firm had been engaged for sixteen years. And owing to the uncertainty of life and property on the frontier, it had been determined by the firm to relinquish all farming pursuits, and to dispose of their farms and stock. On his way to be present t this sale, Mr. J. SMITH, who had latterly not enjoyed good health, was on a sudden fearfully struck down by the hand of death: and on the same day that his remains were conveyed to their last resting place at Port Elizabeth, his poor brother William, in the midst of bodily suffering and mental affliction, resigned his noble spirit with the resignation of a Christian into the hands of Him that gave it. It is a most affecting feature in this double calamity that in all probability the deep anxiety which one brother felt for the fate of the other, hastened his own death, whilst this sad and fatal result undoubtedly put an earlier period to the life of the other than nature unassisted by a sudden shock of great grief would have done. The writer of this notice knew both the deceased long and intimately, and can personally testify to the greatness of their moral worth. The colony of the Cape of Good Hope can ill afford in every respect to lose such men. Both have left behind them wives and a young family to mourn a loss  which can never be repaired in this world.

1 March 1853

DIED at Groote Damn, Division of Cradock, on 22nd January 1853, Alletta Johanna WELGOMOLD, the beloved Wife of William LINSTEN, much regretted by a numerous circle of friends. The family will please receive this as a notice of the severe bereavement.

8 March 1853

DIED at Carl’s Rust on Sunday the 6th inst, Christiana Charlotte, aged 22 years, the beloved daughter of C.F. POHL Esq.

22 March 1853

MARRIED on the 15th inst at Somerset East by the Rev. Edmund Pain, Wm. Henry SCOTT Esq, Ordnance Department, Graham’s Town, to Sarah Anne, only Daughter of W. DELY Esq of Somerset.
19th March 1853.

Lately residing in the Capital of Denmark, where he was a medical Practitioner in all branches of the profession for 15 years, and has the best testimonials for his skill, is at present resident in Cradock, and solicits the patronage of the public, assuring them that no exertion on his part shall be wanting to restore those that may honor him with their confidence to that greatest of life’s blessings – Perfect Health.
A good stock of genuine Medicine on hand.
Cradock, March 12 1853.

29 March 1853

BIRTH at Graham’s Town on Saturday the 26th instant, the Lady of R. GRAHAM Esq, Civil Commissioner of Albany, of a Son.

BIRTH, 25th instant, at King William’s Town, British Kaffraria, the Lady of Major BISSET, Cape M. Rifles, Major of Brigade, of a Son.
March 29th 1853.

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