Burial, Cremation and Death Registers

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Registers included: Barkly West, St Mary (Anglican) 1878-1927; Cape Military Chaplain, 1806-1839; Cape Town, the English Church (from 1847 St George's Cathedral) 1811-1839;  East London, Berlin Main Cemtery 1882-2005; East London, Cambridge Crematorium 1956 to May 2004; East London, East Bank Cemetery 1904-2007; East London, West Bank Cemetery 1854-2008; Fort Beaufort, St John (Anglican) 1840-1850; Grahamstown, Christchurch (Anglican) 1877-1977; Grahamstown, St George (Anglican) 1823-1876; PietermaritzburgCommercial Road Cemetery 1846- Port Elizabeth, Forest Hill Cemetery 1955-2015; Potchefstroom, St Mary (anglican) 1891-1921; Sidbury, St Peter (Anglican) 1842-1848; Stellenbosch NGK 1765-1946; Tulbagh NGK 1744-1775; For more details please see the Introduction.


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When searching for a name which may have more than one spelling, try searching for just that part which is usually the same in both forms, for instance MEINTJES | MEINTJIES: search for MEINTJ,  for VAN RENSBURG | JANSE VAN RENSBURG: search for RENSBURG,  for MACALLISTER | MCALLISTER | MC ALLISTER: search for ALLISTER, for  VAN DER MERWE | V.D.MERWE: search for MERWE.

To find Du Plessis in the Tulbagh registers, for instance, where the spelling is very imaginative indeed, try searching for just  DU PL - to find all Koopmans and Coopmans, search on  OOPMAN - remember too that in the 18th and 19th centuries the letter Y was usuall spelled IJ in registers compiled in Dutch, SNIJMAN rather than SNYMAN.