HAW, Simon - Extra Data


(member of DALGAIRNS' Party


London Metropolitan Archives:


Simon HAW, bachelor, married Alice Margaret PENN, spinster on 28 January 1818 in St.Anne's, Limehouse.

Simon HAW (signed)

Alice Margaret PENN (X)

Witnesses: Alice HAYCOCK (X) and J.H? THOMAS



Charles, son of Simon and Alice Margaret HAW. Palantine Place, Commercial Rd, baptised 4 April 1819 in St.Mary's, Whitechapel.


Freedom of the City of London Admission Registers (Held at LMA)

This day Mr. Chamberlain having presented unto this Court Simon HAW to be made free of this City as the Thirty eighth of Fifty granted unto him by this Court the 21st day of January 1818 to be applied towards the discharge of the Public Debts of this City. It is ordered that the same Simon HAW be admitted to the freedom of this City by Redemption in the Company of Loriners, paying unto Mr. Chamberlain for this City's use the sum of forty six shillings and eightpence

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