REA, John

National Archives, Kew CO48/45, 579

27 Portland Drive


227th August 1819

My Lord,

As individual applications for liberty to emigrate to the Cape of Good Hope will not be received by your Lordship I wish to know if ten or more families of unexceptionable character (each of whom have the means) were to apply to your Lordship would they be allowed to go. If agents will be appointed in this city to receive the deposits required and if shipping will be sent to this port to take the people on board, likewise if arms and ammunition will be given the colonists by government for their protection against the Caffres and lastly if they will receive time to pay for the agricultural implements they may receive at the Cape. If your Lordship would be so good as to cause an answer to be sent me and pardon me for the trouble I have given I shall be very much obliged and am, my Lord

Your Lordship's most obedient and very humble servant

John REA