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eGGSA Graves - IMPORTANT NOTICE - April 2024

We are in the process of upgrading the Graves website to new software, so any additional photographs, as well as corrections to existing captions will only be done after the upgrade.

Please do continue sending any edits, as well as new grave photographs to us, we will attend to it as soon as we can.

Riana du Toit  and George Crewe

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VOC archive index to General State Archives in The Hague

The archives of the Dutch United East India Company, abbreviated to VOC (Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie), held at the General State Archives in The Hague in the Netherlands, extend over 1277 metres of documents. The impressive quantity of documents not only provides information about the commercial, financial and diplomatic activities of the Company, but is also very significant for the history of the Netherlands and for those countries and regions in Asia where the VOC was established. It covers the period 1602 to 1795, and for a Java up to 1811.

This archive holds amongst others, the letters and papers received from the various establishments. Each year copies of the administration and other documents from the Governor-General and Council in Batavia and from the other establishments in Asia and the Cape of Good Hope arrived on the return ships. 

The Letters and Papers received from the Cape of Good Hope covering the period 1652 to 1795 are of particular interest to researchers and genealogists researching South African history and genealogy. They contain a vast amount of valuable material. 

A typical year would contain:

Generale missiven (general letters) plus enclosures,
Resoluties (proceedings),
Dagregisters (diaries),
Documents concerning the conduct of business,
Documents from the Raad van Justitie (Court of Justice),
Muster-rolls and other documents.

This series of Letters and Papers received by the Heren XVII and the Amsterdam Chamber from the Cape of Good Hope, 1651-1794 is composed of 374 volumes. To find one's way through the hundreds of thousands of folios of this series, indexes of the tables of contents need to be made and published.

This section of the South African Records Transcribed website is an attempt to create such indexes. The indexes start off with the year 1652 and as each yearly index becomes available it will be published here.

These indexes are being transcribed directly from images of VOC archives housed in the General State Archives in The Hague, and in particular from the inventory numbers 3988 to 4360. 

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2017 eGGSA Annual General Meeting results

Our virtual AGM closed at midnight 2 February 2017. Thank you to all those members who responded to our notice regarding the eGSSA’s Annual General Meeting and the support we received for the nominations.

Members were invited to participate in the meeting; and as mentioned in the email dated 27 January 2017, we accepted that members from whom we did not hear were satisfied with the management nominations and 2016 Annual report.


Members who selected eGSSA as their primary branch were entitled to participate in the AGM.  Our email package keeps track of the number of emails delivered, returned, forwarded and unread and as the virtual branch we use these figures to determine our quorum.

Here follows the summary:

Number of members who received notification of the meeting: 
English Members 147 – 62.2 % opened mail
Afrikaans 101 – 58.6 % opened mail
Undelivered notifications:  Nil

No additional nominations were received for the management positions; the nominations were also uncontested and the 2017 committee will therefore remain unchanged:

The Management
· Alta Griffiths - Chairperson
· Daan Hamman - Vice-Chairman
· Carol Beneke - Treasurer
· Lynn Couperthwaite - Membership Services, communication and marketing
· Richard Ball - Web Services
· Judi Meyer - Editor genesis

Additional members
· Annelie Els - Stamouers
· Corney Keller - Dutch Transcriptions
· Daan Botes - Post Cards
· Riana le Roux - Cemetery Project

To the team, congratulations! Thank you for making yourself available for another year on the committee.

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