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The Reminiscences of John Montgomery

Sue Mackay writes: . At the end of November I gave a zoom talk to eGGSA on the UK origins of the 1820 settlers, and was asked a question about John MONTGOMERY. This caused me to look at my eGGSA page on him, where I discovered I had previously noted the issues of The Friend containing his Reminiscences. I then realised that these years (December 1868 to July 1870) had already been covered by Lynn Couperthwaite’s transcriptions, but as Lynn scans the online papers for BMDs and obituaries she would not have realised the importance of these closely typed (and sometimes barely legible) articles. I found them, and decided they really should be transcribed. Once again I was able to enlist the invaluable help of Geoff Chew, not only for his knowledge of South Africa, but his proofreading and uncanny ability to decipher elusive words. I have added the transcriptions to The Friend extracts on eGGSA at (1868 December to 1870 July)

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